Rügen Island: sights, their photos and interesting facts

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Rügen Island: sights, their photos and interesting facts
Rügen Island: sights, their photos and interesting facts

Rügen is an island located in the very north of Germany, washed by the waters of the B altic Sea. More precisely, it is an archipelago consisting of 18 islands that form bays, capes and small bays of incredible beauty. Where the island of Rügen is located, how to get to it, what sights you can see - all this in the article.

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A bit of history

The first mention of the island of Rügen was in the Stone Age, evidence of this is found during the excavations of the life of the first settlers. At the beginning of a new era, the Rug tribes came to the territory of the island, which, according to scientists, became the founders and also gave it a name.

Over time, they migrated to the southern part of the country, and in their place came the West Slavic tribes, who managed to subjugate almost the entire B altic coast with their power and strength. But such assertiveness displeased the Danish tribes, so in 1168 they subjugatedlocal nobility, organizing the capture and destruction of the Slavic fortress, located on Cape Arkon, along with the temple of the god Svyatovit.

From that time a new era began, although it did not last long. Already at the beginning of the new century, German settlements came to the territory, which conquered it from the Danes. Since the 15th century, the assimilation of the population has occurred and the Slavic dialect has completely disappeared.

From the history of the island of Rügen it is known that then it belonged to Pomerania, then to Sweden, and at the beginning of the 19th century Napoleonic troops dominated its territory. But the story does not stop there, after Napoleon was defeated, the island returned under the auspices of Denmark, and soon passed into the possession of Prussia.

Before the start of World War II, a he alth company was developing on the island in full swing, sanatoriums were being built, but during the war all this was suspended. The revival of the tourist destination began only in the 60s, and free access to recreation was provided only after the unification of the two Germanys.

At present, the tourist destination is developing in full swing and one of the main things for the local population is that, despite the rapid development of infrastructure, they are trying to preserve natural landscapes.

Geographic location and climate

The total area of ​​the Rügen archipelago is about 974 square meters. km, and the coastline itself stretches for 574 km. As for the beach area, its length is approximately 56 km. It is represented by magnificent sandy beaches.Geographically, the island is part of the lands of Mecklenburg - Vorpommern.

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Despite the fact that the island of Rügen, the photo of which you have the opportunity to see in the article, is located in the northernmost point of Germany, the climate here is very mild and easily tolerated. The geographical location not only allows you to enjoy beautiful landscapes, but also has a beneficial effect on the body due to the presence of sea air, centuries-old green spaces and just a pleasant atmosphere.

January is considered one of the coldest months of the year, but even taking this into account, the temperature indicators do not fall below zero. As for the summer period, you can sunbathe and plunge into the warm waters of the B altic Sea in July until mid-August. The air temperature at this time warms up to +25 degrees, water - up to +22 degrees. In lagoons and bays, the water is much warmer, so it is perfect for bathing children. The average annual temperature is +8 degrees.

Spring on the island is one of the most beautiful seasons, as the island is dressed in a variety of colors thanks to the flower arrangements. They can be seen not only in the flower beds in the park or alleys. Most of the population plant them on their balconies, loggias. As a result, there is such a feeling that the island is immersed in flowers and greenery.

In total, there are about 200 sunny days throughout the year on the island, which is much more than in all of Germany, so it is rightfully considered the sunniest.

Cape Arkona

One of the most visited places on the island is the extraordinary beauty of Cape Arkona, where you can see the remains of the ruins of Slavic fortifications and the temple of the same name. It is located on the Wittow Peninsula, namely in its northern part. In addition, the lighthouse built in 1826-1827, which today works as a museum, is considered no less significant. Another lighthouse was built in the immediate vicinity in 1902, which still functions as intended.

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Jasmund Park

In the north-east of the island of Rügen, there is another attraction that is especially popular among tourists and locals. This is Jasmund National Park. Its area is not very large (3,000 hectares), but it contains such remarkable places as chalk cliffs covered with green spaces, the Royal Throne (a cliff that rises to 118 meters) and one of the highest points - Pikberg, which reaches a height of 161 meter.

Chalk cliffs of Jasmund Park

The main attraction of Jasmund Park are the chalk cliffs. Chalk was mined on the peninsula in ancient times and until the beginning of the 19th century. The stoppage of chalk mining occurred due to the threat of complete destruction of a truly rare landscape, and in 1990 the designated area was initially declared a reserve, and later a national park.

Western Pomeranian Lagoons National Park

This park is the exact opposite of Jasmund Park, as most of its area is occupiedcoastal waters of the B altic Sea and is located on the western side of the island of Rügen. On its territory you can see seals, visit the spawning ground of the Atlantic herring and watch the cranes when they stop to gain strength for the onward flight. All this is spread among the picturesque natural landscapes, and together it is an extraordinary beauty where you can enjoy the pristine nature.

