Route Moscow-Sochi: distance, dangerous sections of the road

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Route Moscow-Sochi: distance, dangerous sections of the road
Route Moscow-Sochi: distance, dangerous sections of the road

Every year the resort city of Sochi welcomes more than four million guests from Russia and foreign tourists. About 30% of the total mass of travelers come from the capital of our country.

Distance from Moscow to Sochi on the map - 1362, along the highway - 1624, railway - 1884 kilometers. The flight takes two hours, the train will arrive in two days. A trip by car - from twenty hours, besides, this is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons.

Tourist voyage

Travelers often prefer to cover the distance from Moscow to Sochi by private transport. They take pictures against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes, visit historical sites such as the Rotunda monument in Voronezh.

Before you set off from Moscow to Sochi by car, you need to find out where the most dangerous areas are located.

On the highway M 4 "Don" (has 8 toll sections), then on the M27 the roadway is kept in good condition. Traffic on the highway is busy, traffic density increases in the summer season in bothdirections.

The shortest car route

Since the opening of the M4 Don, there are 16 zones with a high number of major accidents (from 939 to 1109 km). Near the city of Shakhty at the end of 2016, several road accidents occurred at once, including fatalities.

The largest number of traffic accidents, according to the analysis of accidents, following the results of six months, was registered on the following sections of the M4 Don highway: 1036, 1037, 1042, 1043, 1050, 1052, 1053, 1054, 1059, 1062, 1071, 1074, 1077, 1089, 1090, 1109 km.

If there is no desire to pay the fare, you can choose another direction. Moving towards Volgograd, before reaching the city of Tambov, you need to turn towards Voronezh, to the M4 highway. Thus, the distance from Moscow to Sochi will increase to 1690 km. More likely to lose time in traffic jams, in fact, saving on the chosen direction will not work.

Slower ride - you will continue

Don't relax after successfully overcoming difficulties on the highway. Since the geographical features of the Black Sea coast, even for an experienced driver, require maximum concentration. From the entrance to Dzhubga for 200 km along the entire Black Sea coast to the border with Abkhazia - "serpentine". Most of the M 27 is a winding highway with sharp turns, ups and downs.

Accident on highway M 27

What increases life risks?

  • Fatigue of drivers. Having miscalculated their strength, they simply fall asleep duringmovement.
  • Failure to follow the rules of the road, especially the speed limit.
  • Technical malfunctions of the car.

Many, seeking to quickly get to their vacation spot, exceed the speed limit, try to shorten the Moscow-Sochi distance, and neglect to stop for sleep. Continuous driving leads to a dull response. Never forget that the driver is responsible for the life of his own, passengers and other innocent road users. On the road, not the one who is “not to blame” in the event of an accident is right, but the one who does not create emergency situations and can prevent them.

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