"Malakhovka" - a boarding house in the Moscow region

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"Malakhovka" - a boarding house in the Moscow region
"Malakhovka" - a boarding house in the Moscow region

Today, more and more Russians prefer to relax without leaving the country. For Muscovites, for example, in the Moscow region you can find a vacation for every taste. They can spend their holidays both in winter and in summer actively and not very much - the main thing is to decide what you need, choose a complex, and that's it, here it is - rest. Malakhovka is a boarding house that is very popular. People come here from different cities to spend time with benefits for the soul and body.

Malakhovka boarding house

Rest in the suburbs

No tedious flights abroad, no big expenses, because everything is nearby. A big plus is that you can relax not only during the long-awaited vacation, but also on any weekend. And then - to return to workdays refreshed, rested and joyful. Nature fills the body with the forces that are so necessary for a person for new achievements.

Spend the weekend with your family, with friends or alone with your soul mate. Modern boarding houses of the Moscow region will definitely help you to realize your plans.

Modern vacation in the Moscow region

It is best to choose not sanatoriums, but medical institutions, since there is no need tono he alth resort cards, and most importantly, there is no control of doctors and the regime. Boarding houses are designed for recreation, but in many complexes near Moscow you can relax and get medical treatment.

Treatment-and-prophylactic complexes of the Moscow region differ in the price of accommodation - it depends on the conditions provided by the complex, on the category of the room and a number of other reasons. Therefore, you need to decide on the choice of a boarding house that is right for you.

If you want to relax with he alth benefits, then you are suitable for SPA boarding houses that provide a wide range of relaxing and tonic treatments. They will remove the accumulated fatigue and give you a charge of vivacity. Those who want to admire nature, breathe clean fresh air can go to ordinary complexes. Although there are no specialized procedures, the rest is organized just as well.

In the Moscow region you can find medical and preventive organizations that provide excellent rest and wellness procedures. In addition, boarding houses offer their guests a variety of entertainment, show programs, sports games, horseback riding, field trips and much more. Animators work for children. Each boarding house strives for European service in order to satisfy the needs of visitors and compete with similar enterprises in foreign countries.

Boarding house Malakhovka

Rest in Malakhovka

Literally seventeen kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road there is a wonderful boarding house Malakhovka. Landscaped territory of a modern complexnestled in a mixed forest. Malakhovka is a boarding house that is an excellent source of positive emotions for you and your family. Here you will get a charge of vivacity for the whole year. After all, how nice it is to breathe in the fresh air of the forest after a dusty metropolis. In addition to purity, it also has medicinal qualities that have a beneficial effect on the entire body.

Thanks to the professional qualities of the staff, you will feel at home - a vacation in the forest will be comfortable and cozy, and most importantly - very inexpensive.

boarding house Malakhovka reviews


Malakhovka is a boarding house that provides comfortable rest and good service. There are a number of reasons why you should rest here. Malakhovka is a boarding house with fresh clean air, excellent food three times a day and all the conditions for a he althy lifestyle. The complex will provide a good opportunity to do this by renting a bike and riding through the shady alleys or participating in a table tennis tournament.

Your expectations will definitely match reality. The main thing is that you are far from civilization, in the middle of the forest, you will always be in touch, and will be able to keep abreast of current events in the country and the world, since there is Wi-Fi on the territory of the boarding house.

Besides all this, the boarding house Malakhovka (Moscow region) provides its guests with a gym with modern equipment, a sports ground. If you have a rest in the winter, then the medical and preventive complex will rent out the necessary sports equipment (skis, sledges, skates necessarysizes). Also in the cold season, there is an ice rink on the territory, illuminated even at night. If necessary, you can use the services of a trainer who will teach you the basics of this simple matter and show you how to skate properly.

If you come with children, you should definitely visit the local zoo, where you can see spotted deer and unusual birds. Adults will also be interested here - all animals are well-groomed, active, and not afraid of people.

Very close to the boarding house, on Borovsky Kurgan, there is a ski resort, so there will be no time to be bored here. If you are new to this business, then professionals will give a few lessons. The trails are suitable for both beginner skiers and experienced skiers. Malakhovka is a boarding house, a photo against which will always be pleasant to look at and not ashamed to show to friends.

Boarding house Malakhovka Moscow region


After a walk in the fresh air, you can have a great rest in comfortable apartments, which are located in the boarding house buildings. Everyone can choose the rooms according to their taste - there are standard, junior suites or suites, all rooms are equipped with spacious bathrooms, have high ceilings and large windows that open stunning forest landscapes to their guests.

The rooms have double beds, tables, wardrobes, TVs - everything that a person needs for a good rest. All rooms are clean, cozy and comfortable.

Malakhovka boarding house photo

Holidays with children

If you took with youchild, he will definitely not be bored in a boarding house. The administration made sure that the little guests also had a good time. Your child can find something to do in the children's playroom or have fun on the sports ground. In addition, the baby will receive delicious oxygen cocktails that are very beneficial for the body.

Your child will plunge into the fabulous world of the forest and will remember his journey for a long time. The air here has a special aroma that you want to inhale deeply.

Children's holiday

Malakhovka is a children's boarding house that works as a camp for children. He receives his little visitors in shifts. So your child can rest on their own. For the children, the administration of the complex prepares interesting and educational events, children participate in sports competitions, study English, show themselves in creative groups and practice self-government.

The atmosphere is so friendly and warm that some guys develop real strong friendships. They learn to interact, support each other and find compromises.

Malakhovka boarding house for children

Additional services

In addition to having a great time, the boarding house Malakhovka provides an opportunity for corporate parties, banquets or theme parties. On the territory of the complex there are modern comfortable conference rooms with equipment that will allow you to conduct trainings and seminars. The boarding house Malakhovka has the most positive reviews.

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