The capital of Crimea. Capital of the Crimean peninsula

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The capital of Crimea. Capital of the Crimean peninsula
The capital of Crimea. Capital of the Crimean peninsula

The capital of Crimea is Simferopol. This city is the center of the peninsula in all its senses - in geographical, transport, educational and economic. This is a fairly large city, but no worse than Sevastopol - the second Crimean capital, cultural and tourist.

the capital of Crimea

History of Simferopol

Last year, the gathering city, as it is also called, celebrated its 230th anniversary. The capital of Crimea was born in the form in which you can see it now. By order of Catherine the Great, in 1780, a city was built in the very center of the so-called Taurida province, right on the Salgir River, not far from Ak-Mechet, a Tatar village. It is interesting that the capital of Crimea is located in the place where Scythian Naples used to be. A little higher it was said that Simferopol is a gathering city. This name fully justifies itself, because a huge number of different nationalities live in the capital. These are RussiansArmenians, Georgians, Crimean Tatars, Bulgarians, Jews and even a small percentage of Germans, Greeks and Moldovans.


Most of the population of Simferopol are students, and a considerable proportion of them are visitors. The capital of the Crimean peninsula in terms of education is very attractive for young people, since there are a large number of universities, and you can get almost any education, with the exception of the naval one. The most popular educational institutions are the Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University, TNU (which this year after the annexation of the peninsula to the Russian Federation became known as KFU), State Medical University, Agrarian, NAPKS and many others. I would like to note that students come to the capital not only from nearby cities (Sevastopol, Y alta or Alushta), but also young people from other countries! For example, in the medical field there are quite a large number of students from America and India. Such success is due to the fact that they give a really good education here.

capital of crimea simferopol


Also, the capital of Crimea - Simferopol - is a city with well-developed transport links, as mentioned earlier. From here you can go to almost anywhere in Ukraine, Russia or Belarus, and by any means of transport - be it a train or a bus. Of course, there are now minor problems with the first one, and the reason for this is the current political situation, but otherwise there are no questions. You can quite easily buy a ticket at the ticket office of the bus station in the direction,for example, Simferopol-Sochi, or go to Rostov-on-Don. In addition, there is a large airport here. The vast majority of guests of the peninsula who came here to spend a few unforgettable days on the Black Sea coast somewhere in Y alta make a transfer in Simferopol, since there are no direct trains to resort cities.

capital of Crimea Sevastopol

Culture Capital

Almost every country has two capitals. In Russia, these are Moscow and St. Petersburg, in Germany - Berlin and Munich, in Italy - Rome and Milan. There are two of them in Crimea. The second, unofficial, capital of Crimea is Sevastopol. Hero city, city of Russian glory! It is difficult to find a person who would not hear his name. Every year, millions of tourists come to Sevastopol to enjoy its cultural heritage, honor legendary places with their attention and, of course, sunbathe on the beaches and swim in the Black Sea.

Here there is everything that a sophisticated tourist can wish for - entertainment places, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, water park. And lovers of nature and picturesque places will definitely like Fiolent, which can compete in beauty with the Spanish coast, or cozy Balaklava. Sevastopol is really the second capital of Crimea. Although it should be noted that it bears the title of a separate territorial object of the Russian Federation. You also need to know that this year, after the annexation of the peninsula to the Russian Federation, Sevastopol was awarded the title of a city of federal significance, along with Moscow and St. Petersburg. By the way, it should be noted thatit is much larger than Simferopol. Although at first glance it does not seem so. In fact, Sevastopol is more spacious and clean than Simferopol. In the main capital, everything is very compact, and due to this, the city seems to be a metropolis.

capital of crimea sevastopol or simferopol

Crimean pearl

Sevastopol can be given such a name deservedly. And almost everything becomes proof of this - millions of tourists, a huge number of visiting students who want to get a military or naval education (after all, the hero city has several prestigious universities in this area, for example, the Nakhimov Academy or SevNTU), developed infrastructure, well-groomed streets, large shopping and entertainment centers, the beauty of nature and much more. But Simferopol is good in its own way. These are two completely different cities, but each of them is special and important for the entire peninsula. Perhaps that is why many people get confused and as a result ask themselves the question: "Which city is the capital of Crimea? Sevastopol or Simferopol?"

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