How to get to the Vodlozersky National Park? Attractions, park animals

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How to get to the Vodlozersky National Park? Attractions, park animals
How to get to the Vodlozersky National Park? Attractions, park animals

Experienced travelers, tourists with experience, among whom half love the sea, sun and sand, admit that the restraint of northern natural beauties is absolutely in no way inferior to the sultryness and brightness of exotic countries.

The north cannot be lost against the background of the south, because they are too different and each has its own unique beauty. It's one thing - the south was previously mastered by tour operators, everyone goes there, and the north will submit only to the brave, only truly in love with its amazing lakes.

Karelia, Vodlozersky National Park - this is where you can feel the true soul of the Russian North Lake.

Forests, lakes… Fairy tale. Reality

Karelia has always been a popular destination for lovers of solitude and relaxation in the "big" nature. Mighty forests, almost the beginning of the taiga, many lakes - all this evokes an amazing, fairy-tale-like mood, the landscape is striking in its unobtrusive beauty, which you can admire endlessly.

Vodlozerskynational park

But every fairy tale has its own moral. Park staff and forestry inspectors always acquaint tourists with the local area: you cannot deviate from officially approved routes, you cannot change the route on your own, you cannot leave the group. Each member of the expedition must be provided with sealed matches or a lighter, a map, a knife, a flashlight and a whistle (to give a signal or scare away the beast if necessary). Well, plus an abundance of insects.

If you strictly adhere to the prescribed rules, then no trouble will happen, the Vodlozero National Park will remain in impressions - a fairy tale.

Flora and fauna

Vodlozero, from which the park got its name, is one of the largest reservoirs in Northern Europe. Sufficient depth (maximum 18 meters) and water area (358 square kilometers or 10% of the total territory of the park) allow two hundred picturesque islands located in it not to be crowded, and the purest water, which remained from the melting of glaciers and formed a lake, is an excellent habitat fish.

In turn, 21 species of fish are an excellent choice for diligent and patient anglers. Most fishermen, professionals and amateurs, local and from afar, do not deny themselves the pleasure of breaking out into the Vodlozersky National Park for at least a couple of days. The fishing here is said to be incomparable.

vodlozersky national park petrozavodsk

The flora of the reserve is mainly represented by the world's largest taiga massif, consisting of European spruce,pine, warty birch and aspen. The local rangers proudly call swamps a particularly valuable and protected area. In the inhospitable swampy terrain, useful northern delicacies grow - cloudberries and cranberries, as well as cinquefoil and wild rosemary, invaluable in their healing properties. The swamps abound in rare species of mosses, including several from the Red Data Book.

Many botanists and zoologists visit the Vodlozero National Park for research purposes - the animals and plants here are truly unique.

The fauna in the reserve is typically taiga, on its territory several endangered species of animals and birds were saved from complete destruction. A golden eagle, a white-tailed eagle and an osprey have found a safe home in the park, almost a fortress in which they feel safe.

Brown bears and reindeer roam the protected paths - fabulous animals. You can meet smaller animals - fox, wolverine, badger.

Cultural heritage. Attractions

Vodlozersky National Park is a place of interest to representatives of various fields of science: both natural and historical. The reserve is rich not only in nature, but also preserved on its territory about three dozen monuments of ancient wooden architecture.

The most interesting, picturesque and visited of all is the ensemble of the Ilyinsky churchyard, consisting of two churches and a bell tower.

vodlozero national park attractions

This architectural work has received the status of a monument of federal significance, which does not prevent himremain among the active temples that receive hundreds of parishioners on holidays.

This, one might say, is a sacred place - the Vodlozersky National Park. The sights of the reserve - both man-made and natural - can inspire and charge everyone with positive energy. Silent prayer in the temple, a walk along the mysterious forest paths, perhaps this is the unpretentious happiness that every soul aspires to.

Rest on Vodlozero

After visiting the reserve, travelers usually emphasize that they rested on Vodlozero. Nothing strange - the lake occupies a huge part of the park area and therefore it seems that it is everywhere.

But the Vodlozero National Park,besides fishing, can offer a lot of entertaining and educational activities. Active recreation here is also organized with skill.

vodlozersky national park fishing

The reserve welcomes guests all year round, offering them hiking along ecological trails, camping in the taiga (harsh and romantic), picking mushrooms and berries, winter and summer fishing, river rafting.

For schoolchildren and students, the staff of the reserve has prepared a special program with an emphasis on cognition.

Seasons and weather

If even someone has not heard of the Vodlozero National Park, Petrozavodsk and its geographical location can imagine. Between the capital of the Karelian Territory and Arkhangelsk there is a reserve. The bay of the White Sea is already approaching the park from the northeast. northern edges,severe, the weather is appropriate.

The local winters are frosty and skittish, the summer months have a fairly comfortable temperature regime: from + 160. Sometimes it happens that the mercury column overcomes both the 25- and 30-degree marks.

vodlozersky national park how to get there

The water in rivers and lakes is warm, in summer it warms up to 18-20 degrees, the beach season in Karelia is quite possible.

But the peaks of the tourist season are in May, when people go to admire an unusual phenomenon characteristic only of the northern regions - white nights, and in September, when mushrooms and berries ripen.

Vodlozero winters also have magnetism: a lot of perfectly fluffy snow and northern lights overhead. True, this tale may be somewhat delayed - winter in the region lasts for six months.

Geography. Route

Hundreds of thousands of hectares of protected lands stretch across the territory of the Republic of Karelia and the Arkhangelsk region. Most tourists coming to these two northern regions of Russia make it a must to visit the Vodlozero National Park. How to get to the reserve? Below are the options.

There are several routes. From Petrozavodsk - by bus, plane or boat. And this is a simplified version.

national park voldozersky map

turn onto the dirt road and drive to the village of Kuganavolok. This is already on the territory of the reserve.

If you have successfully arrived, there is only one thing left - to enjoy your vacation.

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