Angarsk hostels: list, ranking of the best, addresses, room selection, additional services and tourist reviews

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Angarsk hostels: list, ranking of the best, addresses, room selection, additional services and tourist reviews
Angarsk hostels: list, ranking of the best, addresses, room selection, additional services and tourist reviews

The camp sites in Angarsk are quite popular among the residents of the region and not only. They are surrounded by forests and on the shores of Lake Baikal. There are many legends around the Small Sea. Every resident of Russia would like to visit near him. Camp sites in Angarsk provide such an opportunity.

1. "Pearl of Olkhon"

The complex is located in the village of Khuzhir, on the street. Forest, 25-2. There are shops, a pharmacy, sports equipment rental, and a first-aid post near the camp site. Guests of the complex can stay in separate wooden cottages. Up to 40 people can live in them at the same time.

camp sites Angarsk phones
camp sites Angarsk phones

The cottages are equipped with cozy rooms that can accommodate from 1 to 4 people. It has comfortable furniture, TV, wardrobes. Each cottage has a veranda with wicker furniture. From here you can enjoy beautiful views of Lake Baikal.

The cost of living per day is 1600 rubles. from a person. This includes breakfast and dinner. There is a cozy cafe on the territory where you canenjoy delicious fish dishes, traditional Russian dishes.

The camp site in Angarsk welcomes guests throughout the year. A modern heating system has been installed here, which will not let you freeze in winter. In the cold season, the administration of the complex will help arrange an unforgettable outdoor activity.

2. "Bayar"

The complex is located in the Bay of Joy. It was created for family holidays on Lake Baikal. Guests can stay in rooms in cottages or stand-alone bungalows.

Almost all the buildings at the Angarsk camp site are made of natural wood of the elite species of Transbaikalia. The rooms are designed in a variety of styles so that each client can choose the right option for themselves.

tourist centers of the city of Angarsk
tourist centers of the city of Angarsk

The rooms can accommodate from 1 to 6 people. There are large beds with comfortable mattresses, soft corners, wardrobes, guest corners. Each room has a small refrigerator, microwave, TV. All amenities are indoors.

Bayar-Land works on the territory of the complex. This entertainment complex has a grill bar, children's entertainment areas, a laughter room with curved mirrors, trampolines, giant chess at its base. Visitors can also interact with animals at the petting zoo.

The complex offers its vacationers a ride around Lake Baikal on the motor ship "Stavro". It has a capacity for up to 10 guests. In "Bayar" you can go fishing in the Small Sea. Here, not a single tourist has ever returned without a catch.


This Angarsk camp site is located in a coniferous forest near Lake Baikal (latitude - N52°26.592ˈ, longitude - E103°37.430ˈ, office address: Karla Marksa street, 75, office 7). It can simultaneously accommodate up to 90 people. Guests of the complex can accommodate:

  • in the guest house "Bear's Corner" - consists of two floors; it can only be rented in its entirety, it has a fireplace room, a hall, an equipped kitchen, three bedrooms for up to 12 people;
  • in the "Cozy lair" suite - 4 rooms with separate entrances, large beds, a sofa, wardrobes, TV, showers and a private bathroom;
  • in the "Merry Anthill" building: on the first floor there is a common hall, a kitchen, a bathroom, and on the second floor there are 4 furnished rooms;
  • in "Fox Minks" - these are separate small houses for 2 people; there are beds, bedside tables, hangers; all amenities are outside;
  • in the "Baba Vari's House" - a one-story cottage, designed to accommodate 9 people; there are two bedrooms, a dining area, a small kitchen, a veranda, a private area around the house with a picnic area;
  • in "Badger Minks" - small houses for up to 3 people, beds and bedside tables, outdoor amenities.
tourist center Angarsk photo
tourist center Angarsk photo

An open-air restaurant overlooking the river is on site. There are 2 halls for 25 and 50 people. There is also a summer playground that can accommodate up to 250 people. On it oftenweddings are held.

Entertainment events are constantly held at the Angarsk camp site (photo). Guests can make interesting routes with a river crossing. Quests and discos are held on the territory of the complex. In winter, skiing and tubing are organized.

4. "Sharyshgalai"

This hostel is located on the 138th km from Irkutsk. It belongs to the economy class complexes. The camp site is located in the most beautiful place - on the Circum-Baikal Railway.

It can accommodate up to 160 people at the same time, so the complex often comes to hold corporate parties and various trainings. The hulls are made from railroad cars lined with wood.

tourist centers of the city of Angarsk
tourist centers of the city of Angarsk

Each of them has 9 compartments with accommodation for 2 people. And also guests are invited to stay in one-story buildings with a capacity of up to 6 people. There are also small cottages with an improved level of comfort.

All amenities are located outside. Meals take place in the dining room, which can simultaneously accommodate up to 150 people. As entertainment, guests are invited to visit the gym, sports grounds, sauna, pier, use the rental of sports equipment.

5. "Forest Hotel"

The complex is located 20 km from Irkutsk, not far from the Angara River (Baikal tract, DNT Veteran of the Revolution, 6a). The Angarsk camp site is not large, but at the same time it is very beautiful and cozy. Everything here is done with soul to make a family vacation unforgettable.

camp sites in Angarsk Angara
camp sites in Angarsk Angara

There are comfortable rooms for 2 people, family two-room apartments. They have comfortable modern furniture, heated floors. The rooms are equipped with private bathrooms and bathrooms.

As well as guests of the complex can be accommodated in separate cottages. Kitchens for self-catering with all necessary equipment and utensils are provided on site.

On the territory of the complex there is a billiard room, a bathhouse and a sauna, a cafe, and sports equipment rental. During the summer, guests can swim on the beach.


Tourists from all over Russia come to Lake Baikal to feel its power. Guests are pleased that they can reserve rooms by phone at the Angarsk camp sites. Tourists note that it is better not to travel with small children to economy class complexes, because the level of comfort is not enough to fully care for them.

Guests of "Kitoy" and "Bayar" are satisfied with almost everything. They note that the rooms are always clean and tidy. Several negative comments can be found about the expensive price of renting cottages.

Family couples with children like to stay in the "Pearl of Olkhon" because the base is located in a residential village with developed infrastructure.