Cyprus: Larnaca Airport

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Cyprus: Larnaca Airport
Cyprus: Larnaca Airport

Cyprus is a small independent island state with a developed infrastructure. The main source of income for local residents is agriculture and tourism. Every year, millions of foreigners visit Cyprus with the aim of having a bright and full holiday, touching the history of the development of the world, plunging into the warm calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, tasting organic products and soaking up the rays of the Cypriot sun.

Larnaca airport


All resorts of the State of Cyprus welcome guests. Usually visiting a country is an arrival by air. There is also the possibility of traveling by sea, but it is quite long and tiring. The international airports of Cyprus are always ready to receive guests from all over the world: Larnaca and Paphos. However, if an air flight is made for the purpose of spending a vacation, the so-called charter, then, as a rule, aircraft land at Larnaca International Airport (LCA - international designation).

History of occurrence

The history of the appearance of the airport in Larnaca is quite interesting. In 1974, during hostilities and attacksTurkey to Cyprus was occupied by the airport in Nicosia. But somewhere the planes had to land! On the basis of a military airfield, the Cypriots quickly built a passenger airport in Larnaca. It is located next to a s alt lake, where pink flamingos arrive in autumn. Years later, after multiple reconstructions, this terminal has become the main air gate of Cyprus. More than 7 million people use its services every year.

cyprus international airports


The main base airlines of Cyprus are:

  • "Aegean Airlines".
  • "Cyprus Airlines".
  • "Eurasipria Airlines".


In 2006, Larnaca Airport has undergone major changes. Now its territory is 112 thousand square meters. meters, and with a runway - almost 3000 meters. Larnaca airport scheme is as follows:

  • 9 electronic racks;
  • 67 regular check-in desks;
  • waiting room;
  • 16 sleeves for boarding and disembarking airliners;
  • several flight information boards;
  • passport control;
  • animal control point;
  • duty free shop;
  • cafes and bars;
  • business center;
  • travel agency;
  • international bank branches;
  • souvenir shop;
  • vip-hall;
  • play area with attractions for kids;
  • baggage claim belts;
  • parking for disembarkation and embarkation of passengers;
  • bus and taxi stops;
  • maternity and baby room;
  • toilets;
  • doctor's office;
  • Tax Free registration point.

    Larnaca airport map

In order not to get lost on the territory of the airport, you should navigate according to the map-plan, which is available on the territory of the station itself and on its official website.

Additional services

Larnaca Airport, the photo of which is presented in the article, is a compact, well-organized drop-off and landing point for passengers. Having passed all the necessary registration procedures, you can safely wander around the Duty Free store, sit in a cafe or just sit in the waiting room. The cost of a pizza in a cafe is no more than 5.8 Euro.

Larnaca Airport in the passenger check-in area offers its customers free wireless Internet. With it, you can independently check in for the desired flight. The board contains all the necessary information for coordinating actions related to the flight.

Larnaca airport

Please note that the maximum allowed baggage weight is indicated on the ticket. Usually it is 20 kilograms and 5-6 kg of hand luggage per person. At the same time, the weight of 1 suitcase for two should not exceed 32 kg.


The airfield is located four kilometers from a major resort of the same name. Getting from it to anywhere in the country is not difficult, since the island itself is small. If tourists decide to visit Cyprus on their own, then from the airport you can easilyget to the desired hotel by transfer, shuttle bus or taxi. It all depends on the desires and possibilities of vacationers. Transport from the airport can easily be pre-booked via the Internet. The cost of a taxi is calculated by the meter, usually it is:

  • about 10 euros to Larnaca and surrounding areas;
  • up to 55 euros to Ayia Napa, Protaras, Limassol, Nicosia;
  • more than 100 euros - to Paphos.

Can be reached by public transport, stops are located near the exit from the station. The cost of such a route will be 5 times cheaper than a taxi. However, it should be noted that buses do not operate on Sundays and at night. It is possible to use the shuttle express service operating on direct routes.

Larnaca airport photo

You can rent a car at the airport in Cyprus. There is a special office that provides such services. It is worth noting that car rental at the airport is cheaper than at the resorts of the country.

The work of the Cypriot airport does not differ from the activities of other international air terminals in developed European countries. The standard well-coordinated actions of employees and a high culture of service distinguish Larnaca from many southern neighbors, where there are often overlaps in work. Some basic knowledge of English will be an invaluable help to any airport client in coordinating their activities.

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