The best beach in Miami: description, features and reviews of tourists

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The best beach in Miami: description, features and reviews of tourists
The best beach in Miami: description, features and reviews of tourists

It's time for the holidays. Do you want something special: the sea, the sun and water, the ocean of fun and a little glamor? Then the way lies on the best beaches in Miami.


The city of Miami is located on the shores of the Atlantic in Biscayne Bay. The warm Gulf Stream flowing nearby allows you to enjoy a beach holiday all year round. Miami is a modern city with a developed financial and economic structure. The largest banks and corporations, television studios are located here. But first of all, it is still a resort city, in which the skyscrapers of the business center are adjacent to respectable hotels and beach houses.

Actually, the resort is a small suburb of Miami Beach, separated from the city of Miami itself by a bay. This is the most sought after and glamorous vacation spot. People from all over the world come here to lie on the white sand, plunge into the warm waters of the ocean and touch the starry life of celebrities. It is here that Hollywood actors like to relax. There are many celebrity villas scattered along the coast.

Miami Beach stretches in a continuous strip along the ocean for forty-seven kilometers. It is a wide strip of white sand with small inclusions of shells. The slopes to the water are smooth andgentle. The water is clean and warm. All beaches are equipped with showers and toilets. And rescue booths are the main distinguishing feature of the coast. Handsome lifeguards are specially selected for the beaches of Miami. Girls in bikinis complete the overall picture, as if a series is being filmed here. So what to choose from such a variety of proposed holidays?

South Beach

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South Beach Miami is the trendiest place. It has become synonymous with glamour, chic and we alth. Along the entire coast stretches the main highway Ocean drive. "The street that never sleeps" - this is how Americans speak of it. It houses luxury hotels, glamorous boutiques, respectable restaurants and many bars and discos. Gorgeous beaches, beautiful people, and vibrant nightlife. This is a real paradise for young people. South Beach attracts a large number of celebrities, models.

Bal Harbor

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Bal Harbor - an area in the central part of the resort, which was chosen by the rich, Hollywood celebrities. The name was formed from two letters denoting the bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Here are the cleanest and most peaceful beaches. Rest in this area is preferred by people who are tired of the crowded South Beach. A distinctive feature of this beach is a running track that runs from south to north and ends with a bridge. From here you have a magnificent view of the ocean. Most of the territory is occupied by private beaches belonging to respectable hotels. Here you can do yoga, cycling, food tasting in the nearrestaurant or shopping in the shopping center of the same name. The traditional occupation for the rich is fishing on a yacht, diving, spearfishing.

Crandon Park Beach

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A bridge system connects several small islands. One of them is Crandon Park Beach. This beach seems to be made for families. The sandy spit forms a warm lagoon with gentle waves in which the kids splash merrily. It's quiet and calm here. For outdoor enthusiasts, volleyball nets are stretched. You can organize family teams and hold a tournament. Lots of opportunities to practice different sports. Kayak rental is organized, there is equipment for stand-up surfing, kiteboarding, snorkeling. You can rent a quad bike or bicycle and ride through the park to the Nature Study Center. Wild animals can be found throughout the territory. There are places and pavilions for picnics everywhere. On the beach there are many attractions for children, tents for trade.

Virginia Key Beach

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The beach is located five minutes walk from the center of Virginia Island. It's always crowded here. But more recently it was a beach specially created for African Americans. Now it is open to everyone. The peculiarity of this place is its openness from the north and south. There are many playgrounds and picnic areas.

Matheson Hammock Park Beach

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This is the oldest beach in Miami. It was organized back in 1930. The park is locatedabout fifty miles from the city, on the shore of the bay. In the shade of mangrove trees, there is an artificially created lagoon - a convenient place for children to swim. The park has largely retained its natural appearance. The mangroves look intimidating in the evenings, but during the day the shaded paths invite you for long walks. From the park there is access to the beach of the bay. This place was chosen by surfers and kite lovers. Nearby is a marina for yachts and boats. You can walk along the pier and admire the snow-white beauties.

Lummus Park Beach

Beautiful wide beach with fine sand and lots of sun. The bright blue ocean gently splashes in the coastal zone. This is the most active beach in Miami. A feature of this beach is the presence of complexes for sports. In the shade of palm trees, there are volleyball and children's playgrounds. On the beach you can rent water and sports bikes, snorkeling equipment and other equipment. Umbrellas, sun loungers and deck chairs are always at the service of vacationers. Along the beach there is an endless promenade for walking, where you can explore the surroundings on a bicycle and roller skates. And for those who want to see the beach from a different angle, there are offers to go up by parachute. Across the road from the beach there are many cafes, bars, where life does not stop day or night.

Haulover Beach

This beach is a mile of white sands with ocean breezes and crystal clear waters. The northern part of this area has been chosen by people who wear nothing here but a smile."Holover" is the best beach in Miami for nudists. Here it is allowed to sunbathe in the nude on legal grounds. Therefore, many people from all over the world come here to take a break from conventions. Next to the nudist beach is a traditional one. Only information signs warn about the border between them. Like all other beaches in Miami, lifeguard stations, showers and toilets are equipped here, sun loungers and umbrellas are rented. There are picnic tables and barbeque grills under shady trees. The road along the coast is very convenient for cyclists and rollerbladers. Haulover Beach is a favorite place for surfing. Beautiful waves attract a large number of people who want to ride a board under sail. Sports equipment can be rented, as well as using the services of an instructor.

Sunny Isles

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Beach for guests from Russia. In this area you can find restaurants with national Russian cuisine and Russian boutiques.

From all the variety, every vacationer will find a suitable beach for himself. The warmth of Miami is enough for all the guests.

Miami Beach Opinions

Miami Beach reviews are just great. With one voice, all the guests declare that this is heaven on earth. White sand, turquoise waters of the ocean - everything is a delight.

Travelers who have visited Matheson Hammock Park Beach are delighted with the artificial atoll created in the park. A restaurant is located next to the pool in a building made of coral stone. Great place for family holidays andromantic walks.

According to vacationers, Crandon Park Beach is the cleanest beach in Miami. Everything is very quiet and comfortable. Recommended for a relaxing holiday.

Haulover Beach is a place where everyone has the opportunity to have a good time.

Sunny Isles is a little Moscow in Miami. Everything is just super.

Unfortunately, there are also negative experiences. It is not recommended to visit the beaches at night. There are many homeless people and tramps on the coast. You can easily lose things and documents.

Yet Miami is a sea of ​​sun and fun. So the smile just never leaves the face here.

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