Hotels in Olenegorsk (Murmansk region): addresses, descriptions, reviews

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Hotels in Olenegorsk (Murmansk region): addresses, descriptions, reviews
Hotels in Olenegorsk (Murmansk region): addresses, descriptions, reviews

The Murmansk region is gaining more and more popularity every year among the residents of Russia, neighboring countries and Asia. This is due to the growing interest of the guests of the region in tourism. Do not forget that the Kola Peninsula has a large supply of unique resources, so business travelers can also come here. In any case, in the cities of the Murmansk region, you must first find accommodation.

Camping "Aurora Lapland"

For vacationers who have chosen tourism as their main goal, camping "Aurora Lapland" is perfect, which is located near Olenegorsk, Murmansk and Kirovsk, in a picturesque corner of the northern tundra. This rustic hotel in an authentic style is full of comfort and warmth. And the close location to the lake called Hare allows you to diversify your vacation with fishing and boating.

Every day guests are offered for an additional feecontinental breakfast at the hotel bar. The private car park provides free parking. Guests can rent a sauna for an additional fee. All services are paid in cash only. In "Aurora" you can celebrate any celebrations or just spend a vacation with your family.

Hotel "Gornyak" in Olenegorsk

The hotel is well located in the city center. It is located near the Olenegorsk railway station. From Murmansk to the hotel "Gornyak" 90 kilometers, you can get there along the Leningrad highway or by train.

This place will be convenient for people who come to the city on business issues, tourists, sports teams. In the immediate vicinity are the Ice Palace of Olenegorsk and the building of the management of JSC "Olkon".

Gornyak hotel

The hotel's room stock allows vacationers to choose accommodation according to their pocket. Here you can book deluxe, standard or economy rooms. All rooms are equipped with TV, refrigerator, kettle and wireless internet. Each room also has a private bathroom with toiletries. On the territory of the hotel it is possible to leave the car in free parking.

Hotel address: Olenegorsk, Stroitelnaya street, 38.

Sanatorium "Olkon"

dispensary Olkon

Among the hotels in Olenegorsk there is also a sanatorium. It was built for the employees of the mining and processing plant in order to improve the general conditionhe alth. And since mining and production are quite harmful, the sanatorium is very popular among the residents of Olenegorsk and other nearby cities of the region. A few years ago, investment funds were allocated to upgrade the number of rooms in the sanatorium, the entire building and medical equipment. However, it is very difficult to rent a room here for a visiting guest, since the workers of the plant are placed here first of all to prevent various diseases common in this working environment.

Here they treat diseases of the cardiovascular system, restore the system of the gastrointestinal tract, increase the body's immunity in the harsh conditions of the north. Judging by the reviews of the guests, it is good to recover and restore your strength here. Responsive staff, delicious food and qualified medical care create a pleasant atmosphere, you want to come back here again. The sanatorium is located at Stroitelnaya street, house 20.

Pionerskaya Apartments

Cozy private apartments with one room and a balcony offer affordable accommodation. There is a separate bathroom, kitchen, dining room. Nomare are designed for three people. The apartments offer free wireless internet. There is also a glazed balcony with a beautiful view of the city and surroundings. Address: Pionerskaya street, 6.

Aurora Lapland's Inn

aurora hotel

Among the hotels in Olenegorsk, this mini-hotel offers the lowest price. The hotel has several rooms, accommodating onetwo people. There are rooms with one large bed or two twin beds. Guests can enjoy a daily continental breakfast in the morning at an additional cost. Amenities include a kettle and a wardrobe. This hotel is located in Olenegorsk at 14 Parkovaya Street.

Apartments on Stroitelnaya Street

One of the best apartments in Olenegorsk is located on Stroitelnaya Street, 49. Here is one of the best service among all apartments in this city, capable of accommodating up to 5 guests. There is a bedroom with five sleeping places in the form of folding sofa beds. There is also a small flat-screen TV in the room. The equipped kitchen is equipped with an induction cooker, a microwave oven, an electric kettle, a refrigerator and a set of necessary utensils, including for cooking. The bathroom, separate from the bathroom, is equipped with modern sanitary ware of Russian and European production, as well as a comfortable and deep bathtub. Guests praised the condition of the apartments and the quality of service.

Apartments on Energetikov street

This apartment can accommodate up to 6 people in two separate rooms. The simplicity of the interior is offset by cleanliness and comfort, as well as the availability of everything necessary for temporary residence. For a comfortable stay there is free wireless internet, flat-screen TV with cable channels. The apartments are ready to accept foreigners as well, as the staff is fluent in English. Pets are also allowed here.for which there is no additional charge. You must first inform the owners about the possible check-in with animals. You can find apartments at Energetikov Street, 8.

South Apartments

apartments on the south

Cozy apartments located in Olenegorsk at Yuzhnaya street, building 3, building 4, will always be happy to meet their guests. It provides not only the basic amenities for guests, but also created an atmosphere conducive to peace and good rest. Modern upholstered furniture, a fully equipped kitchen, reliable and high-quality plumbing combine to create a pleasant stay experience.

Olenegorsk hotels

Among the cities of the Murmansk region, Olenegorsk is one of the largest, with a population of over 20,000. Therefore, there are not so many places where one could stay. However, even among the options presented above, you can choose the one that will satisfy the most demanding guest of the city.

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