Hostel in Kostroma: list, addresses, room descriptions

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Hostel in Kostroma: list, addresses, room descriptions
Hostel in Kostroma: list, addresses, room descriptions

The number of tourists visiting the city on the Volga Kostroma is growing every year. This beautiful center is included in the "Golden Ring of Russia". A lot of business people and businessmen come here. Each of these people wants to find suitable housing in the city. It can be a hostel in Kostroma, a hotel complex or a small hotel. However, the apartments should satisfy guests in terms of price and service.

City housing

Most tourists try to find inexpensive rooms near the Kostoroma bus station or the city center. There is enough housing in this place on the Volga. It is important to choose the right one.

It is worth deciding on the area in which you need to stay for the night. For example, the bus station in Kostroma is located almost in the very center, so there are many hostels, hotels and apartments where you can stay overnight. But on the periphery of the city there are fewer places to stay, but you can find guest houses or sanatoriums. Everyone will choose a suitable place to stay.

Hostel October

The hotel is located at: Kommunarov street, 40. This is an industrial zone of the city, which is located close to the center and main attractions. There is a bus stop nearby, from where you can get to the main points in 5-7 minutes.

Hostel "October"

The hostel offers its guests rooms of different comfort and number of residents. There are separate apartments for 2 and 3 people. Large rooms with bunk beds can accommodate from 4 to 12 people. In each room, except for a separate bed, there is a common sofa for relaxing, bedside tables, a wardrobe and a coffee table. The shared kitchen is available to all guests. There is a refrigerator, kettle, microwave and necessary utensils for cooking. During the meal, guests can turn on their favorite TV shows.

Hostel "Oktyabr" has proved itself from the good side according to the reviews of the guests. They say that it is always clean and calm here. The administration is friendly to all residents, is interested in whether the amenities suit them, and solves possible problems quickly. The rooms have very high ceilings, so there is no feeling that there is not enough space. Of the minuses, guests note the strange location in the industrial zone. The kitchen is always clean and comfortable. There are dishes, a refrigerator and other appliances.

Troya Hotel

This hotel is located at: Nikitskaya street, 49 B. The bus station in Kostroma is one and a half kilometers from here (it's about 10 minutes on foot). Even closer is the train station (about 800 meters).

Guests of the hotel can visit the bath, sauna or fitness center. Here are comfortable and comfortable rooms with free internet. There is a terrace where you can enjoy fresh air and views of the city. A buffet breakfast is served in the morning.

Tourist reviews are mostly positive about this place. Many say that the rooms are comfortable and convenient. However, the entrance to the hotel itself is peculiar. Near garages, and the road to them is bad. The hotel has very poor soundproofing. You can hear absolutely everything that happens in neighboring rooms. Some rooms had no windows. It may not bother someone, but the sensations are strange. In general, this place is great for those who come with their own car. It is convenient to get here. Breakfast is delicious, coffee is decent.

hostel "Troya"

Hostel Little

In the center of Kostroma on Voskresensky Lane, 4 there is a small holiday home for tourists. It takes no more than 5 minutes to get to the railway station from here. You can get to anywhere in the city from Voskresensky Lane by public transport.

There are several catering establishments and grocery stores near the hotel. Hostel "Little" in Kostroma accommodates guests in rooms for 4-8 people. Facilities are shared on the floor. A comfortable kitchen with everything necessary for cooking is organized for the guests.

On the ground floor of the mini-hotel is a comfortable area for watching TV or reading. The rooms are spacious and bright. Near each two-level bed there are bedside tables andclothes hangers. The apartment has a small coffee table and chairs.

Hostel Little

Guest opinion about the hotel

In reviews of this place of rest, guests indicate both the advantages and disadvantages of the hostel. Everyone likes the price for accommodation and conditions. Some guests say that the beds are too short, it is uncomfortable to sleep. Bed linen needs to be made by yourself, which is inconvenient. Towel, sugar and tea are provided upon request only. In general, Little hostel suits tourists and guests of the city. You can cook and heat food in the kitchen.

Hostel on Ovrazhnaya

In the central region of Kostroma, on Ovrazhnaya street, house 16 A, there is a place for tourists to relax. Many travelers choose this area for accommodation, because it is close to the main attractions and transport hubs from here. Within walking distance of the Epiphany-Anastasia Monastery and the Ipatiev Monastery.

Hostel "Quiet Place" (Kostroma) offers its guests small cozy rooms and a shared kitchen for cooking. Rooms of different capacity (from 1 to 8 guests) are equipped for the convenience of guests. There is a bed, a bedside table, a wardrobe and a table. The sanitary unit is shared, located on the floor.

kitchen in the hostel

The hostel has proven itself on the positive side. Guests in the reviews say that it is convenient to get to the beach on the Volga and city attractions from it. Good value for money. One drawback - uncomfortableshower. The guests note that it is too small, and the plumbing needs to be replaced. Uncomfortable to undress, nowhere to put things. It is difficult to adjust the water to the desired temperature. The rest of the residents are happy with everything. The kitchen is clean and comfortable. There is all the necessary equipment in working order.

