George Washington Bridge. Interesting Facts

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George Washington Bridge. Interesting Facts
George Washington Bridge. Interesting Facts

One of the most famous bridges in the world is the American George Washington Bridge. It is located in New York and is a link between the northern part of Manhattan Island and the state of New Jersey.

Who was George Washington

George Washington was a major political figure in the history of the United States of America in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Included among the Founding Fathers, a group of individuals who played an important role in the founding and formation of the United States, had a great influence on the achievement of independence. Was a member of the Continental War.

After the war, he returned to his native estate, from where he closely observed the political atmosphere in the country, conducted extensive correspondence with colleagues on the topic of strengthening centralized power to strengthen the integrity of all states.

George Washington was elected president of the Constitutional Convention, which in 1787 drafted the bulk of the US Constitution. Two years later he was elected the first President of the United States of America, then re-elected. Council members suggested that Washington stay for a third term, but he refused, saying that one person could not hold the presidency for more than two terms. From thismoment in America there was an unspoken tradition to lead the state for only two terms, which was violated only by Franklin Roosevelt.

George Washington

Building a bridge

Construction of the George Washington Bridge in New York City began in the fall of 1927 with six lanes. The structure was designed by Osman Amman, Chief Engineer of the New York Port Authority. Construction was completed four years later, in 1931.

After 15 years, two more lanes were laid on the upper level. In the early 60s, the lower tier of the George Washington Bridge was designed and built on, and the flow of cars increased by almost one hundred percent.

Today it is the only suspension bridge in the world with fourteen lanes.

The bridge has a speed limit of 70 km/h as it is part of a federal highway. An interesting feature is that this bridge has the largest free-flying US flag weighing almost two hundred kilograms.

Height of the building is 65 meters. Of course, the George Washington Bridge looks much smaller in the photo.

washington bridge photo

Bad fame

One of the largest bridges in the world is infamous for causing a large number of suicides from its railings. However, the bridge belongs to the state of New York, which ranks last in the overall suicide rate in the country.

Divers are on duty around the clock on the George Washington Bridge. A week they have to pull outHudson water near four bodies. There is a known case when a woman fell next to one of the divers pulling out another body. Her attempt to go to the other world this time was not successful. Also a famous case is the attempt of a soldier, a marine, to take his own life. He survived.

Specialists believe that one of the reasons for the bitter popularity is the low fence that separates people and water. Building a tall fence would solve the problem, but would require several hundred million dollars that regular American taxpayers are not willing to invest.

Washington Bridge

Economic component

George Washington Bridge performs another important function. He makes money. And people use the ferry because alternative ways to get to New York are more expensive and take longer.

It is important to note that the fee is charged only for entering the city. Check out is free. The price of a single ticket is $15. In a year, the George Washington Bridge earns as much as a typical Russian medium-sized city, excluding Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Washington road bridge

Other objects in Washington

Undoubtedly, the Washington Bridge is the largest building in honor of the founding father. But in the United States there are other objects in which the name of the first president is immortalized. Except, of course, the well-known American state and capital. It is noteworthy that the photo of the George Washington Bridge in New York isthe hallmark of not only the "big apple", but the United States as a whole.

In the warm state of California, there is a large Sequoia National Park. It is in it that the second largest sequoia in the world has been rustling its branches for several hundred years, it bears the name of Washington.

In Pennsylvania, two parks bear the name of Washington, a state park and a historic park. Universities, small American cities, rivers and even mountains are named after him.

The name of Washington has managed to leave its mark on Russian soil. In Peterhof, on Tsaritsy Island, an oak tree grows. Once upon a time, the Americans gave the royal family an acorn from an oak tree growing on the grave of George Washington. Empress Alexandra Feodorovna ordered that the oak be surrounded by a gilded fence and that a commemorative medallion be placed at the foot of the tree. You can see the amazing tree today. The park's specialists carefully care for the historic oak.

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