Travel to the island of M alta

Travel to the island of M alta
Travel to the island of M alta
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The island of M alta is sandy beaches, narrow streets, ancient towers, huge domes of churches and the spirit of knightly times reigning everywhere. Weary souls and adventurers alike will find refuge here. So, what do we know about this wonderful place?

Most of the answers are standard: the Mediterranean Sea, the Knights of M alta and the famous M altese cross. But that's not all. For example, do you know where the island of M alta is located? Not everyone will give the correct answer.

The map on the left will help you understand this. The island of M alta is marked with an arrow on it. This tiny island nestles right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, a little south of Italy and north of Libya. It is part of the archipelago along with other, even more miniature places. The island of M alta gave the name to the whole state located on it.

Perfect vacation

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On the island of M alta, holidays will turn into a fairy tale and bliss. Here, serenity is in the air. The sandy beaches of the island are famous all over the world for their unearthly beauty. Lying on golden sand under the bright Mediterranean sun, you will feel like you are in paradise. You can go diving, plunging into the transparent sea depths, and admire millions ofcolorful fish. Or you can relax on a yacht, sipping a cocktail through a straw and contemplating the beauty around you. Those who crave entertainment will love the M altese resorts. Nightlife is in full swing here: whole blocks of clubs and discos. In M alta, various holidays and festivals are constantly held, theatrical performances are arranged and amazing fireworks explode.

Ancient history

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The island of M alta has been shrouded in mystery for centuries and is in no hurry to tell us its ancient history. This tiny island contains a huge number of unique cultural and historical monuments. The mysterious megalithic sanctuaries here are older than the famous Egyptian pyramids. Phoenicians, Arabs, Vikings, knights, and even Napoleon visited the island of M alta. World civilizations disappeared, and the island remained to this day. An interesting place for tourists will be the city of the knights of Valletta. It is under the protection of UNESCO. The streets and squares of the city still retain the atmosphere of the 16th century. Here you can see the ancient tombs of the knights (in the Palace of the Grand Master), the Grand Harbor or take a walk in the gardens of Barrakka. A good trip will be a trip to Mdina, the former capital of M alta. In the city, you can feel that time has stopped. Pass through the Main Gate, see the palaces, churches and ancient dungeons of this silent city.

Amazing cuisine

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After a relaxing holiday on the coast of the island or impressive travels, youyou can appreciate the local cuisine. Try fish dishes and all kinds of delicacies: shrimp, lobster, octopus and other marine life. Taste lamb or pork roasted in pots with onions and tomatoes. Don't forget the local dish "bragioli", these are hot beef rolls stuffed with bacon, eggs, olives and herbs. And, of course, the national dish of M alta is a rabbit with garlic and red wine. By the way, about wine. Local products are very tasty and are much cheaper than imported ones. In M alta, you can also taste wonderful draft beer. Exquisite local delicacies will cheer you up.

The island of M alta will undoubtedly become the best place to relax and travel, it will give the most wonderful and unique experiences.

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