Sights of the Murmansk region and Murmansk: description, history and interesting facts

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Sights of the Murmansk region and Murmansk: description, history and interesting facts
Sights of the Murmansk region and Murmansk: description, history and interesting facts

Murmansk cannot boast of being mentioned in ancient chronicles. Interest in these places on the eastern coast of the Kola Bay of the Barents Sea arose about 150 years ago, when there was a need to create a large port city beyond the Arctic Circle. This coast was called Murman, that is, "Norman", "Norwegian". Consequently, the city, founded on October 4, 1916, meant "the city on Murman".

Monument to the "Defenders of the Soviet Arctic"

It has many attractions related to the history of the navy, merchant and fishing fleet, as well as the events of World War II. One of them is a memorial to "Defenders of the Soviet Arctic".

sights of the Murmansk region
sights of the Murmansk region

On Cape Verde, which is 173 meters above sea level, there is a giant sculpture of a soldier. It seems that the city is under the protection of the formidable Sentinel of the homeland. The people called this monument "Alyosha".

Next to the memorial there is an observation deck, from whichyou can see the city at a glance.

teriberka murmansk region attractions
teriberka murmansk region attractions

The museum is a monument to northern navigation. It is equipped on the Lenin icebreaker. The ship was not decommissioned when the end of its service came, but a museum was set up here. Those who wish can inspect the world's first nuclear-powered icebreaker in detail.

Monument "Waiting" and other sights of the city

Because it is a port city, it has an interesting monument "Waiting", personifying wives, mothers, sisters, daughters who are waiting for sailors. Established four years ago in a wasteland, the monument is visible to sailors at the entrance to the harbor. Over time, the original park was laid out around the sculpture, which became a favorite vacation spot for the townspeople.

sights of murmansk and murmansk region
sights of murmansk and murmansk region

In Murmansk there is an unusual memorial "To the sailors who died in peacetime". This building resembles a lighthouse 17 meters high. Inside it are plates and books with the names of the dead sailors written on them.

Because the city is the base of the Northern Navy, it houses a museum dedicated to military sailors. The Naval Museum of the Northern Fleet is located in the building of the House of Officers and has a fairly rich and interesting exposition.

The city has comic sights, such as the monument to "Share", a place of some kind of pilgrimage for students before exams. Nearby is a monument to polar bears, with an eternally wiped nose. Because, according to legend, if you rub his nose, you will be very lucky.


Before describing the sights of the Murmansk region, let's talk about those that are in the city itself. There are Orthodox shrines here. Church of the Savior Not Made by Hands (Savior-on-the-Waters). This is a recently erected magnificent, snow-white building looking skyward. Sixteen years ago in Murmansk was built the Church of the Holy Great Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir. The white building with a dark blue roof has tall narrow windows and doors. The overall impression of the temple is modesty and dignity.

umba murmansk region attractions
umba murmansk region attractions

What are the sights worth seeing in the Murmansk region? Assumption Church in Varguz. This is a unique monument of wooden architecture. The old church was built without a single nail. One church building is somewhat mundane, the other is tall and somewhat narrow, it seems that the dome just pierces into the sky. The temple has few austere and original wooden decorations.


In the Murmansk region there is the village of Teriberka, once it was a very developed fishing village, mainly for the production of cod and sharks. This is the only place in the country where you can see the open Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean. Unfortunately, about forty years ago, the village of Teriberka (Murmansk region) began to decline, the sights for tourists to see here are not so attractive now. Now it is such a devastated and impoverished settlement that it served as the backdrop for the cult film Leviathan.

Umba(Murmansk Region): Attractions

Umba is a very old urban-type settlement. But here, too, there are a couple of attractions that the traveler should see. For example, the Museum of the History, Culture and Life of the Terek Pomors. It was founded in 1991. The museum presents household items of the Terek coast-dwellers, fishing tools. There are also fishing tackle, items of Pomeranian crafts, embroidery and more.

In the village of Umba there is also the Museum of Rock Art "Petroglyphs of Kanozero". On January 30, 2008, the activity of this institution began. To this day, the museum is waiting for tourists.

Apatity. Attractions

The best place for tourism in the Murmansk region, not without reason, is the city of Apatity and its environs. What are the famous sights here? Apatity (Murmansk region) has three museums: geological, local history and mineralogical. Outside the city is a modern ski resort. Apatity can boast of its powerful scientific potential. Several institutes are located here, mainly of a geological, physical and environmental focus. There is a large deposit of apatite-nepheline ores here. Therefore, there are many processing enterprises in the city. What other attractions of the Murmansk region deserve attention? The Church of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia was recently built and consecrated. This is a wooden building with blue pitched roofs and gilded domes. The church has a Sunday school and a choir.

Natural treasures

What else is worth seeing for those who comeexplore the sights of the Murmansk region? The harsh climate beyond the Arctic Circle does not mean that nature here is poor and uninteresting. In the Murmansk region there are many curious and beautiful places that can deliver aesthetic pleasure to the traveler. This is Lake Maly Vudyavr, lost among the mountain range of the Kola Peninsula. A body of water framed by forests, on the banks of which many berries grow. Nearby is a botanical garden-institute.

attractions apatity murmansk region
attractions apatity murmansk region

The Lovozero tundra mountain range is not just a beautiful example of the harsh beauty of the Arctic, but also a magical place of the indigenous Sami people. Here among the coniferous trees you can see the beautiful Seydozero. And nearby are two circuses of Raslak, geological formations of glacial origin. According to the legends of the Sami, they are the source of some kind of magical energy. UFO scientists claim that these are landing sites for UFOs.

Snow Village

When winter comes, the Snow Village grows near Murmansk. All the buildings in it are made of ice. Ice cafes, slides, houses with ice furniture and other accessories. And, of course, Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden greet tourists on the streets of the city.


Now you know the sights of Murmansk and the Murmansk region. We hope that now you will be able to plan your trip to these parts. The sights of the region and its nature deserve special attention. Therefore, it is better to travel by car, so it will befaster. Good luck!

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