Good hotels in Hurghada - quality and unforgettable vacation

Good hotels in Hurghada - quality and unforgettable vacation
Good hotels in Hurghada - quality and unforgettable vacation

Hurghada is the most popular resort in Egypt, which is famous for its amazing Red Sea coast, exotic landscapes and various attractions. Modern hotels are located throughout its territory. Comfortable conditions, friendly staff, beautiful beaches and sun await tourists here. What are the best hotels in Hurghada? Let's talk about a few of them, such as Albatros Palace 5and Aqua Vista Resort & Spa. Holidays in Hurghada attract with sandy beaches, gentle entrances to the sea, beautiful landscapes and multiple entertainments.

Albatros Palace Hotel 5

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Good hotels in Hurghada include all the conditions for a wonderful holiday, and Albatros Palace 5is a great success with vacationers. This is an amazing complex, a real oasis with many services and recreational activities. The hotel impresses with its amazing architectural ensemble, luxurious apartments, a large selection of restaurants and bars, high service level. Albatros Palace 5is located just a fifteen-minute drive from the airport, a walk to the city center takes 20 minutes. The hotel complex has 576 comfortable rooms,made in a modern design and with all the necessary conditions. Each room includes a terrace or balcony, mini-bar, satellite TV, comfortable bathroom. The family suites consist of two bedrooms, while the suites have a large area with a huge terrace and jacuzzi. The hotel restaurants offer delicious lunches and dinners, various cuisines, amazing drinks and a cozy atmosphere await vacationers.

The hotel has a huge outdoor pool. For young tourists, a swimming pool with exciting water slides has been built. It also has its own beach with excellent sports facilities. Having been here on vacation, everyone will find something for themselves. And if you are asked: “Tell me a good hotel in Hurghada?” - now you will definitely recommend Albatros Palace 5. After all, this complex is unique and corresponds to the highest level of service.

Aqua Vista Resort & Spa

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Good hotels in Hurghada are located along the entire coast of the picturesque and unique Red Sea, the rest here will be remembered for wonderful impressions of ideal conditions and service. Aqua Vista Resort & Spa is a modern, beautiful and cozy hotel, designed in a true Egyptian style with all the graces and subtleties of the East. This hotel complex is a great idea for a family vacation, there are various conditions and entertainment for children and adults. The hotel has 252 standard rooms, as well as 21 family rooms.

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Two swimming pools have been built for vacationers, bars and restaurants are open. Good hotels in Hurghada, such as Aqua Vista Resort & Spa, are designed not only for relaxation, but also for business negotiations and business meetings. For children, the hotel organizes various animations and a mini club, and you can also use the babysitting service. Sandy beaches, water slides, sports fields, fitness and spa centers - all this includes the best hotels in Hurghada. The photo will show a vivid picture of these incredibly beautiful complexes.

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