The capital and major cities of Sweden

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The capital and major cities of Sweden
The capital and major cities of Sweden

Sweden is world famous for many things: Saab and Volvo cars, the ABBA band, pickled herring and the IKEA mega store. In terms of area, Sweden is comparable to Spain, Thailand or the US state of California. Stunning landscapes and picturesque fishing villages instantly captivate with their beauty. Wooden buildings, traditional huts, stone fortresses and cathedrals are collected in small towns in Sweden. The luxury of modern architecture is concentrated in large metropolitan areas.

Despite the small area of ​​the country, the number of attractions in every major city rolls over. We offer you to familiarize yourself with 7 major cities in Sweden, the history and culture of which will shock even the most inveterate traveler.

Luleo - a blast from the past

A trip to the city of Luleå is a great reason to look forward to winter. The smallest and winteriest city is located in the center of Northern Sweden. Sports and outdoor activities are the most popular entertainment among Lulea residents. Sweden has a rich cultural life with theatre, music, films, dance and exhibitions and Luleå is no exception. You can walk past the red woodenhouses and visit the "village center". There you can feel the taste of Swedish life of a hundred years ago. You can bake your own flat bread or learn how to make butter. Whether you're visiting Luleå during the summer or winter, this city has plenty to surprise you.

Lulea 2

Örebro - the heart of Sweden

Beautiful city in the heart of Sweden. The population of almost 143,000 makes Örebro the seventh largest city in the country. Among the residents are immigrants from more than 165 different countries. A large number of bike paths and the beauty of Örebro inspire trips to this city. This place can rightly be called the city of cycling in Sweden. Giant old-timers trees, reserves with a huge number of birds, whooper swans, arranging spectacular performances at the end of March, are impressive. The cultural life of Örebro also impresses with its global scale. OpenArt - an annual open-air art festival - attracts tourists to Örebro from all over the world. The cityscape turns into a vibrant medley where art in all its forms plays with residents and visitors alike.

Orebro 3

Westeros - City of Energy

Vasterås is the sixth largest city in Sweden, with a population of about 140,000. The city was founded over 1000 years ago, during which time it has grown, developed and changed its character. Västerås is considered the most high-tech in Sweden and is home to the Nordic region's largest solar power generation park. In addition, Westeros is interested in innovativetechnologies. The development center Expectrum has been built in the city, this significantly increases and reinforces the interest of students in science and technology. Its purpose is to give the younger generation the opportunity to develop their abilities in this industry. The result is an eco-friendly city that sets a great example for the world!

Westeras 4

Uppsala - the city of the Gentiles

The Firis River neatly divides Sweden's oldest city into two parts: the historic quarter to the west of the river and the modern city center to the east. One of the important world achievements of the 12th century is the Celsius scale, discovered by the astronomer Anders Celsius. The main legacy of ancient times is the preserved Great Mounds.

This city has long been considered the pagan center of Sweden. There was a pagan temple in Uppsala, Sweden's Old Town. By decree of the Pope, Uppsala was made a Christian center in order to eradicate all existing pagan traditions. Located in the city center, the Baroque Botanical Garden will enchant with its alpine plants. Forests and lakes are ideal for swimming. Not far from the garden is Uppsala Castle, which is the official residence of the governor of the district, in addition, there is a wonderful view of the city from there.

Uppsala 5

Malmo is the youth of Sweden

The third largest and happiest city in Sweden. Almost half of the population is under 35 years of age. The city is considered the center of young families, where about 170 nationalities are registered. Malmö comes alive in the summer, with two huge festivals taking over the city. It is called the city of parks andtasty food. Malmö has a world class skate park and one of the best arenas in Europe for shows and hockey. In addition to entertainment, this city is well prepared to attract foreign companies. Logistic routes make Malmö an ideal business base.

Malmö 6

Gothenburg - the marine spirit of freedom

Sweden's second largest city sits in the shadow of the capital, Stockholm. Gothenburg is the birthplace of Volvo and Alicia Vikander. Here are the best Michelin star restaurants, picturesque architecture, famous galleries and art museums. This is the second city in Sweden, which allows Gothenburg to be more relaxed and calm than the capital. Feeling that the sea air gives the spirit of freedom to this city.

Gothenburg is full of exciting and thoughtful architecture. An eclectic mix of historic buildings and modern design captivates at first sight. The charm of early Swedish architecture has been preserved. Haga is one of the first suburbs, although it is located right in the center, as it was planned in the middle of the 17th century. The surrounding area retains its original charm, while the picturesque main street of Haga Nigata features well-preserved wooden houses.

Gothenburg is a miniature Scandinavia. You don't need to travel far from the city center to see the beauties of nature. The Gothenburg archipelago stretches along the coast. The southern part of the archipelago is car-free, making it an ideal place for cycling. Modern Gothenburg conquers with its luxury when choosing museums, entertainment and restaurants.Upscale shopping galleries, concept stores, lively markets and chic restaurants are just some of the city's luxurious lifestyle.

Gothenburg 7

Stockholm is the main city of Sweden

The list of cities may be long, but there is only one capital. Stockholm is a modern, dynamic and constantly changing city. The name was first mentioned in a letter in 1252 by Birger Jarl, one of the original founders, whose name can be found throughout.

Stockholm is the second tech hub in the world, behind only Silicon Valley. The Swedes are quite smart and progressive, but more importantly, Stockholm attracts the most innovative people from all over the world. All of them are conquered by the capital, which is known for its beauty and closeness to nature.

Stockholm's legendary style is known all over the world. The highlight of the capital is the rich history of interior design. Good design is just a given here. Even the most modest coffee shop will surprise with its design, lighting, choice of furniture and wall covering.

Boring museums and historical sights - forget about it in Stockholm! The museums and galleries of the Swedish capital offer a wide and varied range of cultural treats that can be enjoyed no matter the weather. Museum on the beautiful island of Skepsholmen, home to collections of works by artists such as Picasso, Derkert, Matisse and Dali.

The world's first open-air museum Skansen was founded in 1891. On the territory of the museum, be prepared to meet wild animals.Nordic animals such as bears, wolves or even lynx. Teknska Museet demonstrates the most important inventions in world history, the alcohol museum, of course, the music museum of the ABBA band - all of them will please with their originality.

The beautiful Swedish capital prides itself on being open to all. A curious city, always striving to try something new and surprise its inhabitants with it. Welcome to Stockholm!

Stockholm 8

Sweden is an amazing and very versatile country that is a must to visit. It will delight any, even the most inveterate, traveler and leave a lasting impression.

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