Green Cape, Georgia: photo, accommodation, tourist reviews

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Green Cape, Georgia: photo, accommodation, tourist reviews
Green Cape, Georgia: photo, accommodation, tourist reviews

You are on vacation soon and you choose where to go to relax? Do not think for a long time - let all your favorite Thailands, Turkeys and Vietnams do without you this time, and you go straight to wonderful and hospitable Georgia. Yes, not just anywhere, but on the Green Cape. Rest there you will definitely remember for a long time!

What is Cape Verde

Green Cape in Georgia, or, in other words, Mtsvane-Kontskhi (Agree, Green Cape sounds much simpler and easier), is a small resort-type village, freely spread at the foot of Batumi - only eight kilometers to north of this town. It is an ideal option for a family vacation - on the one hand, the village is located very close to the large center of Batumi, where there is everything - cinema, theaters, entertainment centers for children, and restaurants, - on the other hand, it does not have the noise of the city but, on the contrary, silence and tranquility reign. This is exactly what families with small children need, and for everyone who is tired of the bustle and bustle of the city.

The resort village of Mtsvane-Kontskhi

Green Cape in Georgia (photosee the article) is interesting in that there are almost no locals in the village itself - one or two and miscalculated. Live there, perhaps, only the owners of private houses and cafes. But there are a lot of tourists who both stay in it and come from other settlements, as they say, to "gaze". The fact is that it is in the Green Cape that one of the Georgian sights is located - the Botanical Garden of Batumi, where hundreds of curious holidaymakers flock. This makes Cape Verde a truly attractive place.

History of Mtsvane-Kontskhi

This territory began to be actively developed and built up in the eighteenth-nineteenth centuries. It was here that dachas and private estates of we althy industrialists who moved to this warm region from the Urals and Siberia began to appear like mushrooms after the rain. They chose Zeleny Mys as their place of residence due to its proximity to Batumi and the subtropical climate.

Green Cape in the Soviet years

When the Soviet Union appeared, former dachas and private houses became boarding houses and sanatoriums. A cable car was specially laid to the coast. And in 1913, the Society of Physicians declared the village a resort. During the Soviet period, it was in great demand; now, of course, its popularity is much less.

Green Cape, Georgia: beaches

Despite the fact that the resort village is relatively small, it has not one, but two beaches. The first of these is called the central one; it is easy to find if you turn left from the main entrance to the Botanical Garden and go down a little. The beach is quite bigstretches for five hundred meters - so there is no risk of pushing each other with different parts of the body, being on a tiny patch. For lovers of pure sand, the beach is hardly suitable - it is pebbly; however, it should be noted that in Georgia, in principle, pebble beaches are almost everywhere, sandy ones can be found extremely rarely, literally in a couple of resorts.

The bottom of the sea here is rocky, but this should not bother you - you almost immediately stop paying attention to it, having dissolved in warm, clean and transparent water. You can lie on your own towels, or you can, paying only one or two lari, take a sunbed and enjoy the sun on it. There are also cafes on the beach, so it is easy to stop attacks of severe hunger at any time.

Pebble beach of the Green Cape resort

If you want privacy and do not mind risking your neck a little, then you can go to the wild beach of Cape Verde in Georgia. Why risk your neck? Yes, because it is quite difficult to get there.

There is an old rusty staircase at the northern end of the central beach. It is she who leads to the wild beach - straight through the rocks. It's pretty dangerous; cases of falling from the stairs are known, and therefore it is most often closed. But you can get to the wild beach in another way - bypassing the water, at the very rocks. It's pretty shallow, so you don't have to worry about drowning. There are also cute little grottoes in the rocks.


Of course, you don't necessarily have to look for accommodation in Cape Verde. Georgia is rich in resort villages, and if you wish, you may well stay somewhere inin another place (yes, even in Batumi or Tbilisi, if you are not fed up with the rhythm of city life), but in Mtsvane-Kontskhi to ride and relax. This is your business. However, if you still decide to anchor here, it would be nice to find out in advance how things are with renting a room or apartment.

