"United" - travel card for those who know how to save

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"United" - travel card for those who know how to save
"United" - travel card for those who know how to save

In a big city, it is impossible to do without public transport services. Fare depends not only on the type of vehicle, but also on how to pay for it. The most profitable travel cards in Russia are introduced in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the first case, you can use the cards "Troika", "Single". The travel card in the Northern capital is called "Plantain".

one month pass
one month pass

Types of Moscow public transport

What can you use to get around Moscow? Now at the service of citizens there are:

  • trams;
  • buses;
  • trolleybuses;
  • metro;
  • electric trains;
  • minibuses;
  • taxi.
moscow single pass
moscow single pass

"One" - what is it?

A single travel card for any type of transport has received the appropriate name - "Single". At the box office it can be found at different prices, depending on the number of trips. There are options for just one, but there are those that can be driven 60 times. Ticket duration varies. Those for 1-2 trips can be used for 5 days, but from 20 to 60 trips can be usedspend within 90 days from the date of card payment.

There is a single travel card without travel limits. You can purchase one that allows you to use any urban municipal transport without restrictions during the day, and there are those that are valid for a month or even a year.

What other cards are there?

"Single" - a travel card that has several competitors. For example, a ticket valid for an hour and a half. It's called "90 minutes". Within an hour and a half from the moment the ticket is activated, you can transfer by ground transport an unlimited number of times, as well as go to the metro once. The option is optimal for those who are forced to get to their place of work, study with transfers. It turns out much more profitable than paying for each trip separately.

"Troika" is a paid card, so you can get it if you have 50 rubles. However, they can be returned if you take the card that has become unnecessary back to the cashier. Further, the owner replenishes the account of his transport card through special machines, cash desks or the Internet. As in the case if the "Single" travel card is chosen, the fare on the "Troika" is significantly lower than when buying single tickets.

travel single cost
travel single cost

Using cards is profitable

Of course, every resident and guest of the capital wants to know which ticket is the most profitable to use. There is no universal solution, so you will have to proceed from your needs.

For one trip, if you buy a "Single" travel card, the cost is rather big - 55 rubles. This optionsuitable only for a person who does not plan to stay in the city. For example, if you need to get from the station to the station. The card is also suitable for those who have to make only a couple of trips, for which it will be pointless to pay for Troika, especially if the traveler understands that he will not have enough time to return the card to the cashier.

single travel card
single travel card

A one-time ticket that allows 90 minutes to use Moscow public transport is suitable for the same category of people. It will cost 65 rubles and is beneficial if a person needs to make only a couple of trips around the city. For every day, these options are completely unsuitable.

Immediately and for a long time

Wishing to save money, you can buy a single travel card for a month. With a sufficiently high one-time price, the cardholder gets the opportunity to use the city's public transport indefinitely, making transfers and not calculating whether 90 minutes have already passed since the activation of the card. This is important if there is a high risk of being stuck in a traffic jam: after all, time is running out and, perhaps, having stood for an extra half an hour in a traffic jam, you will have to pay for the next transfer as a new trip.

But the Troika is remarkable in that it can be used to record different types of travel tickets, including monthly or annual "Single".

History in Brief

As the municipal authorities have repeatedly reported, United is only the first step towards making Moscow the city of convenient and cheap transport. A single travel card, officials suggest, will soon teach people how to use e-wallets, andthen cards for one or a couple of trips will become a thing of the past. At the same time, the introduction of different types of cards took place gradually so that people could learn how to use the opportunities that opened up to them without unnecessary stress.

single travel card
single travel card

The ticket went on sale for the first time on February 1, 2013 and since then has been able to prove its usefulness and benefits. By the way, the experimental station where they began to introduce the "United" - "Park Kultury". The purchase, both then and now, is possible not only through the box office, but also in a special ticket vending machine. Terminals are also installed here, where you can check the validity of the passenger's travel document.

Unlimited tickets from the very beginning of the new program and to this day can be purchased for a year, 90 days, a month.

At first, the innovation caused a flurry of questions and doubts about the reliability and usefulness of the cards. People were surprised at literally everything, even the appearance of the tickets. Others said that the tokens are much nicer to the touch and look more beautiful, so it was blasphemy to replace them with ordinary cardboard. By the way, experts recommend that lovers of pleasant sensations choose Troika instead of the One. They say she's nicer.

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