Paradise of the Maldives - a place that is definitely worth a visit

Paradise of the Maldives - a place that is definitely worth a visit
Paradise of the Maldives - a place that is definitely worth a visit

Among the heavenly resorts that have world fame, perhaps, one cannot but name the Maldives. It is on these lands and atolls that everyone who likes the hot summer sun and warm ocean waters prefer to relax. On the territory of the Maldives, there are a lot of blue lagoons, white sandy beaches and unique plants. But in addition to all these natural features, there are many other advantages here, which are simply unrealistic to miss past your own.


As a rule, guests of the Maldives are lovers of a typical paradise holiday. That is why on these lands there are a huge number of hotels with a high service level, where every vacationer can completely relax and not think about their everyday home problems. It is worth noting that on the islands, the prices for renting real estate are very reasonable, but what is problematic is the flight. To these distant lands, alas, tickets are much more expensive than the costweekly accommodation and meals at the resort itself.

Every tourist who wants to visit this paradise should know that the religion of the Maldives is Islam. First of all, this means that the import and export of alcoholic beverages to the resort is strictly prohibited. The locals are very respectful of their religion. Literally on every island you can see a mosque of extraordinary beauty. Visiting some of them is free, but there are also those that are closed from the eyes of visitors.

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If you are a regular visitor to this paradise on the planet, then your permanent attribute should be a map of the Maldives. There are more than 70 of them in the republic, so if you decide to move a little during your vacation, and not just sunbathe on the beach, then you should arm yourself with helpers in the form of a location map or GPS. In most cases, transportation from one resort to another is carried out by boat, accompanied by local residents. During such a walk, by the way, you can learn a lot of interesting facts and news from your water cabs, which diversifies your vacation even more.

Basically, all the resorts of the Maldives are tiny atolls, which are surrounded on all sides by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. It is impossible to single out the best or the worst among them, because they are all good in their own way. Listing only the most popular ones that have gained fame due to excellent service, we can mention Ari Atoll, Dhaalu Atoll, Nilande Atoll, South Male Atoll and Laviani Atoll. In these zonesthe maximum number of five-star hotels, spas, shops and other infrastructure is concentrated. If you prefer a more "wild" type of holiday, then all the many other islands will welcome you. Often in such places, vacationers are provided with turnkey huts located above the waters of the ocean.

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Do not forget about the main hobby of the Maldives - diving. This unique journey into the life of the ocean waters will become a real fairy tale for any tourist. After all, it is more difficult to find a more diverse and beautiful underwater world than in this corner of the planet.

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