Attraction of Siberia - Black Lake (Khakassia)

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Attraction of Siberia - Black Lake (Khakassia)
Attraction of Siberia - Black Lake (Khakassia)

The lakes of Khakassia are famous for their healing properties and unique nature, which is characteristic only of this part of the world. The peculiar Siberian area won many hearts. Beauty, severity and diversity of the natural world are harmoniously combined here. One of the attractions of Khakassia is Lake Chernoye, which is located in the north-east of the republic near the Shirinsky district. Sayanogorsk is 25 kilometers away, and the famous Shira Lake resort is 30 kilometers away.

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How did the name of the reservoir come about?

Lake Chernoye (Khakassia) got its name, the photos presented in the article confirm this version, it got it due to the special composition of the water and the bottom. If you look from a bird's eye view, then its deep expanses are quite dark. This is explained quite simply. In some places, the bottom is silty, which gives the characteristic black color to the water. Apparently, this was once the reason that the locals called him Black. The river, which is also called Chernaya, originates in the lake, and there is a village of the same name nearby.

Interestingis another fact: the main part of the bottom is covered with a layer of clay and sand. The water in the reservoir is not as clear as in other lakes that the Republic of Khakassia is famous for. Shirinsky district (Black Lake is a local attraction here) is known far beyond the borders of Russia. A lot of people come here, as mud treatments are quite popular.


The lake is located in the foothills, more precisely at the foot of the mountain ranges. The peaks here are not high, but in some places they reach 250 meters above sea level. The lower reaches of the mountains are decorated with numerous mineral springs with s alt water, which dry up at the height of summer. There are no mountains on the western side of the lake; there the valley is close to the Koibal steppe. The area around the reservoir is steppe and almost without vegetation, only the eastern part is full of forests, where there are many birch trees and enough deciduous trees.

Black Lake (Khakassia) has the shape of an oval. The width of the reservoir is about 5 km, and the length reaches a little more than 2 km. The lake is shallow, the depth rarely reaches 5 m. And in the dry season, the lake can shallow to almost 3 m. The southern shores are quite swampy. The Chernaya River originates from the south of the lake and there is also the Black Lake Swamp. But the eastern part is great for relaxing, it is more convenient for entering the water and the coast is more equipped for beach pastime. This part of the lake is mainly used by tourists. You won’t find large recreation centers here, but this is the “zest”. This place is perfect for those who want to be completely in touch with virgin nature, leavingbehind the bustle of the city.

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Features of the reservoir

Lake Chernoye (Khakassia) is quite warm in the summer season. Its mineral composition differs from other lakes in the area in that it does not contain much calcium. But the amount of s alt breaks records - about 8 grams per liter. The waters of the lake are saturated with trace elements and minerals. Their levels decrease only during the peak of the summer heat.

Chernoye Lake is unique for its therapeutic mud. There are bottom sediments throughout the entire area of ​​the reservoir. In the center of the reservoir, they reach 3 meters. Silt from light yellow to darker shades, saturated with useful minerals, iodine, sulfates and other microelements. Mud baths help get rid of skin problems, improve the condition of the joints and the whole body.

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Plant and animal life

Nature near the Black Lake is unique in its virginity. Since there is no tourist infrastructure around the reservoir, like other lakes, its nature is pure and untouched. The vegetation around the lake is not rich, but the animal world is diverse. Ground squirrels, minks and hamsters, wolves and foxes, partridges live in the area around the water area. Cranes, kestrels and other birds fly in the air.

Chernoye Lake (Khakassia) cannot fail to appeal to fishing enthusiasts. It is good to fish both from the shore and on boats. A variety of fish is found in the reservoir: lenok, golden carp, perch and taimen, handsome graylings. Real fishermen will be able to appreciate the uniquefeatures of the lake and spend time with benefit and pleasure.

The village of Black Lake is also unique and interesting to all visitors. Many remain delighted with the Praskovya phytocenter located on its territory, which heals through the natural forces of Siberia.

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Impressions of vacationers

Many tourists who have visited these places come back again. Most of all, they are attracted by the calm atmosphere that reigns on Lake Chernoye. Numerous positive reviews indicate that visiting this place is very convenient to combine with excursions to other nearby areas.

Black Lake (Khakassia) is located next to other attractions. These are karst caves, Pisanaya Gora with ancient drawings on the rocks, the natural monument "Chests", the Tuinsky failure and the Shaman trail. That is why there is no time to be bored here during the holidays, everyone can find something to their liking.

Rest on the Black Lake is great for those who are tired of modern tourist places and want to retire with nature away from the hustle and bustle. By visiting this place, where the spirit of ancient Siberian shamans still hovers, you can heal not only the body, but also the soul.

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