Maui Island: rest, attractions, photos, reviews

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Maui Island: rest, attractions, photos, reviews
Maui Island: rest, attractions, photos, reviews

Every fan of exotic holidays knows exactly where the island of Maui is. In terms of area, this is the second site belonging to the Hawaiian archipelago. The island of Maui is a magical place with incredible landscapes, where the coolest modern resorts are located. It attracts tourists with its diverse recreation, stunning flora and fauna, and interesting adventures.

Aloha Maui reviews

You can spend your vacation on the shores of a quiet harbor in an active port or visit the city with its incredible sights. You have the opportunity to visit an exotic restaurant, go shopping, which vividly express the flavor of the area.

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Tourists assure that everyone will be satisfied: someone can retire with nature and enjoy its beauty, someone will want to taste the bright, full of passions, nightlife of a small city. Everything that is on the island awakens the most incredible feats in the imagination of tourists. The island of Maui combines beauty,sophistication and exoticism. Here you can learn how to play golf - there are several operating schools for this in the city. The island of Maui, a photo of which every tourist who has been here must have, is an unforgettable fairy tale.

If you travel to the city of Hana, you will enter another dimension. You will find yourself somewhere in the past - here you can see incredible picturesque landscapes, touch the pristine nature, marvel at the beauty of mighty waterfalls and appreciate all the delights of this exotic.

Maui Island is one of the most popular resorts. Every year it is visited by millions of tourists from different countries. Big fans of Hawaiian beauty are the Americans and the Japanese, who are fascinated by the rainforest in the Needle Valley. The desert of cacti, the beautiful slopes of the volcano, which are densely overgrown with berries and various trees, are striking in their unusualness. Near the foot of the Haleakala volcano, there is a beach with white sand and coconut palms. The whole territory is dotted with a large number of waterfalls, streams, rivers, and the archipelago itself is surrounded by an endless ocean, in which the bright rays of the sun play.

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Windsurfers, athletes, students of oriental masters, gymnasts, yoga fans rush to visit the island. It is believed that it is on this Hawaiian island that you can experience surges of calm, peaceful and inspiring energy. This is notable for the island of Maui. The photo clearly demonstrates all the beauties of this place.


Maui has a tropical climate, it is very comfortable for the localsresidents and vacationers. The average annual temperature is from twenty-three degrees of heat to twenty-nine. The southern coast of the island is always drier than the northern coast, which receives frequent rainfall.

Characteristics of the archipelago

Quite often, Maui is called a valley because of the large area of ​​lush green vegetation that connects the two volcanoes. The landscape of the area is very diverse: lowlands, steep slopes, gentle and high mountains are located inside the island.

At a bird's-eye view, nine hundred and fourteen meters above the ground, the air feels dry and the temperature drops. All this is due to the intermittent features of the island - weather conditions, cloud levels and rainfall. This is a unique and surprising difference in Maui's climate. So, for example, the green lands of Haleakala Park are located in seven different climatic zones.

Garden of Eden

Travelers claim that the island of Maui is the Garden of Eden of the Hawaiian Islands. On this charming archipelago you can admire the green canyons, stormy and strong waterfalls falling from the mountain slopes, marvel at the contrast of white and black beaches, visit the impenetrable, rampant jungles. But the most unforgettable sight of Maui is the magnificent, incredibly beautiful botanical garden, where you can see more than five hundred exotic representatives of the flora. The famous colorful film "Jurassic Park" was filmed in this park.

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On twenty-six hectares of green landrare trees grow here, there are more than six hundred species of palms, more than five hundred varieties of flowers. In this wonderful place you can hide from the life of noisy cities, from people and civilization, enjoy the silence, tranquility and pristine nature of the wild jungle. And what about the fragrance of exotic flowers that fill this paradise!

Locals gave the botanical garden the name "Eden" for a reason - this is the most bewitching, beautiful corner of the islands. People who have already been here fully agree with this.

City of Hana reviews

Tourists say that the island of Maui has a wide variety of attractions. So, having visited the archipelago, you should make a trip to the city of Hana, which is located on the eastern coast and is the most beautiful and picturesque place on the island. This small town, isolated from civilization, is filled with mysticism, its untouched natural beauty captivates and attracts. Every tourist who rested here can imagine what the island of Maui was like many years ago. For travelers, there is only one hotel in the city and several cottages for rent.

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The indisputable advantages of the city are lush green vegetation, as well as mountains with their majesty and arrogance, stunning beaches strewn with white and black sand, where you can soak up the warm sun.

Tourists can go kayaking, snorkelling, bold vacationers can take a hang glider flight, romantics can ride ahorseback riding or walking to local attractions.

