City of Porto in Portugal: attractions (photo)

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City of Porto in Portugal: attractions (photo)
City of Porto in Portugal: attractions (photo)

The city of football and port wine, the city where you can visit noisy bars and beautiful arched bridges, the city that gave the name to the state…. Porto is beautiful and unusual. It has a long history and has preserved many monuments that tell about it.

porto city
porto city


Porto is the second largest city in Portugal. It is the center of the municipality and district of the same name. Porto is located on the banks of the Douro River, 270 km from Lisbon.

The city is inhabited by 240 thousand people. Porto and its surrounding suburbs are a large urban agglomeration of Greater Porto.

From the history of the city

Long before the Roman era, there was a settlement on these lands. The Romans built a city here and named it Portus Cale. It is first mentioned in chronicles dating back to the 5th century. The name was later changed. It became known as Portucale.

Up until the 8th century, these lands were owned by the Moors. In 982 Portucale became a Christian settlement ruled by Henry of Burgundy.

The city of Porto dates back to 1123. Its economic heyday began in 1237. By the 15th century, it had become the main center of shipbuilding in the country.

The population of Porto has always been distinguished by its rebellious character and love of freedom. In 1209, its inhabitants opposed the huge taxes and for five months kept the episcopal residence under siege. The Inquisition did not take root in this city - with great difficulties it lasted 4 years.

city of porto portugal
city of porto portugal

The women of Porto rebelled in 1628 against a tax on woolen goods and linen. In 1757, the inhabitants of the city of Porto (Portugal) protested against the monopoly on wine production, which was introduced by the Marquis de Pombal. The Reconquista was born here, it was in Porto that the country's maritime expansion began.

In addition, the city of Porto is the largest center of winemaking since the ancient Lusitania, which began the production of Portuguese wine and the national symbol - port wine.

Porto Alegre

This city should not be confused with the Brazilian Porto Alegre, which is the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

This is the cultural, educational and political center of the country. Porto Alegre has the highest standard of living among Brazilian state capitals.

It is located at the confluence of the Guaiba River into the Patus freshwater lagoon, at the junction of the Atlantic Forest and Pampas natural regions. It is one of the southernmost capitals of the Brazilian states.

Porto today

A large industrial center, a busy port on the Atlantic coast. This is how the city of Porto (Portugal) appears to tourists, a photo of which you can often see on the pages of tourist catalogs.

It has a compact historicalcenter. All attractions in it are within walking distance. They attract thousands of tourists every year. Today we will not be able to tell you about all the interesting places that you can visit in Porto, but we will definitely introduce you to some of them.


The city is divided into 15 districts. Of greatest interest to tourists is the old quarter of Ribeira, with narrow streets and colorful and original facades of low houses. In 1996, this quarter is under the protection of UNESCO.

city of porto alegre
city of porto alegre

Cleric Tower

The city of Porto, the photo of which you see in our article, has on its territory a 76-meter tower Torre dos Clerigos. It is the symbol of the city and the tallest tower in the country.

It is actually the bell tower of the Clerigos Catholic Church. It is visible from anywhere in the city. For a long time it was a landmark for sailors.

The church was built in the Baroque style. Its interior is decorated with marble and artfully decorated with carvings. The construction of the bell tower, which is located on the western side of the church, dates back to 1763. It is also made in the Baroque style.

An observation deck is equipped on the sixth floor of the bell tower. You can climb here by climbing 225 steps along a very narrow spiral staircase. It has been a national monument since 1910.

Luís I Bridge

There are many interesting places to visit when you come to the city of Porto. Many people know that it has many bridges. However, the most famous of them is undoubtedly the Luis I Bridge.

Helocated on the river Duero and connects Porto with the city of Vilanova de Gaia. The object is under the protection of UNESCO.

porto city attractions
porto city attractions

The spans of the bridge are installed on a steel arch structure, the length of which is 172 meters. In addition, there are 5 bridge pylons. This unique structure has two steel span structures - the upper one, which is located at a height of 62 meters, 174 m long, and the lower one (172 m) at a height of 10 m.

The author of the project of this bridge is the engineer Teofilo Seyrig, who was a student of the great Gustav Eiffel. It took 3,000 tons of steel to build it. The bridge was commissioned at the end of October 1886.

Today, the upper span is used as a subway line, while the lower structure is used as a road, footpath, and narrow gauge railway.


Tourists from different countries come to the city of Porto with pleasure. Its attractions are varied. Here everyone can see monuments of history, culture, architecture, etc.

It is believed that once the center of Porto was the Cathedral, and the city was built around it. The temple is located on a high hill and is visible from anywhere in Porto. Without a doubt, this is the most popular place where tourists like to visit.

The cathedral was built in the 13th century. He looks stern and impregnable. The fact is that it was rebuilt from an old fortress. This is evidenced by jagged thick walls. They were needed to protect against the Moors.

porto city photo
porto city photo

Churchconstruction continued until the 19th century, so the cathedral complex is a combination of a wide variety of styles.

The unique silver altar is of particular value. 800 kilograms of pure silver were used to create it. In 1809, he was miraculously saved from the French soldiers - the inhabitants of the city quickly walled up the altar niche. We also recommend visiting the courtyard. It is paved with Portuguese azulejo tiles.

In June every year the cathedral attracts attention. At this time, there are traditional celebrations in honor of St. Antonio.

Bishop's Palace

This is the current residence of all the bishops of Portugal. It is located next to the Cathedral. The Bishop's Palace has architectural features: it harmoniously combines two styles - Rococo and Baroque.

Conceived the construction of this grandiose building Bishop Juan Rafael de Mendons. He ordered to demolish the old palace, which stood on this site, and begin the construction of a new building. Construction lasted several years, and the author of the idea did not see his creation.

It should be noted that many elements of the original design have been radically changed. Some of the fragments were completed in a hurry. This violated the structure of the building.

The palace was built in the XII century, but only the style of the windows and some elements of the facade remind of the Romanesque style. Later, it was rebuilt and reconstructed many times.

Porto Calem Museum

This unusual museum is located on the territory of one of the oldest wineries in the country. TradingThe Porto Calem brand began its history in 1859. All this time, port wines of the highest quality were produced here. The museum introduces the history of this ancient production.

city portugal photo
city portugal photo

In the exposition you can get acquainted with the history of the Douro region, where grapes have been grown since ancient times, which is necessary for making real port wine.

Porto Calem owns one hundred hectares of magnificent vineyards, where each bunch receives the necessary amount of moisture and light.

Experienced guides will take everyone to the famous cellars, where guests will learn about the unique characteristics of each type of port wine. In addition, here you can take part in a tasting of this noble drink or buy wine in a local shop so that you can enjoy its aroma upon returning home.

Crystal Palace Park

Often, tourists who come to the city of Porto begin to see the sights from the Crystal Palace Park. The people of the city are very proud of this amazing place.

Music lovers will enjoy the concerts held in the main pavilion building. Connoisseurs of architecture will appreciate the observance of the harmony of the building. Paradise and Eden have merged into a single whole here.

A lake of crystal clear water surrounds the palace. Flowerbeds with outlandish flowers, palm trees, peacocks - the park has everything you need for romantic walks.

porto city in portugal
porto city in portugal

On the central alley you can visit sever althematic gardens - "Garden of smells", "Garden of feelings" and "Garden of roses".

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