Sunny Crete is an island whose hotels invite you to an unforgettable vacation

Sunny Crete is an island whose hotels invite you to an unforgettable vacation
Sunny Crete is an island whose hotels invite you to an unforgettable vacation

Today, more and more tourists seek to visit Europe, preferring holidays in Greece, Croatia, Montenegro and Spain to stay on the Turkish and Egyptian coasts. You can choose a resort on the mainland or go to a separate one from

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mainland part of the country - Rhodes, Kos or Crete. The resort of Crete is an island whose hotels are classified into categories: from modest 2-3to luxurious five-star VIP-level hotels.

Greece has it all!

So, your eye falls on Crete - and this is an excellent choice: the climate here is Mediterranean, warm weather pleases vacationers longer than on the mainland, and a huge selection of attractions allows every tourist to find something to their liking. Crete is an island whose hotels can be conditionally subdivided according to the main regions: Rethymnon, Heraklion, Chania and Lassithi. If Crete interests you in terms of attractions, Heraklion should be preferred. But Lassithi is the most prestigious and elite region on the island of Crete. The island, whose hotels are able to satisfy the wishes of the most demanding and demanding clients, offers you the resort of Elounda, where the most luxurioushotels.

Best hotelsOf course, Greece is a European country, so a Greek 2 hotel corresponds to a good "troika" in Egypt or Turkey. However

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to really enjoy a quality holiday, you should choose hotels in Crete 4 stars or 5. Among the "fours" are hotels that belong to global chains - Grecotel, Aldemar and Iberostar, as well as local chains Elounda and Aegean. As for five-star hotels, you should pay attention to Aldemar Knossos Royal Village, Aldemar Royal Villas, Elounda Beach, Elounda Peninsula, Grecotel Rithymna Beach, Grecotel Amirandes, Gran Melia Resort & Luxury Villas Daios Cove and others. However, almost all hotels in Greece (island of Crete) are located near the sea, and in case of remoteness, a service is certainly offered - a free shuttle bus from the hotel to the beach. And in hotels with a huge territory, local electric cars or minibuses run, making it much easier to move around the expanses of the hotel and the adjacent area.

What should you not forget when going to Greece? In addition to the attractions that you can admire when you come to this country with an outlandish and mythical history, there are many things

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, the memories of which you just need to bring home. This is the national color and culture. By the way, the Greeks are very hospitable and smiling people, communication with them will give you a lot of positive emotions. Traditions are best preserved in smalltaverns and restaurants where mostly locals eat. To get to such an institution, it is worth leaving the tourist zone and delving into that part of the city where the life of the Greeks is seething: it is there that you will find cozy cafes “only for your own”. Of course, in the taverns on the coast, designed specifically for guests, the most “traditional” atmosphere will be created, but this is somewhat different. However, be sure to visit the "Greek Night" - an entertainment program in some tavern, where exclusively Greek dishes and drinks will be served, and actors in national costumes will dance sirtaki. So you definitely won't forget your trip to Crete! The island, whose hotels will give maximum comfort to make your vacation unforgettable, will remain in your memory for a long time!

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