The first thing you should know: there are no hotels in the Green Cape of Georgia. They simply do not make sense - after all, the huge Batumi is very close. Keeping a hotel is unprofitable for now (but who knows, perhaps in the future it will still appear in this village), and therefore, if it is important for you to stay in such a place, Zeleny Mys will not suit you as a place to stay.

Resort Green Cape

But there are private houses that are willingly rented out to visitors. At the same time, you can rent both a room and a whole house - there are a lot of options, and the prices are very reasonable. So, ten minutes from the beach is the Holiday House Green Cape Batumi, which visitors rated as "great". The rooms there are clean and comfortable, with balconies and air conditioning, and the owners are very welcoming and friendly. An important point: all the houses in the Green Cape are located on the mountain.


With entertainment, honestly, it's tight in Cape Verde. There are almost no even ordinary shops here - let alone large shopping and entertainment centers. However, if you come to relax, swim in the warm sea and "seal" on the beach, this arrangement should not confuse you very much. In the end, Batumi is within easy reach, and you can also go to any other place in Georgia without muchproblems to get there. Of the entertainment in Zeleniy Mys, there is only the Botanical Garden.

Batumi Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden in the Green Cape of Georgia has been around for many years. It has been known since the end of the nineteenth century - it was in those years that a man who later became its founding father worked on its territory - Andrei Krasnov (botanist, geographer, soil scientist, the first doctor of geographical sciences in our country; took part in many expeditions to Asia, North America, in the Tien Shan).

Bamboo grove in the Botanical Garden

What is Batumi Botanical Garden? This is a whole complex on a vast territory, divided into geographical zones. Here you can find plants from the equator, tropical and subtropical trees and plants, and a chic bamboo grove stands apart. You can walk around the garden on your own or with a guide. Interestingly, if you get to the northern edge of the garden, you will find yourself on the same wild beach that was already mentioned above.

In the Botanical Garden you can not just walk and admire the stunning nature. Here you can … live! There is camping on the territory of the garden - the opportunity to spend the night in a tent. True, this pleasure is not cheap - from 15 GEL per day per person. But if you have money, then why not? This unique experience is sure to be remembered for a long time.

How to get there

How to get to the Green Cape of Georgia? Of course, the easiest way is from Batumi - eight kilometers is truly a tiny distance.

Cape Verde Botanical Garden

You can overcome them by minibus (any one going north; most often number 31 runs) in about twenty minutes, or you can take a taxi, spending even less time on the road. Taxis, however, are more expensive: from 15 GEL one way. A minibus ticket costs 15 times less - one lari one way.

What's nearby

What else of interest is located near the village, in addition to the central city? Many other settlements, each of which is interesting enough to visit at least once. Just a kilometer from Mtsvane-Kontskhi lies the village of Makhinjauri (it is easy to get there along the beach - the central beach of Cape Verde smoothly flows into Makhinjauri), in two - Sahalvasho. A little further, fourteen kilometers away, lie Kvirike and Charnali, and fifteen kilometers away - Tkhilnari.

Green Cape, Georgia reviews

Reviews about Mtsvane-Kontskhi are usually positive. Tourists especially note the sea: it is much cleaner here than in Batumi, which is why most of those who stay in the city go to the Green Cape to swim.

Green Cape Beach

People also like silence, unity with nature and a kind of idyll that reigns throughout the village.

Interesting facts

  1. At the beginning of the new millennium, a little more than two and a half thousand people lived in Zeleny Mys, almost all of whom were Georgians.
  2. Cape Verde has a lot of banana and citrus trees.
  3. Former name of Cape Verde - Sassire-Keli.
  4. Agricultural college used to work in Cape Verde - todayit still functions but is part of the Batumi State University.

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