Egypt's major and minor airports: an overview

Egypt's major and minor airports: an overview
Egypt's major and minor airports: an overview

Egypt is an ancient state located in the north-east of Africa. And a significant part of the territory of this country is occupied by low plateaus and desert plains. But in the rest, life is seething, tourism is especially flourishing. After all, Egypt is washed by two seas - the Mediterranean and the Red. And the climate of this country allows you to relax with the sun at any time of the year. Therefore, tourists from colder countries regularly flock here to sunbathe on the beach, go diving or surfing and, of course, see the Egyptian pyramids. And here crowds of tourists are met mainly by airports in Egypt. After all, air transport is the fastest and most convenient way to deliver "tired bodies" to this mysterious country, especially for Russian residents.

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And today there are 12 major airport terminals of international importance. But the most popular are the airports of Egypt, located in Cairo, Hurghada, Luskor and Sharm el-Sheikh. They are located near the main resorts of this country and are "forced" to pass a considerable stream through them.passengers. And the largest and busiest of them is located, of course, in the capital of the ARE - Cairo, more precisely, 15 kilometers from its business part. In addition, it serves as a hub for the country's main air carrier, Egypt Air. In addition, it serves 58 passenger and 10 cargo aviation companies. Now this airport has three terminals, and the last one began to work in 2009. And you can move between them by bus, which runs regularly and around the clock.

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Some more airports in Egypt are located very close to the resort areas. For example, 5 kilometers from Hurghada is the international airport of the same name. It also receives many flights, including from Moscow airports such as Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo. It also has regular flights with other airports in this country. There is only one terminal here, but it has all the necessary infrastructure. Hotels are 15-20 minutes away. It also operates car rentals. And those who arrived on vacation in Egypt through this airport can easily get to any resort in Hurghada or the nearest city.

And since 1968, another well-known airport in Egypt has been “working hard”, which is located right in the city of Sharm el-Sheikh. There are already two terminals and a VIP zone. It also has representative offices of airlines and tour operators, bank branches and Duty Free shops. This airport can accept any type of passenger airliners. It is equipped with modern equipment, with whichsafety and convenience of flights according to world standards are ensured. And every day, Sharm el-Sheikh airport can handle over 50 aircraft. And due to the high popularity of the nearby resort, direct regular and charter flights from Europe, Russia and Ukraine arrive here. Also from here you can fly to other airports in Egypt, which are located in Cairo, Luxor, Hurghada, Aswan, Alexandria and other cities.

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And 6 kilometers east of the city of Luskor there is another Egyptian airport. There is only one terminal in it, but planes from Europe, Ukraine and Russia also arrive here. And the southern part of Egypt is served by Aswan Airport, the third largest city in this country. From it you can get to many surrounding cities and resorts or fly to other cities of ARE. Another small international airport is located in the town of Taba. Mostly charter flights arrive here, bringing tourists to the Red Sea. It has one runway and one terminal. There is no car rental, parking and restaurants. And this airport serves mainly as a transfer hub that serves the resorts of the Red Sea.

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