Children's city "Masterslavl": reviews and photos

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Children's city "Masterslavl": reviews and photos
Children's city "Masterslavl": reviews and photos

An innovative interactive educational project for children with an interesting name "Masterslavl" has successfully started in Moscow. Reviews about him are intriguing. On six thousand square meters in Moscow City there is a children's town that can host about half a million guests a year.

Eyewitnesses claim that "Masterslavl" is a children's city of professions, created in the form of a model of an ordinary Russian town of the nineteenth century. Thanks to this project, the organizers were able to show children the complexity and responsibility of adult life. They are completely immersed in the world of independent living, with its problems and worries. Each child, having chosen a profession for himself, can quite “sensibly” feel it for himself.

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People who have already been here say that such a city helps children to go through socialization and prepare for life in society. In seventy buildings-workshops, children aged five to fifteen try themselves in various areas of life. They can test themselves in the role of strict bankers, cheerful postmen, adamant customs officers,restless waiters, we althy farmers, the best car mechanics and other representatives of various, no less interesting professions.

The participants managed to bring to life about fifty scenarios that help the guys immerse themselves in difficult life situations, feel their work from beginning to end. The city of masters "Masterslavl" managed to get only the best reviews.

The fairest city

Only fair laws, adopted from the best public facilities, work in this town. Children become masters through the game, which will help them decide on the choice of profession in real life. The founder of this grandiose project assures that an ideal model of society has been created in his city, in which all professions are needed, important and equal. Each work is paid equally with a single local currency - gold talents. Everything that the participants earn, they can spend on themselves or make donations to charitable foundations, pay taxes.

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After the second visit to the miracle city, children can receive a residence permit, and then the citizenship of Masterslavl. Before becoming full citizens, children must pass an exam in Russian, just like foreigners in real life.

The Pushkin Institute of the Russian Language helped organize its own institution in the city, where you can practice oratory and, if necessary, get professional advice, improve your literacy and ability to speak.

Masterslavl (Moscow) receives only good reviews from visitors, children visit the town with pleasure.

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Visit Rules

To freely get into the town, you need to remember some rules. Visitors are not allowed to have large items and products. It is not allowed to bring weapons, piercing and cutting objects, explosive materials that can harm the he alth of others. It is forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages into the city, let alone drink them.

Before attending workshops that require physical training, parents should assess their child's abilities so as not to harm him. Each guest of the city is obliged to comply with the safety that is provided for by local law, so some workshops have certain rules and restrictions for the child. For example, this may be due to age or height. Regardless of the type of workshop, entry takes place only after the permission of the staff.

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Laws "Masterslavl": reviews

"Residents" know that there are certain laws in the city that must be strictly observed. The guys live by the rules, because they are all simple and prudent, and following them makes the life of the participants comfortable and, most importantly, convenient.

The main principle of the city's residents is kindness, the desire to learn new things, diligence and mutual respect. City "Masterslavl" reviews among visitors for this received the highest.


By becoming a regular visitor to this innovative town, everyone can make their own career - promotion is carried out according to local law. The masters of the town constantly acquire new knowledge and skills, for which they are awarded different titles, subject to attendance at classes and work performed.

City currency

As already mentioned, the city in which Masterslavl is located is Moscow. This metropolis receives different reviews, but people from all over the world come here. The currency of "Masterslavl" is not a ruble, but a "golden talent". The money is at the capital's bank. You can get them by cashing the check that is issued to the visitor when buying an entrance ticket.

Earned money: where to spend it? Feedback from "residents"

In addition to the money that the child receives at the beginning, capital can be earned by doing some work for the city. Many residents prefer to invest in improving their skills - the higher the position, the more earnings.

Lazy visitors who do not want to improve their talent also have the opportunity to earn money, but with low-skilled work. Masterslavl has only positive reviews from guests, despite possible difficulties.

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Urban transport

The town has international traffic regulations. Guys who want to travel by their own transport (within the city) must study at a driving school and get a license, and it is also necessaryundergo a medical examination by local doctors, who, by the way, are also children.

City Services

"Masterslavl" has positive reviews, as guests of the city are provided with a wardrobe, free Wi-Fi in the adult area, a left-luggage office, a gift shop, a bedroom for kids under five years old.

In addition, you can order a tour of the town and see all its sights. To the attention of visitors: Masterslavl uses bins for separate waste collection.

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People in yellow

People in yellow T-shirts are the mentors of the city, assistants who will tell guests the necessary information. Masterslav employs young and energetic guys who love children and are ready to share the joy of communication with visitors.

It is better not to put off going to Masterslavl - the child will be very pleased, he will be able to plunge into the life of adults and, perhaps, this game will help him determine his future profession. Such projects are planned to open in other Russian cities. "Mastreslavl" receives only positive reviews, so hurry up to visit this wonderful city.

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