The capital of Iraq

The capital of Iraq
The capital of Iraq

Once again, hearing the name of Saddam Hussein, the words "political instability", "US troops" and others, only one country immediately comes to mind - Iraq. And it is very sad that associations with this country are far from being connected with its customs, traditions or culture. Let's pretend that this is the first time we hear about the existence of this country and explore it a bit.

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Republic of Iraq, this is the name officially belongs to the country. This is a large country with various nationalities, but mostly eastern ones dominate here - Arabs, Turks, Persians and others.

The capital of Iraq is the wonderful city of Baghdad. Since all Muslims are believers, it was not in vain that they gave this particular name to the city, because in translation it means “God-given”. This wonderful city has an excellent location, which is famous for its fertile soil and, importantly, includes many trade routes.

The capital of Iraq is a very ancient city, it has been repeatedly attacked. Basically, all the sights located in the state of Iraq, Baghdad stores on its territories. The country is famous for its rich historical world, ancient culture and numerous architectural works, one of which is the famous Golden Mosque. Manytourists also highlight the beautiful buildings of educational institutions, erected in the 12th century.

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As for the culture of this country, it is significantly different from the usual European. Therefore, before the capital of Iraq greets you, you need to familiarize yourself with the customs and traditions characteristic of it.

First of all, this is expressed in the relationship between opposite sexes, women should pay special attention to their wardrobe. The body should be as closed as possible, and the head should be covered with a scarf that could cover the face. In turn, men cannot wear trousers that would fit their legs, clothes should also cover as much as possible. The strong sex cannot do without a veil covering the hands and ankles. It is worth noting that in relation to other Muslim countries, women are given more privileges here. An interesting tradition of the locals is eating when it gets dark. However, do not be so scared, this only applies to the time of Ramadan.

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Iraq is the capital of meat cooking, true gourmets can always be convinced of this. Lamb and beef are the main courses. Owning a unique recipe, the Iranians can please you with the famous "tika" in the form of small pieces of lamb roasted on a spit. Basically, you will be offered rice or vegetables with herbs as a side dish. All kinds of seasonings play a huge role here, without which the preparation of meat dishes is not possible. Iranians are a very hospitable people, as evidenced bythe presence of various sweets in the house. Every meal is accompanied by drinks, especially tea and coffee. A common alcoholic drink is aniseed vodka.

As you have already noticed, this is a very interesting country, and it is not for nothing that the capital of Iraq has a sacred name.

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