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Hunting Castle Borders

Very popular among foreign tourists is the Granitz Hunting Castle, which is located on one of the highest hills in the southern part of Rügen - on the Temple Mount. The building was built in the Renaissance style in the middle of the century before last and today is a visited place. In addition, the castle has an observation tower, which offers an extraordinary view of the entire island.

Seebrücke Sellin Pier

The highlight of the island of Rügen (Germany), the photo of which is posted in the article, is the Seebrücke Sellin sea pier, stretching almost 400 meters into the sea. It has become not only a landmark, but a kind of symbol of the island. The facility was built in 1925. But during the Second World War a little destroyed. According to historical facts, its length at that time was 500 meters.

Rügen Island attractions

On the territory of the island there are a large number of buildings that have significant architectural value not only for local residents, but also for the country as a whole. Among the attractions of the island of Rügenpopular:

  • St. Mary's Monastery, built in 1193.
  • The village church, dating from 1312, is located in Landov.
  • A holiday home built by architects in the early 20th century and other buildings built in accordance with the "resort-architecture" direction.

What is remarkable about the island for tourists

It is worth noting that the main industry on the island is tourism, so the infrastructure in this direction is very developed. In addition to attractions and beach holidays, everyone can choose other entertainment programs. For example:

  1. For outdoor enthusiasts, there is the opportunity to go windsurfing, and for those who love to sail, there is a specially designated coastline with a length of 600 km.
  2. Besides, you can take horse rides in the local area, enjoy playing golf.
  3. Rügen Island is also known as a cultural center: here you can visit various festivals, go to the cinema or visit the theater.
  4. One of the exotic attractions for tourists is the old engine Rasender Roland. Its route passes through all the resort attractions of the southeastern part of the island of Rügen, and just over 100 years ago it was possible to ride it all over the island.

Important cities of the archipelago

The island consists of 4 big cities and 39 villages, and each object is remarkable in its own way. The resort towns of Rügen include those listed below.

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Considered a popular resort on the island and located between Prorer Vik Bay and Schmakhter Lake. This town received the status of an official resort in 1884, and by the end of the 19th century, tourism infrastructure began to develop very rapidly here. Today, tourists come here to admire the architectural buildings near the Promenade, to spend an unforgettable vacation on the Seebrücke pier.


The city is notable for tourists with its unique architecture, white sand beaches and, of course, magnificent nature. Its main attraction is considered to be a bridge-pier with a length of about 400 meters. In addition, for families with children there is an opportunity to spend an unforgettable vacation by visiting the Selliner Seepark.


The highlight of this city is that its geographical location allows you to have two separate beaches at once, since it is washed by the waters of the B altic Sea from two sides. More than 125 years ago, Guerin was a small fishing village, and over time has become an important resort town of the island. But if you walk along the streets, you can see some traditions that have survived from those times.

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This city is located in the very center of Rügen, its location is not entirely remarkable, because it is located on a hill. Due to the fact that strong winds blow on its territory, local residents were often subjected to serious fires that destroyed most of the historical sites. But despite this, to this day, preservedone of the old houses of the beginning of the 16th century, as well as the Church of the Virgin, built back in 1180.

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Interesting facts

The main event for the Germans was the opening of the Strelasundquerung bridge (2007), which connected the island of Rügen with the German mainland. This road bridge is considered one of the longest road bridges in the country - its length is 4,104 meters. At the same time, it is quite high and is able to let the largest ships pass under it.

Since ancient times, the island has been famous for its natural attractions, as well as the richness of the local waters and good land, so it is not surprising that agriculture and fishing are very widely developed.

One of the main prerequisites for the development of a tourist destination was the presence of mineral springs in Zagard on the island, and today such spa resorts are located in Babe, Sassnitz.

During Nazi rule, the island of Rügen (Germany) was of particular importance at the state level. The thing is that this territory was planned as a sanatorium he alth resort. For this, a special organization "Strength through Joy" was created. Its purpose was to develop recreation facilities for Aryan citizens.

Rügen Island: how to get there

The easiest way to get to Rügen from the territory of Russia is considered to be a flight to Hamburg, and then you should change to a high-speed train going through the city of Binz and beyond. For those who are already in Germany, you can alsotake the high-speed train that leaves from Stralsuden. In addition, local trains will allow you to get to cities such as Binz and Sassnitz, but other resort towns need to be reached exclusively by vintage Rasender Roland trains.

As for the question of how to get directly to the island itself, it is connected to the main territory of Germany by two bridges, so the trip can be made by bus and by car. But these are not the only ways to get there: you can visit it using the services of cruise ships and ferries.

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