Hotel "Academy"

In Kostroma, there are a large number of accommodation places located near the central beach. It is convenient for tourists who come to rest. Hostel "Academy" in Kostroma is located at the address: Lesnaya street, 11B. Cozy, well-furnished rooms and moderate prices are what attract guests.

There are several catering outlets, shops and markets near the mini-hotel. The train station can be reached in 5-10 minutes. The front desk is open 24/7. The hotel staff is ready to help with a taxi call or a transfer.

kitchen at Academy hostel

Apartments in the "Academy" of different levels of comfort. There are rooms with shared bathrooms and toilets, or you can stay in a room with a private shower. All rooms are spacious and bright.

Apartments for 4-8 people have bunk beds. Each bed is equipped with its own socket, a shelf for small items and a night light. Nearby there is a bedside table and a clothes hanger. Internet, laundry, kitchen and luggage storage - all this guests can find in the mini-hotel.

What hotel guests think

According to the reviews of tourists, this hotel received the highest rating. Ratioprices and quality suits all guests. Many note the good friendly attitude of the staff, comfortable rooms and fresh renovation. The hostel has everything you need for your stay, kitchen, laundry and storage services. Internet is available throughout the territory.

Mini-hotel "Yasen Stump"

On Komsomolskaya street, house 17 in Kostroma, there is a mini-hotel where travelers can stay for the night. This place is remarkable in that it is convenient to get from here both to the monastery and to other city beauties (Drama theater, market, museums and exhibitions).

Hostel "Yasen Stump" (Kostroma) is designed in a loft style. However, this is only the first impression, then an amazing feeling of comfort and warmth appears. Each room features a closet. It is available in all apartments. Antique, oak and roomy - this is how you can describe this piece of furniture. The design is complemented by a table lamp with an old knitted lampshade or a napkin. Some apartments have interesting paintings or embroidery.

Yasen Pen

Each room has separate sleeping places, which are separated by a dark screen. In this way, not only the personal space of the guest is preserved, but also the sleep of the people around. Near the bed there is a shelf, socket and reading lamp. Shared bathroom and toilet on the floor. Internet works throughout the hotel. The administration provides the opportunity to use the laundry and ironing services. Near the building of the mini-hotel there is a cozy private courtyard where you can take a walk with children or enjoynature.

In the reviews, guests enthusiastically speak about the hostel "Yasen Pen" (Kostroma). They love absolutely everything. This is not even a hostel, but a guest house - tourists think so. It is located in a separate historical two-story building. The rooms are cute and cozy. Each is themed for the holidays. The kitchen has everything you need. The staff is friendly. Some guests report overpriced accommodation during holidays or city events. However, at other times the price suits everyone.

Museum Hostel

Kostroma is rich and diverse. The city has many places worth visiting for tourists. At the same time, most travelers want to find a convenient and comfortable place to stay for the night. Hostel in Kostroma is located on Pyatnitskaya street, 22. Here guests are accommodated in large bright rooms. When placing with children, you can use the service "non-smoking rooms". In the shared kitchen, you can not only heat food, but also cook it.

The hostel-museum in the center of the city of Kostroma is located next (less than 300 meters) to the Epiphany-Anastasiinsky and Ipatiev Monastery. Nearby there are shops and the central Kostroma market. From here it is convenient to get to anywhere in the city.

According to guest reviews, this is a good place to stay. You can quickly get to the beach and monasteries, visit the market or museum. From a public transport stop you can get to anywhere in the city. The rooms are convenient and comfortable. There are necessary appliances in the kitchen. Towels and bed linen are provided. Free internet works. The staff is friendly andcomplaisant. It is difficult to find such a hostel in Kostroma, because the ratio of price and quality in it is optimal.

How to stay in the city is not expensive

Every tourist who comes to the city determines for himself a place to sleep. Someone prefers expensive hotels, others prefer hostels and hotels. There are those travelers who want to rent an apartment by the day.

The city has a large number of holiday homes, apartments and apartments that can be rented not only for a day, but also for hours. These are comfortable places to relax with everything you need: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and work area.

Hostel in Kostroma for rent can be found in any part of the city. In this case, it is worth asking the owners how many guests the room is designed for. If you need to rent an apartment without sharing, you will have to pay for all beds. Such nuances are negotiated in advance.

Monastery in Kostroma

Tourists who come in large groups on excursions are satisfied with such mini-hotels. This is convenient, because they do not interfere with other guests and can only be accommodated by their own company.

A hostel in the center of Kostroma is not difficult to find. However, it is important that this place of rest meets all the requirements of the guest. Value for money is important.

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