Don't know how to know if the plane has landed?

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Don't know how to know if the plane has landed?
Don't know how to know if the plane has landed?

How do you know if a plane has landed? Many of you, probably, often faced such a problem: you need to meet someone at the airport, but we don’t know the exact pick-up time. Viewing on the Internet or making a call can sometimes be quite problematic.

At the airport

How do you know if a plane has landed at an airport? If you are at the airport and want to know if any plane has landed, then you can do this in the following ways:

  1. The help desk at the airport is the first way. The terminal service should help you find out if the plane you need has flown, and should also make sure that there is a possibility of a delay. Its staff can provide you with information about their opening hours and all of their services for free.
  2. Electronic timetable (scoreboard). Such screens with the schedule of all flights hang in prominent places for everyone waiting and contain information about departures and arrivals, as well as the possible delay in landing of some aircraft. The electronic scoreboard displays data in tabular form. Often there are indicated: flight number, timedeparture, aircraft status and expected time of arrival.
  3. And the third way to find out if the plane has landed is the representative office of the airline, the tour operator. The offices of well-known tour operators and major global airlines must be in major international airports. This is convenient, because managers are always up to date, they are notified where their transport is located, and they can easily check if there are any changes. To do this, just call there.

this is the airport


How to find out if a plane has landed via the Internet? There are several ways. First way. You can check the airport schedule online. You need to find out the international airport code according to IATA classification and find a website using it. In the search bar of the browser, you just need to enter the name of the air harbor, the official website will be among the first options offered. An electronic scoreboard with data on arriving aircraft is usually placed on the main page of the resource.

The second way is to use the online service. The most popular application is Yandex. Schedule". After entering a request, it displays information on an online scoreboard, where it shows the arrival and departure of aircraft from the desired terminal.

Web search

Also don't forget about modern technology

You can download a special application to your phone or tablet that will help you find out if a particular plane has departed and the exact time of its landing. For this, the deviceyou will need to enter details such as flight number, route and destination.

There are also more advanced and improved programs that have more useful information, such as a service with airfare prices, a map with pilot routes, the ability to compare airfare and see the image of the flight of the air transport you need.

Pros of services

After you have entered the data on air transport, a table is formed, similar to the online scoreboards that hang at airports, which displays information about the aircraft, for example, whether the plane has landed or is still flying, its landing place, landing time, date, flight status.

Resources are connected to the receiver, which receives a signal with data on the speed, location, altitude and heading of the vessel.

Such services provide prompt, up-to-date and accurate information about almost all aircraft that exist on the planet. All changes will be made known almost immediately.

plane on the runway

Many people now love to travel. Many fly across the oceans and other continents to their loved ones and relatives. And always make sure their transport landed safely.

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