Flamingo Beach Hotel 3in Larnaca (Cyprus): photos and reviews of tourists

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Flamingo Beach Hotel 3in Larnaca (Cyprus): photos and reviews of tourists
Flamingo Beach Hotel 3in Larnaca (Cyprus): photos and reviews of tourists

Flamingo Beach Hotel 3 is one of the most interesting beach "three rubles" in Larnaca. No wonder its rating among tourists is quite high, and its popularity is growing every year. Lovely rooms with everything you need to feel comfortable, great views from the windows to any side, pleasant and helpful staff, very convenient location - this is the shortest way to describe this hotel. After all, here you can fall asleep to the pleasant sound of the sea, and this is rare even in Cyprus!

Flamingo Beach Hotel 3


Flamingo Beach Hotel 3 is located on the territory of the city, which archaeologists consider the oldest in Cyprus. Although in general this resort differs little from the rest of the island's villages - the old center, green outskirts with coastal hotels, a promenade and countless restaurants, where everyone boasts of their catch and has their own secrets of how to cook fish in such a way that you lick your fingers. This is a budget resort where people with not very big money come. In addition, therapeutic sand and shallow sea attract families with children here. The most famous monument of Larnaca is the temple of St. Lazarus, where, according toTradition says he was buried. And the city itself is named after a friend of Jesus Christ. At least, this is what one of the translations of the name Larnaca says. From other architectural monuments in the city center, you can see the ancient ruins of ancient Greek sanctuaries and an old Byzantine church. The most favorite place for walking - both among locals and tourists - is the Date Palms Embankment. It stretches from the city center almost to the airport itself. The hotels here are inexpensive, mostly "kopeck pieces" and "three rubles", there are many apartments, and the prices are quite low.

Flamingo beach hotel 3 Larnaca

Where is located

Drive to the Flamingo Beach Hotel 3(Larnaca) from the airport (by the way, the largest in Cyprus) for about ten minutes. However, tourists assure that the sounds of planes taking off and landing do not interfere with rest at all. But a little further from the hotel there is a beach where planes fly right overhead, and everyone goes there to take pictures of them. Get here by transfer or taxi. In addition, hotel guests believe that this location is a big plus. When you go on excursions, you are always the last to be taken away, and the first to be delivered to the place. The center of Larnaca is about two and a half kilometers away. There is a bus every hour. The place is quiet, peaceful, yet close to everything.

Territory and what is nearby

Flamingo Beach Hotel 3 is not very big, but cozy. It consists of two buildings with a common hall. The last major renovation here was made in 2007. On the territory there is a pleasant patio, a lobby withreception, aquariums, games room and TV. There is a small pond with turtles. Tourists noted a beautiful hall with many comfortable sofas. You can sunbathe on the terrace around the rooftop pool. In one building (white) - standard rooms, in the other (pink) - apartments. This branch of the hotel is named after Mackenzie. Not far from the hotel there is a protected Larnaca s alt lake, where pink flamingos live. That is why the hotel was named so. There is a mosque on the lake. Near the hotel there are many cafes, taverns, there is a supermarket "Petros", where you can buy everything your heart desires, and at the same time cheaper than in the center. A little further - a picturesque port with yachts. To the center of Larnaca - about half an hour walk along the promenade.

Flamingo beach hotel 3 cyprus

Accommodation and amenities

The Flamingo Beach Hotel 3 has sixty-four rooms. They are almost the same, but have separate or double beds. There are also single and family rooms. Settled within five minutes, no more. The filling of the rooms is standard. Air conditioning, bathroom with hairdryer, satellite TV. Wooden beds with comfortable mattresses. There is a small table and a large one, like a desk. TV plasma. Each room has a balcony with a plastic table and chairs for having a snack or drinking tea while enjoying the beautiful view. The bathroom is very clean. Shampoo, soap, shower gel are reported every day. Removed cleanly. You feel at home. True, the sockets are of a very specific shape, but this is easy to handle. You just need to take an adapter at the reception fora small deposit (two euros), which is then returned. The apartments have a bedroom, a living room, a terrace with a sea view and a kitchen, but no stove. But there are a refrigerator, a toaster and an electric kettle. A safe in the room costs two euros per day, at the reception - free of charge. But there is no theft in the hotel, so you can safely leave things in the room.

Flamingo beach hotel 3 reviews

Food - what are the options

In the Flamingo Beach Hotel 3(Cyprus), breakfasts are mainly included in the price of accommodation. They are served in a special room. Tourists noted them as very tasty and plentiful. Fried eggs, omelets, cheese, sausages, bacon, sausages, a lot of olives, various vegetables and fruits, cereals, muesli, yoghurts (sweet and natural), several types of juices and, of course, tea and coffee - this is not a complete list of what offered during the morning meal. You can have lunch and dinner at the Vanilla Sky hotel restaurant on the fifth floor, and have a snack or drink a cocktail at the bar. A single complex meal costs from five to ten euros per person. You can also take half board or all inclusive. But most guests prefer to eat elsewhere to try everything. Near the hotel there is a good tavern called Salamis. Flamingo Beach guests recommend it for fish lovers. They say they serve the best meze around. Lots of good restaurants on the waterfront nearby. Almost everywhere there is a menu in Russian. Lunch on average costs twenty, and dinner thirty euros for two. And on a hot day, it serves as salvation and paradise for childrendelicious Cypriot ice cream.

