How to properly pack your suitcase for vacation

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How to properly pack your suitcase for vacation
How to properly pack your suitcase for vacation

How to properly pack a suitcase? This question sooner or later arises in every traveler. Indeed, in fact, you see, this is a real art - to collect the maximum number of things and put them in a relatively small bag, and even try not to forget anything. Of course, in this case, considerable experience or, at least, practical advice is needed.

In this article we will try to tell you as much as possible about how to properly pack a suitcase (on vacation, on a business trip, to visit relatives). Valuable recommendations will be given on how to optimally fold medicines, liquids, equipment and documents.

Section 1. General Information

how to pack a suitcase for a plane

Before leaving for a vacation or any kind of travel, almost the main problem becomes the issue of packing everything you need, and even the time allocated for packing, as a rule, is running out.

So, how to pack a suitcase quickly and correctly and what should be taken into account for this? In most cases, inexperienced tourists tryPack everything you need on the go into your bag. And of course, they are very upset when they do not succeed. However, if you follow just a few useful tips, you can efficiently and economically fold not only the most necessary things, but also grab something, as they say, for the soul.

Of course, first of all, those who want to learn how to properly pack a suitcase should be given one very practical advice. You don't need to take anything extra. Agree, no one wants to carry heavy luggage, let alone overpay for it at the airport.

When starting to collect your bag, try to determine in advance the quantitative and qualitative composition of your luggage. And, as practice shows, the sooner you do this, the better the result will be.

Section 2. Some Practical Tips

how to pack things in a suitcase

First of all, you need to remember that it is customary to put the heaviest items (laptop, books, personal hygiene items) and shoes on the bottom. After that, you need to lay at least a small layer of clothing. By the way, not everyone knows that in any case, knitwear and highly wrinkled garments should be alternated.

How to properly pack things in a suitcase so that nothing gets spoiled inside? It is enough to remember the main rule: the bag should be filled as densely as possible. It is impossible for something to hang out inside it, because this will jeopardize the safety of all luggage. The remaining empty space can always be filled, for example, with spare socks, which weigh little, but,most likely to come in handy when traveling. All underwear, along with a swimsuit and swimming trunks, must be put in a separate sealed bag.

Some practical advice on how to properly pack your suitcase:

• To prevent wrinkling of shirts on the way, they must be fastened with a button, folded on the sides, and then also in half, while raising the collar.

• Socks must be rolled up and put into shoes. This will save space in your suitcase and keep your shoes in good condition. Each pair of shoes or boots (toe to heel) is folded into a separate bag and placed along the edges of the suitcase.

• Various T-shirts and T-shirts can be either simply folded in half or rolled into a tube.

• Short skirts do not need to be folded at all.

• In no case should leather belts be twisted into a spiral, it is better to place them around the perimeter of the bag.

• Toothpaste, ballpoint pen, hairspray, various creams, jars of jam, alcohol and similar things should be packed separately from clothes and not put in a suitcase. Of course, this rule does not apply to those who want to learn how to properly pack a suitcase on a plane, since many of the above things simply will not be allowed on board.

• If, upon arrival at the hotel, it turned out that some wardrobe items are still wrinkled, you need to bring them into the bathroom, fill the bath with as much hot water as possible and let things hang down for an hour.

Section 3. Packing medicines properly

howpack your suitcase properly

Apart from the main things, it is recommended to pack a first aid kit with medicines. By the way, especially for these purposes, you can pick up a small cardboard box, which, although it takes up a little more space, is guaranteed not to tear, and you do not have to collect scattered pills all over the suitcase.

Except in special cases, you should not take too much medicine with you at all. True, first of all, you need to take care of the remedies for indigestion and drugs used for insect bites.

The first-aid kit must also contain iodine or brilliant green, a sterile bandage and a band-aid.

Section 4. How to properly pack a suitcase with appliances?

how to pack a suitcase for vacation

Laptop, netbook, video camera, camera, chargers for equipment and flash cards should be placed in separate cases when assembling things on the road.

Hair dryer and iron, wrapped with a cord around the body of the product, can be hidden between sweaters and T-shirts. But, when transporting more or less new equipment across the border, it is best to take its technical passports with you in order to avoid unnecessary questions from the groans of border guards.

Section 5. Don't forget the main thing. Money and documents

how to pack a suitcase quickly and correctly

Documents and money should always be kept in a separate small bag, fastened around the neck or belt. It must be securely fastened or closed.

It is hardly worth reminding once again that such a valuablethe subject should never be lost sight of.

Also, for reasons of convenience, you can put a pen next to money and documents.

Section 6. How to properly pack your suitcase at the airport. Liquids

how to pack your suitcase at the airport

Those who are going to make an air travel, you should pay attention to the fact that the carriage of liquids in hand luggage is strictly limited. If you exceed the norm, you will simply be asked to throw away the excess.

But that's not all. Liquids must be distributed in transparent, sealed plastic bags with a capacity of one hundred milliliters, while their total volume should not exceed 1 liter.

Containers with liquid substances with a volume of more than 100 ml must be checked in as baggage, and must also be packed in bags.

Section 7. Hassle-Free Air Travel

how to properly pack a suitcase

There is a strict weight limit on flights. In this case, even a hundred grams can be a source of additional trouble.

As a rule, carry-on baggage should not exceed 7-15 kg. The exact figure must be checked with the carrier company.

In the luggage compartment of an aircraft, depending on the ticket category, you can take from 20 to 30 kg. As a rule, the weight of things that are transported free of charge by the airline depends on the class of flight. Basically, the higher the category, the more things you can bring with you without any hassle.

Above the free baggage allowance you cantake a few more things for which there is no additional charge. These include: laptop computer, umbrella, camcorder and camera.

By the way, not everyone knows that the rules for transporting liquids that you can take with you on a plane do not include baby food and vital liquid medicines.

In addition, you do not need to check in valuables - money, jewelry and documents. And in this case, the fact is that on the way your luggage may be delayed or even lost, resulting in trouble.

How to properly pack a suitcase with a film that provides greater security and integrity? Here you can do it differently. Travelers who value comfort usually use the services provided by airport staff. But budget tourists can grab polyethylene from home and thereby save about $5.

Section 8. Seasoned Traveler Tips

how to pack things in a suitcase

Based on their own observations, experienced travelers recommend listening to the following recommendations:

  • When all things are already packed in a suitcase, a special luggage belt must also be fastened on top for reliability.
  • The important point after everything is collected is the control weighing. For a flight of one person, a suitcase with a capacity of 30 liters is quite suitable. Suitcases with a double bottom, a retractable handle and wheels are especially good for flights. When transporting, they turned out to be very convenient.
  • Buying newsuitcase, you must first pay attention to its own weight. The lightest suitcases are fabric, the heavier ones are plastic, and the heaviest ones are leather.

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