The best areas of Dubai - overview, features and attractions

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The best areas of Dubai - overview, features and attractions
The best areas of Dubai - overview, features and attractions

The second largest but the most popular emirate of Dubai is well known all over the world. Anyone who wants to relax on the coast of the Persian Gulf, feel the atmosphere of luxury, walk around giant shopping centers, attend festivals and incendiary parties should go to Dubai.

Often this name means the city itself, but it is only part of a large area that makes up the emirate of the same name. Before you go on vacation, we will offer you an overview of the districts of Dubai, tell you about the features of each of them.

districts of dubai
districts of dubai


This is a residential seaside area with prestigious hotels, luxurious villas of we althy citizens with private pools, beaches, excellent restaurants. Here is the Jumeirah Mosque, which can be visited by representatives of different religious denominations. Families with children can visit the Dubai Zoo, the world's third largest ski resort, located in the area.

We althy tourists wondering which area of Dubaiit is better to stay, one of the most magnificent hotels in the world "Burj Al Arab" will surely be preferred. This grandiose building in the world list of the tallest hotels takes second place. It is located on an artificially created island in the Persian Gulf. A feature of this complex is the absolute uniqueness of each of its rooms. All of them have their own unique design, are equipped with modern appliances and have two floors. The outer walls of the rooms are made of glass, which allows you to admire the magnificent view of the bay.

best area in dubai
best area in dubai

In Jumeirah you will be offered a VIP vacation by the sea, a family vacation with children, a vacation for active youth. There are many popular nightclubs and restaurants here.

Palm Jumeirah

This is a man-made island that extends Jumeirah's beachfront six kilometers into the Persian Gulf. Residential buildings and elite premium-class hotels with a high level of service and private beaches have been built here. These include:

  • Atlantis the Palm Jumeirah 5 - designed for entertaining youth holidays;
  • Jumeirah Zabeel Saray 5 - family friendly;
  • Kempinski the Palm Jumeirah 5 - calm and comfortable stay.

It should be borne in mind that you cannot swim from the outside of the island. All beaches are located in its center.

Dubai Marina

If you are wondering which area of Dubai is better to relax in, then we recommend that you pay attention to this, one of the most prestigious areas. There are skyscrapers here (includingincluding residential), the height of which reaches 120 floors. Each such house has its own cinema, fitness rooms, waiting rooms are provided for guests. These houses have high-speed silent elevators. This area has excellent conditions for recreation and living.

where are the best areas in dubai
where are the best areas in dubai

Dubai Marina has a feature - almost the entire area near the sea coast (about 400 m). In addition, there are several lakes for mooring guests' yachts. Even those tourists who do not live in the area like to come here to visit the shopping malls. The largest of them is Marina Mall. We are sure that many tourists believe that this is the best area in Dubai.

Jumeirah Beach Residence

If there are many hotels in most areas of Dubai, then there are only four in this one. Basically, there are buildings with apartments, the famous sand-colored houses, which are known to many from the photos in the brochures of travel agencies. Along the entire area there is a beautiful well-groomed beach strip with many cafes, restaurants and shops. The beach here is wonderfully equipped, but umbrellas and sun loungers can be taken for an additional fee. The entrance to the sea is gentle.

We althy travelers from Pakistan, India and Russia love this area of Dubai. There is a pedestrian area, which is illuminated by decorative lanterns in the evenings.

Downtown Burj Dubai

If you are going to the UAE not on vacation, but on a business visit, then you should not be faced with the question of which area of Dubai is better to choose a hotel. Of course, in Downtown - businessarea. This is the place where the owners of large firms, financiers and other we althy people live. Often this area is compared with New York and Bangkok, London and Singapore. There are stunning skyscrapers that you can look at for hours. The famous shopping center of Dubai is also located here.

Where is the best area to stay in Dubai?
Where is the best area to stay in Dubai?

International Trade Center, located in this area, is an interesting attraction in Dubai. Today it is a kind of symbol of national pride and is a skyscraper that houses offices of foreign companies, residential premises, hotels, exhibition pavilions, the International Convention Center.

Al Barsha

Dubai's districts are constantly expanding and improving. Al Barsha is a new area in Dubai. The place is quite quiet, one might say, family. There are many affordable yet comfortable hotels located close to many of Dubai's attractions. Near the large shopping center "Dubai Mall" the ski complex "Ski Dubai" awaits guests.

The mere thought of having a unique ski resort in the middle of the desert makes tourists indescribable delight, although this facility is more popular among the local population and visitors from neighboring countries. In Ski Dubai you can rent everything you need: snowboards and skis, sleds, here you will even be offered winter clothes. For the local population, the ski complex has become a real miracle - now they can play snowballs and go skiing and sledding. This, withoutexaggeration, Dubai's amazing landmark.

where is the best place to choose a hotel in dubai
where is the best place to choose a hotel in dubai


It's no secret that many tourists like to visit the eastern districts of Dubai - famous markets are located here, you can wander around for hours. For example, the Gold Market. Dubai has not had its own mine for a long time. Therefore, sellers here work with gold brought from South Africa, Russia and China. You are unlikely to see price tags in such markets, the seller will tell you the price, but you need to bargain.

Bur Dubai

The area is an alternative to a budget holiday. There is a huge selection of hotels of any category, in comparison with the old tourist area of Deira. They are separated by the Creek. The area is intended for shopping, beach holidays, business trips. The vast majority of hotels offer a free shuttle service to the equipped municipal beach of Al Mamzar Beach, the entrance to which is paid. There is also a free beach here.

Of attractions we recommend visiting the Fort Museum, the fabric market, Creek Park with a dolphinarium, go for a boat trip around the bay, walk through the shopping centers Burjuman and Wafi City.

what is the best area to stay in dubai
what is the best area to stay in dubai


The area is suitable for a secluded relaxing holiday in hotels on the coastline with their own beaches. Here, experienced tourists recommend choosing the all-inclusive option in five-star hotels. Outside of the hotels, the infrastructure is poorly developed. But the area is developing rapidly: there is already an equestrian andkarting club, golf club.


We walked through the main areas of Dubai and finally got to the historical center, where historical and cultural attractions are located. Examining them, connoisseurs of Arab culture and art, lovers of history will be delighted. At the local textile market, you can buy oriental and European fabrics, pillows, carpets, handmade bedding.

Al-Fahidi Museum

The exposition of the Al-Fahidi Cultural and Historical National Museum is dedicated to the history of the country. The entrance to it is located from the side of the ancient fort. Here you can get acquainted with the life of the local population in antiquity, see the reed huts, learn all the stages of the historical development of the UAE.

main areas of dubai
main areas of dubai

The exposition is divided into three parts: modern, medieval and prehistoric Dubai. Tours are conducted by experienced professional guides who speak several languages, including Russian. In the museum you can see many interesting exhibits that lift the veil of secrets of the history of the emirates.

Sheikh Said's House

This is a special attraction in Dubai. The building was built by the grandfather of the current ruler of the emirate, later it housed the residence of Sheikh Said, and business meetings and meetings began to be held. Today, this house can be visited by everyone. This monument is especially popular among foreign tourists. In addition, this museum is included in the list of cultural monuments of the country. The official status of the museum was assigned to it thirty years ago, after restoration work was carried out in the building. Interestingly, the tour of the House-Museum is carried out according to the rules of Eastern countries - from right to left.

We have tried to briefly describe the districts of Dubai. Where it is better to relax, which hotel to choose, how to spend time - it's up to you. But we hope that your choice will not disappoint you and the trip will be bright and memorable.

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