Flamingo beach hotel 3 cyprus reviews

Services - guest evaluation

Flamingo Beach Hotel 3 has free parking. Very good high-speed "wi-fi" is organized. He "takes" not only in the rooms and throughout the hotel, but even on the beach, that is, across the road. A beauty salon and barbershop is open. For children there is a playground equipped according to European safety standards. If you have no one to leave the baby with, you can invite a nanny. There is drinking water in the cooler in the dining room, which you can pour into your container and take on walks or on the beach. There are no animators, the hotel is designed for a relaxing holiday. But folklore evenings are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, when artists come to sing, dance, arrange competitions. Once a week there is the so-called "Cyprus Night" - a program in which you can feel the whole local flavor. Tourists also write good words about the Flamingo Beauty fitness club and spa center, where they order high-quality cosmetic procedures. There is a car and bicycle rental at the reception.

Flamingo beach hotel 3


Employees of the Flamingo Beach Hotel 3reviews of guests are called not only helpful and kind, but also beautiful. They always make concessions, always ready to help. The main thing is to contact them with your problem in time. You will not have any barrier in communication - almost all of them speak excellent Russian. As a last resort, you will need a minimum knowledge of English.The staff is extremely friendly. They answer all your questions in a friendly manner, try to understand the essence, and in case of any breakdown they immediately respond.

Beach vacation

Flamingo Beach Hotel 3(Larnaca) is located very close to the municipal beach "Makenzie". Between the hotel and the coast is a beautiful, freshly finished promenade. Tourists claim that of the nearby hotels, this one has the best location in relation to the sea. Entry into the water is excellent, gentle, without waves. To the depth to go fifteen to twenty meters. It is highly recommended not only for vacationers with children, but also for those who are not particularly good swimmers. Sun loungers and umbrellas are paid. Many different water sports - surfing, kayaks. The sea is clean, without algae, the sand is dark, fine. You can easily decompose here on towels and not pay for sunbeds. Some tourists prefer to go to the more famous central Finikoudes beach. But here the opinions of vacationers were divided. You can sunbathe in the hotel. Since the territory of the hotel is not very large, the pool is located on the roof. But around him are sun loungers and everything, as it should be. Except there are no umbrellas. Tourists claim that swimming there with a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea is a very funny thing.

Flamingo beach hotel 3 reviews


Of course, Larnaca is not Milan or Paris, to specially arrange tours here for the purchase of branded items. But when you come to rest, you always want to take something with you as a keepsake. What ifif you happen to make a good purchase, then the memories of the vacation will become even more valuable. This is what the guests of the Flamingo Beach Hotel 3(Cyprus) think. Their reviews are full of advice on what is better and cheaper to buy in Larnaca. First of all, it is high-quality olive oil at five euros per liter. Various souvenirs and magnets can be purchased at the Fenoukides promenade. For food, halloumi cheese, sweets such as Turkish delight and marshmallows, as well as Cypriot wines, especially Commandria, are usually popular. In addition, those wishing to buy something authentic are recommended to visit the village of Lefkara, which is famous for its lace. The art is so ancient that even Leonardo da Vinci is said to have admired the works of the locals. They bring jugs, mugs and other pottery products from here. But even for this it is better to go to the village - there the prices will be lower than in the center of the resort, and there will be more choice, and there is an opportunity to bargain.


First of all, you need to start with a walk around Larnaca itself. Explore the s alt lake, which is no more than a quarter of an hour away, with its Tekke Hala Sultan mosque. By the way, she is very revered in the Islamic world. Go around the ancient Greek ruins in the center, as well as go to the ancient churches and mosques. After all, Larnaca is one of the unique places where different cultures and religious traditions coexist peacefully. And then, if you have already arrived in Cyprus, then you should carefully examine the surroundings, and indeed the whole. island. Moreover, the Flamingo Beach Hotel 3(Larnaca) has all the possibilities for this. Among the popular excursions among tourists, one should name a sightseeing tour of Cyprus, inFamagusta (to Turkish territory), as well as to Paphos, where, according to legend, Venus emerged from the foamy waves. Highly recommend trips that include lunch. On average, the price of an excursion is about fifty or sixty euros. And if you arrive in the “off season”, when group trips are not arranged, and you can rent a car, the administration will give you a map of Cyprus and describe in detail what and when to visit.

Flamingo Beach Hotel 3 - reviews

People of different nationalities live here - British and Iranians, Russians and Arabs, Ukrainians and Germans. There are also local residents. Clean rooms, timely and high-quality cleaning, reasonable prices in the bar and restaurant. Tourists highly appreciated the possibility of an easy walk in the evening to the center of Larnaca along the beautiful and illuminated fenced promenade. The location of the hotel is considered one of its biggest bonuses. Many who have rested here write that they would go to this hotel again. Dazzlingly beautiful nature, blue sea - relaxation is such that you don’t want to return home at all. The Flamingo Beach Hotel 3not only lives up to its "stars", but also offers guests much more services than this category requires.

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