Cities of Chechnya: description, photo

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Cities of Chechnya: description, photo
Cities of Chechnya: description, photo

The Chechen Republic consists of five cities and three villages. In addition to them, there are about 200 villages, among which there are officially abandoned ones. The cities of Chechnya differ among themselves in terms of population. Grozny ranks first with over 200,000 people. The rest are far behind it, being cities with less than 60 thousand people. However, every year the population is growing. It is quite possible that in ten years the republic will become one where more than 1 million people live.


The city of Shali is located 40 kilometers southeast of Grozny. It received official status in 1990. The overthrow of the Tatar-Mongol yoke in the distant 14th century and the expulsion from the lands of Dagestan landowners, henchmen of the Golden Horde, contributed to the foundation of Shali. Despite the military events, the population of the city is growing steadily and in 2016 amounted to more than 52 thousand people, most of whom are Chechens by nationality. Shali is located far from the railway routes. And the city is connected only with Grozny by bus. Modern Shali was rebuilt afterChechen military operations.

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The second largest city in Chechnya after the capital Grozny. At the beginning of 2016, over 57 thousand inhabitants lived in it. Like some other cities in Chechnya, this one is located very close to the capital. It is located 30 kilometers south of Grozny, on the Martan River. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Urus-Martan was a village where there was no industry. The main attraction of the city is the Dondi-Yurt open-air ethnographic museum. It recreates the atmosphere of the Chechen village of the past centuries with unique household items that were collected throughout the region.

The main street of the city is named after the President of the Republic - A.A. Kadyrov. Many cities in Chechnya have districts named after scientists or other famous and influential people.

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Currently, the city is the most important transport hub of the North Caucasus. The highway to Baku passes through it, in the opposite direction you can get to Moscow along it. By rail, Gudermes is connected with the largest cities in the region. It is the construction of the railway station and the need for the residence of the workers serving it that the fact of the emergence of the city is due. On the site of the aul, a working settlement was laid out, later in 1941 it received the status of a city. Representatives of the Chechen nationality predominate among the population, such in the city, according to the census, over 95%. Previously, the cities of Chechnya were also inhabited by Russians, but duringarmed conflicts, they all tried to leave the territory of the republic.

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