Sights of Luhansk and Luhansk region: description, history and interesting facts

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Sights of Luhansk and Luhansk region: description, history and interesting facts
Sights of Luhansk and Luhansk region: description, history and interesting facts

Welcome to the city of Lugansk. The sights and history of this city are impressive. Lugansk has always been the largest industrial center of Ukraine. Today it is going through hard times, but nevertheless the city has not lost its past cultural significance. The sights of Luhansk and Luhansk region once topped the list of the best places to visit in all of Ukraine. What was so interesting in Lugansk that people considered these places to be the best?

V. I. Dahl's House-Museum

B. I. Dal was a native of Luhansk, so it was here that a literary museum was opened in honor of the writer. The museum was opened in 1986 on November 22. The museum building itself is an architectural monument of the early 19th century. The exposition is located on 60 square meters. The total area of the museum is 100 square meters. A bust of the writer rises in the center of the cozy courtyard. The art project was created by N. A. Monastyrskaya. In the exposition, she was able to represent different eras. Household items date back to the 19th century, presented hereand rare manuscripts and editions of past centuries. You can also appreciate the creations of talented artists of modern Luhansk region.

Natural attractions. Lugansk

There is an opinion that Eastern Ukraine is not so rich in natural diversity, so there is not much to see here. But it's not. And a good example of this is the Luhansk region. Attractions here are in abundance, especially natural masterpieces. Here you can look at the rocks on which glaciers once moved, and at earthworks that are older than the pyramids in Egypt. Of particular interest are the numerous reserves and parks for recreation. This is not all the sights of Lugansk. Some of them will be described below.

Mergel Ridge

attractions lugansk
attractions lugansk

This attraction is also called "Lugansk Stonehenge". This monument of ancient archeology belongs to the Bronze Age. The huge sanctuary is lined with slabs, under which there are burials. The mounds look impressive.

The history of the formation of this complex is not fully known. One legend says that it was a place of worship for the sun of an ancient settlement.

The monument is located near the village of Stepanovka in the Perevalsky district. It is not as far to get to it as, for example, to Stonehenge or to the Egyptian pyramids, but you can get the same impressions.

Kiselev beam

luhansk city attractions
luhansk city attractions

What are the sights in Luganskdeserve special attention? The Stanichno-Lugansk region is famous for the place where a real miracle once happened. In this place many years ago a blind child received his sight. Later, in 1924, many pilgrims passing by saw the image of the Virgin Mary in the sky. Ten years later, this phenomenon recurred. Then it began to repeat itself more and more often. There are many healing springs in this place. The tract is located in the steppe and is completely overgrown with forest. This is a kind of oasis.

In the early morning, when the sun is just rising, each source makes its own unique sound. One gets the impression that the whole choir comes from underground. Underground springs form acidic and s alty streams. One heals from internal diseases (s alty), and the other from diseases of the musculoskeletal system. A bath was built at the convergence of two streams. The water here never changes its temperature. Kiseleva beam became famous not only throughout Ukraine, it is known in neighboring countries. The people of Kiseleva Balka are called the real Jerusalem.

Mstsikhovsky's estate

sights of luhansk and luhansk region
sights of luhansk and luhansk region

Architectural building, dating back to the 19th century, is located in a small village in the Lugansk region - Seleznevka. Nearby is Alchevsk. The settlement was founded by Kazimir Mstsikhovsky. It was he who was the last who owned the estate, and was also the developer of all the buildings of the architectural complex.

The estate was designed by the architect Sergey Gingera. This is his most successful creation. The manor was built in the style of the Italianvillas in 1840.

The estate is located in the once picturesque park. As of today, its status is running. However, some types of rare vegetation still survived. The park itself is a monument of garden art.

Initially, the park was looked after by Mstsikhovsky's compatriot Marcin Khubetsky. The park was built with his hands. The gardener devoted his whole life to his work and did not even marry. They buried him on the estate.

During the time of perestroika, the estate suffered greatly from the actions of marauders. They tore it apart, literally. But something still remains and is worthy of the attention of a tourist who wants to visit all the sights of the Lugansk region.

Stone Park

The Museum of Polovtsian women or a monument of stone sculptures is considered one of the main attractions of Lugansk. You can see the monument by visiting the Lugansk National University, on the territory of which it is located. The sculpture monument is a collection of stone statues from the 12th century.

