Shanghai Zoo: description, photo, features, address

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Shanghai Zoo: description, photo, features, address
Shanghai Zoo: description, photo, features, address

Zoos are no surprise now, as they are in many cities and countries, but the zoo in Shanghai, called the Shanghai Zoo, is distinguished by its size and originality. It is one of the top ten and largest zoos in the world and the second largest in China.

Shanghai Zoo contains more than six hundred varieties of a wide variety of animals from all over the planet.


Shanghai residents don't come to the zoo just to see the animals. On its territory, the atmosphere itself is pleasant: a lot of greenery (flowers and other vegetation). It is very cozy here and you can have a wonderful time with your family with your children.

Shanghai Zoo (see photo in the article) is part of a huge national zoo, covering an area of ​​743 thousand square meters. meters. Walks along it are almost always included in the excursion routes of various travel companies. You can visit it on your own.

lovely flamingos

The conditions for keeping a huge variety of pets and the infrastructure here are constantly being improved andare developing. In a beautiful well-groomed park there is a swan lake with small islands (3 in total), where migratory birds and swans live. The Butterfly Pavilion presents an extensive collection of these magnificent, colorful insects. The inhabitants of huge aquariums are a variety of fish species with unexpected and original colors. The park also has a petting zoo.

In total, more than 600 species of shrubs and trees grow in the park, the total number of which is more than 100 thousand. Here they try to create natural landscapes that best resemble the natural habitat of animals.

butterfly park


Visitors to the Shanghai Zoo are offered a variety of extreme entertainment, including those that you rarely see with your own eyes. For example, fights of roosters and bulls. The highlight of the program at the Shanghai Zoo are the kind and big "dancing" elephants, as well as the pandas, who eat more than 20 kg of bamboo per day. A family of rather funny gorillas also captivates visitors.

Usually pandas in the wild have a fairly slender physique, and in this zoo their weight sometimes reaches 125 kg. And their life expectancy is longer here. Watching their actions and habits is very funny and fun. They cheer up one hundred percent. For all the animals living in the cleaned spacious enclosures, excellent living conditions have been created, almost similar to natural conditions.

A very interesting point is that at some intervalstraining sessions for some animals. Vacationers in the park can see it all with their own eyes.

Dancing elephants

Recommendations for walking

Locals visit the Shanghai Zoo even just to take a walk. There are many stunningly designed lawns throughout the park. There is also Swan Lake. It is best to take a walk in the morning, as there are more awake animals at this time.

You can walk and inspect the enclosures on foot or on a pleasure electric tram. A camera is really needed here, there are so many beautiful and interesting things!

funny pandas

There is a wonderful lawn on the territory of the zoo with an area of ​​about 100 thousand square meters. meters. And this place is one of the favorite among vacationers.

It should be noted that it is almost impossible to find soft drinks inside the zoo, so it is better to stock up on water before entering it. About a couple of hours is enough to get acquainted with all the inhabitants of the Shanghai Zoo, after which you can go to a cafe located right in the park and taste the food of the institution to restore your strength.

How to get there

Shanghai Zoo is located near Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. There are many ways to get to the park by public transport. You can take subway train number 10 and get off at Shanghai Zoo Station. Numerous buses with numbers 57, 91, 196, 519, 709, 721, 739, 748, 806, 807, 809, 911, 936, 938, go there.941, 1207.

The zoo is open from March to November every day from 8:00 to 17:00, and in the colder period of the year (December to February) - from 8:30 to 16:30. Ticket sales end one hour before closing. Children under six years of age enter free. Tickets are sold only at the box office at the main entrance to the park.

Shanghai Zoo Address: 2381 Hongqiao Street.


In addition to gorillas, pandas and an unusual golden monkey, the zoo can see the South China tiger, African chimpanzees, giraffes, Antarctic penguins, Australian kangaroos, etc.

Penguins of Antarctica

The number of animals brought to the zoo is about 200 species, including kangaroos from Australia, chimpanzees from Africa, elephants, flamingos, peacocks, lions (married couples), lynxes, tigers, giraffes, yaks, seals, buffaloes, walruses, brown bear from Russia and many others. others

It should also be noted that among the animals of the zoo there are birds and animals (including the aforementioned panda), which are traditionally symbols of China. These include the golden monkey, the South China tiger and the blooming peacock.


Shanghai Zoo is one of the best in the world. This is also evidenced by the reviews of tourists. First of all, everyone is impressed by the size of the park, beautiful nature, abundance of flowers and various plants, well-groomed and cleanliness of the entire territory. In general, everything is very cozy and comfortable. The lake with migratory birds and swans also delights. To walk calmly and from the heart, you need to spend at least five hours.

Spacious enclosures

Inhabitants of the institution are full of their diversity. Funny Asian bears (the same pandas), which are the hallmark of the Shanghai Zoo, are especially attractive to tourists. Their figures and images can be seen everywhere.

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