Road to town

Before you enter the city, you need to drive eighty-eight kilometers, which will quietly disappear under the wheels, as at this time you can enjoy the magnificent and diverse landscape of the archipelago. You will be lucky enough to see extraordinary bridges along the bamboo grove, climb up the slopes, pass fruit trees and beautiful gardens with flowers, the scent of which spreads over a long distance. And here you are in the dream city, where a wonderful vacation will begin.

An interesting attraction of the island is the Haleakala crater - the top of a dormant volcano, which is located at an altitude of three thousand fifty-five meters. At the top, you can discover an unforgettable view of the sunset, which will seem to you something unusual, magical, just wonderful. While in Maui, you should definitely make time to visit this dormant volcano.

Myths of Maui

When relaxing on Maui, you should visit the mythical attraction of the island - Kaanapali - a beach area in the western part of the coast. This is a historical and cultural place, Black Mountain is located here. According to the legends of the natives, this is a sacred place. According to the myths of Hawaii, it is here that the souls of the dead pass from the world of the living to the world of the dead.

kaihalulu red beach in maui

Nearby is the village of Wailers Village, which has an open-air market, as well as many shops and restaurants.

Crescent in the ocean: reviews

IslandMolokini sprawled near Maui. Nature created it in the form of a crescent, it has a volcanic origin, but the underwater volcano has been inactive for decades. This attraction of Hawaii is well mastered by connoisseurs of underwater recreation, the brightest representatives of the ocean have been studied.

Travelers say that the unique attraction of the Hawaiian island is the Maui Ocean Center - an interesting place for lovers of the underwater life of the ocean. Here tourists can see thousands of different types of fish. The inhabitants of the ocean are located in a huge aquarium, which includes three million liters of water. Younger guests are incredibly amazed to see this breathtaking sight and watch the marine animals living their lives behind thick glass.

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Few tourists know that when they arrive in Hawaii, they find themselves in a favorite place for whales, since the space around the archipelago is a refuge for humpbacked giants. They appear in ocean waters from December to April. Whales migrate to the Hawaiian Islands for breeding, in Kaanapali Park you can watch these amazing huge creatures of nature.

What awaits tourists in Maui?

The island of Maui offers its visitors an unforgettable vacation with a wide variety of adventures. Guests of the island will be able to learn how to play golf. There are about twenty special fields on the territory of the archipelago. Tourists have the opportunity to rent cars and drive through the green thickets, seeing local attractions.

Lovers of the unusual andextreme recreation will be able to take a boat trip, explore the beauty of the ocean world, ride jet skis or go fishing in the depths.

What could be more interesting than taking a parachute flight on a warm day or conquering the ocean waves on a surfboard? If you are relaxing with your family and you have children, you can ride a catamaran. The unique offer of the island is snorkeling with turtles.

Maui Tours Reviews

Travelers note that the island of Maui offers the most interesting and unique tours. Local residents organize the following excursions: to the sugar sand of Halekala beach, to the volcano, horseback riding, cycling and an unforgettable hang-gliding flight. A helicopter tour is popular, which involves a trip to the city of Hana and a visit to the western part of the island. Excursions are very diverse and interesting, so whatever you choose, there will be a lot of emotions.

maui garden of eden

Honeymoon tours are very popular and offer romantic evenings on a yacht with dancing, cocktails and Hawaiian music. Do not leave indifferent and sailing. In the evenings, stylistic competitions, entertainment, magic shows and traditional dishes are organized for guests.


There is another amazing place - the red beach of Kaihalulu on the island of Maui. The coast got its name due to the sand of a dark red color, which in some places turns into a red color. This color was formed due to long-standing volcanic eruptions, whichis now destroyed. In addition, the composition of the sand includes rust - it is she who gives an unusual copper tint.

Imagine the vibrant greenery of the local jungle, contrasting against the red sand and sky blue sea. All together turns into an unusual, bewitching landscape. The beach is far away, so getting there is quite difficult. Thanks to this, the beach has become a favorite place for nudists.

Maui Island has only positive reviews from visitors. Everyone who has ever visited this place dreams of spending their next vacation there. The Hawaiian island is suitable for everyone - romantics, adventurers, travelers, couples with children will find a vacation here for themselves. Everyone will be able to choose a vacation to their liking. Your vacation will be varied, amazing and comfortable. The island of Maui skillfully combines the possibilities of a metropolis and a secluded natural area. Hawaii, whose photos are mesmerizing, is a favorite vacation spot for we althy people. So put off all your affairs - and go ahead, towards your dream!

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