Mozhaisk. Mozhaisk reservoir

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Mozhaisk. Mozhaisk reservoir
Mozhaisk. Mozhaisk reservoir

Mozhaisk is a small city in the Russian Federation, located in the Moscow region. A little over 30 thousand people live in it. The city was first mentioned in 1231, when it was the capital of a specific principality.

Mozhaisk is located in the Gzhatskaya depression of the Moscow Upland, on the very bank of the Moskva River. The center of the capital of Russia is 106 kilometers away, and the Moscow Ring Road is 90 kilometers away. Not far from the city (4 km) is the Mozhaisk reservoir.

Key Features

The reservoir is artificial and the largest in the entire Moscow region. The reservoir was completely flooded in 1962, it is located a little higher than the city of Mozhaisk. The reservoir includes a hydroelectric power station and a dam with a length of 900 meters.

The reservoir was formed by blocking the Moskva River with a dam near the village of Marfin Brod. It is a stream reservoir. The total area of the water area is 3.4 thousand hectares. The average depth varies from 5 to 10 meters, but in the area where the dam is located, the depth of the Mozhaisk reservoir is 30 meters.

At the top of the body of waternarrows, and the water there is covered with vegetation.

The ice appears in mid-November and melts in April. Due to height differences (from 4 to 8 meters) and the presence of reaches in the reservoir, a large wave acceleration is often observed.

Today, the reservoir is not used for navigation, although earlier it was carried out in the area of the village of Marfin Brod.

Reservoir bank
Reservoir bank


The fishermen of Mozhaisk and the surrounding settlements are well aware of the Mozhaisk reservoir and love it for the opportunity to return home with a good catch. The shores are represented by multiple bays.

The reservoir is dominated by fish species characteristic of all water bodies near Moscow, namely:

  • bream;
  • eel;
  • chub;
  • pike;
  • roach;
  • ide;
  • bleak;
  • asp;
  • perch;
  • dace, only about 30 species.

Catching is regularly monitored on the territory of the reservoir. On a regular basis, the lake is replenished with fry, mainly pike perch and pike. Stocking is carried out by the fish workshop (Glazovo), owned by the fish inspection.

big bream
big bream

Environmental infrastructure

Even before it was completely filled, the Mozhaisk reservoir was assigned to the society of fishermen and hunters (Moscow). Today, amateur and sport fishing is carried out on the lake. Several bases have been created, which are also engaged in stocking with fish and developing infrastructure.

  • Krasnovidovo. The base is located 1 km from the village of the same name, onprotruding into the lake cape, surrounded by a birch grove. There is a hotel, ready to receive 80 guests at the same time. There are 150 boats in stock. You can get here from Moscow by train, from the Belorussky railway station to the city of Mozhaisk. Then transfer to the bus and get to the stop "Krasnovidovo". And then only on foot, about 1.5 kilometers.
  • Glazovo. This is a small sports and fishing base on the Mozhaisk reservoir (left bank). There are only 12 places for recreation and 30 boats. Get there in the same way as in Krasnovidovo, but get off at the Glazovo stop, then walk about 500 meters.
  • "Mishkino". The base also has 12 beds and 30 boats. The route is the same as for the two previous bases, but you need to get off at the Myshkino stop, about 1,000 meters on foot to the base.
  • "Trinity". The base is located on the right bank of the lake. There are only 10 places to stay and 15 boats. From the city of Mozhaisk, you need to take a bus to the village of Bobynino, get off at the stop "Troitsa".

It should be remembered that all these bases only accept hunters from November to December.

At the Mozhaisk reservoir, the bases under the TSOMO and Fisherman-Sportsman (Staroe Selo village) also operate.

Fish perch
Fish perch

Fishing in winter

Mozhaisk reservoir attracts anglers even in the cold season. In winter, you can catch white fish and predatory species. Pike perch appears in places where bream passes - both in summer and in winter. Here you can also catch burbot, but not very large. Pike perch in winterit is better to catch on artificial lures, it can be a balancer or a vertical lure.

For catching pike you need a vent. It is recommended to bring tents with you to catch bream at night. To catch this fish, you can use an ordinary winter fishing rod, a hook (dark in color) with a dozen moths and a weight.

Between the village of Ilyinskoye and Myshkino in winter you can catch quite a lot of roach. It is better to come to Myshkino when the last ice begins, then in these places there is a huge amount of large bream.

According to experienced reviews, permits are rarely checked in these places, but when fishing without documents, the fisherman acts completely at his own peril and risk.

In the Krasnovidovo area in winter you can catch a good perch, up to 1.5 kilograms. Pike and bream are doing well.

Winter fishing
Winter fishing

The main thing is not to forget that fishing on the lake is possible only with a permit purchased at fishing bases or in a specialized store in the city of Mozhaisk.

Summer vacation

When it's hot in the capital and the local beaches are overcrowded, you can go to the reservoir, where there are conditions not only for fishermen and hunters, but also for those who like to relax in picturesque nature. There are many hotel complexes on the shores of the lake where you can spend the weekend and even the whole vacation without leaving far from the capital.

Best resorts

Recreation center "Calypso" (Mozhaisk). Mozhaisk reservoir is only 50 meters from the houses. There is everything here to comfortably relax and enjoy the surrounding beauties with your family.or friends. On the territory of 3-, 4- and 8-bed houses, camping, where you can stay for 500 rubles per day. The cost of living in houses starts from 4500 rubles per day. The base is located in the village of Goretovo.

Recreation center "Calypso"
Recreation center "Calypso"

"Ilyinsky Beach". This base is located in the village of Blaznovo, on the very shore of the lake. It offers vacationers cozy houses, the cost of living from 6 thousand rubles. Camping - from 500 rubles. Barbecues, gazebos are equipped on the territory. There is an opportunity to play basketball and volleyball on the beach, animators work. You can rent sun loungers.

"On the shore". The recreation center is located near the village of Krasnovidovo (2 kilometers) in the bay of the Mozhaisk Sea, 300 meters from the water. There is a 2-storey main building and double houses. You can stay with or without meals. There is a sauna and a bathhouse on site. Here you can play paintball and go fishing. The cost of living is from 1 thousand rubles.

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