These sculptures were collected from all over the region, so this is a unique opportunity to see a huge number of ancient statues in one place. Initially, the statues were on the hills. Legends say that they were built by the ancient peoples.

Park-Museum will tell about ancient heroes, gods in whom past generations believed, as well as about the life of ancient peoples. This is an amazing chance to open the door of the past and find out how the ancient disappeared people lived.

Lugansk Nature Reserve

Lugansk regionAttraction
Lugansk regionAttraction

The purpose of creating a nature reserve was to preserve the natural state of a unique natural complex.

The reserve is a hectare of land planted with various plants. Here you can find valuable plants of the steppe and forest zones.

The natural flora of the reserve has up to 1900 plant species. Some of them are listed in the Red Book.

The nature reserve has become a habitat for more than 2500 animal species.

The territory of the reserve is huge. It is divided into four departments. One is located in the Stanichno-Lugansk region (Stanichno-Luganskoe), the other is in the Melovsky region (Streltsovskaya steppe), the third is in the Sverdlovsky region (Provalskaya steppe), and the fourth is in Slavyanoserbsky and Novoaydarsky regions (Trekhizbenskaya steppe).

Monument to Prince Igor

lugansk and luhansk region about the region history
lugansk and luhansk region about the region history

Luhansk land is rich in monuments to famous personalities. One of these is Prince Igor. The monument was opened relatively recently, in 2003. It is located in the small village of Stanichno-Lugansk. The monument is dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the formation of the Luhansk region. Why was Prince Igor chosen to commemorate this event? It was from this steppe that his campaign began, described in the work "The Tale of Igor's Campaign".

The 14-meter monument is made of concrete, covered with bronze paint on top. Mounted on a hill, so it's hard not to notice. The monument is the hallmark of Lugansk. It symbolizes valor, friendship and brotherhood. Slavic people.

Monument to Bender

all sights of Lugansk region
all sights of Lugansk region

The story of Ostap Bender and Kisa Vorobyaninov began in the Luhansk region. The city of Starobelsk, Luhansk region, is the prototype of Stargorod. In the same place in 2008, a monument to Ostap Bender was erected. Opposite the monument is a former women's gymnasium. Today it is one of the faculties of the Lugansk National University.

The authorship of the monument belongs to Andrey Borovoy. This is not just a monument - it is a whole composition that depicts the picture of Bender's appearance in Stargorod and his communication with the homeless.

The monument to Vorobyaninov is located in the same city, in the park, in front of the arch of the corner building of the central street. The monument was opened in 2011.

Lugansk Art Museum

sights of lugansk description
sights of lugansk description

The museum is located on Post Street in Lugansk. The museum building dates from the second half of the 19th century. The house itself, in which the museum is located, belonged to the Venderovichs - famous industrialists.

The museum was founded in 1920. The cultural monument appeared thanks to the idea of Ukrainian art critics Volsky and Istomin. Exhibits for the museum were imported from all over Ukraine and neighboring countries. Among them there are antique furniture, and art objects, and kitchen utensils, and even products made of semi-precious metals.

The museum went through several stages of its development. At first it was a museum of painting, later - the Social Museum of Donbass. Then it was converted tolocal history museum. During the Second World War, most of the museum's exhibits were damaged.

After the war, it was decided to create a museum of fine arts in Lugansk. At first it was of a mobile nature, but in 1951 the museum was given its own premises, and it began to be actively filled with exhibits.

Lugansk and Luhansk region are famous for such interesting places. There is much more to be said about the region, whose history is rich in various events.

The very name of the city did not appear by chance. The Lugan River flows through vast meadows. She is the source of life for this land. The banks of this river have been inhabited by people since the Stone Age. These were the first settlements, which today have turned into a whole regional center - Lugansk. The city is famous for its industrial achievements. Most of the factories and industrial enterprises of Eastern Ukraine are concentrated here. The very emergence of the city began with the construction of an iron foundry on this land by decree of Catherine II. The date of the decree is considered the official founding date of the city.

You should definitely visit the city of Lugansk. Its sights in the current conditions are not as accessible as before, but still something else can be seen.

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