City of Rijeka, Croatia: attractions and tourist reviews

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City of Rijeka, Croatia: attractions and tourist reviews
City of Rijeka, Croatia: attractions and tourist reviews

Recently, the city of Rijeka (Croatia) is very popular not only among local residents, but also among numerous tourists from both near and far abroad. What is the reason for such fame? And why are all these people in a hurry to come here not only during the long-awaited summer holidays, but also in the off-season?

In fact, there are plenty of reasons and explanations for this factor. We will try to answer all these questions in detail. The city of Rijeka (Croatia) really deserves attention. This place is worth visiting at least once in your life.

Section 1. General information about the city

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Today, Rijeka (Croatia) is considered one of the largest port cities in the country. This territorial unit is located in the Kvarner Bay, directly at the crossroads of popular land and sea routes.

Tourism is one of the most important areas for the development of the city under the amiable name of Rijeka (Croatia). The beaches here are rarely deserted, especially in summer.season. You can easily get here by almost any means of transport. The most popular, as a rule, is the railway.

The international airport of the same name Rijeka (Croatia) is located on about. Krk, 30 km from the city center.

Section 2. How to get to your destination

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In general, this is fairly easy to do, and travelers, even those who do not speak English, usually have no problems.

Most of the tourists get here by air, and then, using public transport or a rented car, go from the island of Krk to the coast along a specially built reinforced concrete road bridge. By the way, according to recent data, more than a million cars pass through it every year.

In addition, the important railway line Zagreb - Pula passes through the village. So we can say with confidence that Rijeka on the Adriatic coast is a rather serious transport hub, which, by the way, led to the city's vibrant trading life.

Section 3. Modest milestones in history

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The history of Rijeka actually began in ancient times. According to the results of excavations, people lived in this area as early as the Neolithic period.

Once upon a time there was a Celtic settlement of Tarsatika, over time it was partially transformed into Trsat, and then the modern city of Rijeka appeared on the map. Croatia is very beautiful and interestingcountry, and this remark applies to both pristine nature and human-made settlements.

The overall picture of today's Rijeka was once painted by many peoples together: the Romans, Venetians, Italians, Austrians, French, Croats… Until now, a variety of styles from different eras can be traced in the architecture of the city.

Section 4. Features of local hotels

Tourists claim that there are a great many hotels in Rijeka: unpretentious travelers will find shelter in modest city hotels, but luxury lovers can relax in the fashionable Hotel Continental. This elite hotel is located in the city center, in a building built in 1888. Now, to some extent, it is even a symbol of the city.

Today there are many restaurants offering national dishes from different parts of the globe. Indeed, you can find absolutely any cuisine in the restaurants of Rijeka, but experienced travelers recommend trying Croatian dishes, and local wines, no doubt, can conquer even the most demanding tourist.

Many hotels, as well as restaurants, offer corporate services to visitors, as businessmen often come to the resort to resolve important issues.

Section 5. Rijeka (Croatia). Attractions. What should you visit first?

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According to experienced travelers, the key objects of the city with all confidence include the clock tower and the local coat of arms, the churchOur Lady of Trsat, St. Vitus Cathedral, St. Jerome Church, Trsat castle on the hill.

In your free time, it is also worth visiting the city museum of local lore, the entertaining Maritime Museum and the very interesting Museum of Modern Art.

Do you want to get to know the history of the city better? Take a look at the Kozala cemetery, where original mausoleums and monuments have been erected. Experienced guides are always happy to tell tourists about the most interesting places.

History buffs will love a trip to the city of Zadar. By the way, here you can recover with a child. A trip by public transport will not be tedious, because it will take only 20 minutes. Here you can admire the 16th-century City Gate, the churches of St. Donatus and St. Mary, the Gothic Franciscan monastery and visit the ruins of the Roman Forum.

Section 6. Festivals and Other Entertainment

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In general, we can say with confidence that the city of Rijeka (Croatia), a photo of which can be found in almost every guidebook dedicated to this country, is a dynamically developing settlement.

There is an ever-increasing number of places dedicated purely to entertainment. Cafes, bars, nightclubs, discos will help tourists have fun.

By the way, it should be noted that coffee lovers will love the El Rio bar with old brick walls and vaulted ceilings. The drinks there are excellent. Numerous reviews of tourists testify to this.

Noteworthy andScottish establishment called Johnnie Walker Pub, where you can enjoy hits by Croatian artists until late at night.

Cafe Jazz Tunel annually arranges a festival of various styles of music. In general, we can say that Rijeka is a real paradise for lovers of jazz, soul and blues.

Be sure to visit the amazing place Nina 2. Believe me, everyone should visit the restored ship. And here you can also admire the sea waves and ships in the roadstead, enjoy a cup of coffee, relax and dance.

During the whole year, the inhabitants of the city are preparing for the celebration of the bright carnival of the same name - Rijeka. Croatia (reviews of satisfied tourists are a direct confirmation of this) pleases its guests with extravagant outfits and masks. Outdoor enthusiasts are happy to take part in sports events or dance right on the city squares.

Section 7. Beaches and restaurants - a paradise for tourists

Feel the atmosphere of Croatia and taste classic dishes in many restaurants in Rijeka, for example, in Blato.

Arca Fiumana Restaurant will help you get acquainted with the traditional cuisine of Fr. Krk, and it is decorated very interestingly - in the form of an old boat. Here you should order fish dishes.

Charlies Bar is very popular. Sitting at the table, you can admire the view of the unusual fountain.

In order to attract as many tourists as possible, in 2008 the authorities of Rijeka equipped Kostanj Beach Rijeka. Here, the water is carefully and regularly monitored, there is special equipment fordisabled.

For lovers of variety and drive, the beaches of Opatija, the neighboring city of Rijeka, are suitable.

In the city itself, you can have a good rest on the sandy Lido beach or the pebbly Moscenicka Draga: both there and there there are amenities, cleanliness is maintained.

Section 8. Features of business tourism

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Because of the bustling transport routes and fairly vibrant commercial activity, Rijeka has been able to position itself as a major center for business tourism in Croatia.

As a rule, the greatest interest in Rijeka is not a large number of attractions, but various exhibitions, symposia, systematically held in the city. These events attract business people from all over Croatia and many European countries.

Most often Slovenian and Italian businessmen visit Rijeka.

From the point of view of many who have visited this city, the most famous exhibitions, which bring together the largest number of representatives of the business world of the planet, are automotive, "Nautica" and "North Adriatic".

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