Recreation center "Magistral", Krasnodar Territory: description

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Recreation center "Magistral", Krasnodar Territory: description
Recreation center "Magistral", Krasnodar Territory: description

Already in winter, zealous people begin to plan their holidays at sea in advance. There are quite a few resort places in Russia where you can simultaneously find warm sea, comfortable conditions, and southern entertainment. With the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation, the choice became especially rich. However, the abundance of opportunities often confuses a person. In such cases, when looking for the best option, it is most reasonable to focus on the reviews of other vacationers.

Recreation center "Magistral"

Krasnodar Territory is not only Russia's grain and vegetable granary, but also its tourist center. On the Black Sea coast of the region there are hundreds of recreation centers, campsites, sanatoriums and hotels. They receive millions of guests every year, providing treatment and relaxation for every taste. The recreation center "Magistral" is a great place for a relaxing and carefree family trip to the sea.

It is located in the quiet village of Agoy, where less than three thousand people live. The village is separated from Tuapse by a small mountain pass. Mild subtropical climate, warm and clear sea, coniferous and deciduousforests, clear air and friendly people make Agoy a place to which you want to return year after year. The pride of the village is an amazing natural monument - a forty-meter sheer cliff of Kiseleva, which is located a couple of kilometers from Agoy.

Kiseleva rock

How to get there?

Most vacationers get to Agoy through Tuapse, arriving by train. From the Tuapse station, you need to walk 300 meters to the Tuapse bus station and take a minibus to Agoy, or any regular bus going in the direction of Gelendzhik or Novorossiysk. Starting from 6 am to 8 pm minibuses and buses depart to Agoy every 20-30 minutes, the duration of the trip is 20-25 minutes. In the village, any resident will willingly show you how to get to the recreation center "Magistral". Agoy is quite small, so you can walk to the base quickly even with bags.

You can also get to the recreation center by taxi, leaving directly from the Tuapse station. It is more convenient and faster, but much more expensive. If in the summer of 2018 a trip by minibus to Agoy cost about 25 rubles, then taxi drivers took around 400 rubles. Moreover, frivolous vacationers, who barely got off the train and at first did not count the money, sometimes paid not very conscientious taxi drivers up to 800 rubles for a short trip.

Description of base

The recreation center "Magistral" stands on the banks of the river Agoy. On the fenced territory of the base there is one two-story and three three-story buildings. The rooms are clean and comfortable, they have everything you need for a comfortable comfortable beds with orthopedic mattresses, refrigerator, kettle, private bathroom, TV, air conditioning, umbrellas and mats for going to the beach. Next to the residential buildings there is an administrative building, a dining room, a fountain, a playground.



Those who visited the recreation center "Magistral" speak positively about the food provided. Three plentiful and tasty meals are usually enough to fill up. The daily diet includes fish, meat, dairy products, a lot of fruits and pastries, hard cheeses, compotes, juices, kissels. In the village there is a Magnit store where you can buy ice cream or some kind of delicacy for yourself and your child. Those wishing to supplement their southern evenings with barbecue and wine are welcome in the cafe located next to the base.

delicious barbecue


Agoy is famous for its clean and warm sea. It is only 300 meters from the recreation center "Magistral", even with a small child you can walk to the beach without haste in a few minutes. The mild climate and excellent water exchange create conditions for the swimming season, which begins in early summer and ends in October. Near the village stretches a cozy beach 40 meters wide and a kilometer long. The beach is covered with small pebbles and sand, so you can enter the sea without slippers, without fear of slipping on boulders or cutting your leg on a shell.

Agoy beach


Magistral base is an excellent place for families with children. Agoy is not distinguished by a vibrant resort and night life, the village is quietand safe. The main entertainment for kids is the sea and southern nature. In addition, they can play in the playground on the territory of the base under the supervision of parents and staff. You can also rent a bike, roller skates, scooters, play chess, badminton or table tennis, read a book in the shade of palm trees.

The base has organized excursion services for those who want to diversify their leisure time. The guides will tell you where to relax in the Krasnodar Territory with a one-day trip from Agoy. The easiest way to visit with children is the village of Nebug, located four kilometers away. It has a more developed tourist infrastructure, more beach activities, a dolphinarium and a relatively inexpensive water park that kids will love.

Water park in Nebug

Excursions are also arranged to Gelendzhik (where tourists have the opportunity to see the ancient dolmens), Novorossiysk, Sochi. In these cities, you can not only see interesting sights, visit caves, menageries, waterfalls and safari parks, but also buy southern souvenirs. Fans of discos and nightlife will find Agoy a rather boring place. With the onset of darkness, almost the entire village falls asleep, so it is better to go to Nebug or Tuapse for entertainment.


Recreation center "Magistral", as a rule, deserves positive feedback. Its main advantage is its excellent location in a picturesque village, which is surrounded by wooded mountains and has an excellent beach. It is best to go to Agoy with small children. Firstly, they will be able to swim in plenty in warmsea, run under the sun on pebbles, play with pebbles and sand. Secondly, there is a playground and other entertainment at the Magistral base. Thirdly, it is quiet in the village in the evenings, children and their parents who are tired during the day will be able to sleep peacefully.

child by the sea

Special praise deserves the friendly staff of the base, who strives to make the rest of visitors as comfortable as possible and quickly resolves all issues related to everyday life. Rooms are cleaned daily, split-systems installed in them help to escape from the heat of day and night. The food in the dining room is tasty and varied, the portions are large and satisfying.

The disadvantages of staying at the Magistral base include, first of all, the lack of an entertainment program, familiar among other crowded resorts. Many visitors who tune in to discos and an active nightlife are frankly bored in Agoy. But this problem is easily solved by a trip to Nebug or Tuapse. In addition, vacationers complain about the Novorossiysk highway passing through the village. Cars are constantly driving along it, which creates some noise and a danger to pedestrians. But the base is located away from the road, and its territory is securely fenced.

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