Metro station "Ul. Podbelskogo"

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Metro station "Ul. Podbelskogo"
Metro station "Ul. Podbelskogo"

Rokossovsky Boulevard metro station, formerly known as Ul. Podbelsky, is the terminus in the north of the red, Sokolnicheskaya line of the Moscow Metro. It is quite new, but it is of great importance for the development of the capital and providing a comfortable and fast way of passenger transportation.

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History of Creation

Metro station "Ul. Podbelsky” was built relatively recently - in 1990, at the turn of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the division of the union republics into separate, independent states. However, even in the face of economic problems and financial shortages, the Moscow Metro continued to develop and expand to meet the needs of a growing metropolis in transport links between residential areas and the historical center.

The opening took place on August 1, 1990. On the same day, another station was solemnly opened - "Cherkizovskaya", which is located next to the metro station "Ul. Podbelsky". These two stations have taken on a huge passenger flow, as this area of ​​the city has long suffered from a lack of public transport. Since then, the metro station "Ul. Podbelsky", and now "Rokossovsky Boulevard"regularly transports passengers to and from work.

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External and internal decoration of the station is quite modest compared to many other metro stations that the city of Moscow has. "St. Podbelsky” is decorated with white marble and dark granite. There are no busts or monuments at the station. She is quite strict and ascetic in design decisions. The track walls are decorated with a geometric pattern of metal stripes.

The station has two vestibules - north and south. More than 50,000 people use it every day.

This station is shallow - the depth is only 8 meters. The construction was carried out according to a standard project, and precast concrete was taken as the basis.

There are two rows of 26 columns on the platform. They give the already rather strict decoration of the station additional harmony and order.

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Name history

The station was named after a prominent statesman and party leader Vadim Podbelsky, who at the beginning of the 20th century worked as the People's Commissar of Posts and Telegraphs of the RSFSR, and later oversaw the construction of the Shukhov tower on Shabolovka. Near the station was the street of the same name. Podbelsky, however, literally two years after its opening, the street was renamed Ivanteevskaya, and the geographical reference of the name was lost.

During the development of the city, at different times there were projects to rename the station: "North-Eastern", "Ivanteevskaya" -but none of them were accepted. In the second decade of the 21st century, the question arose again of a new name for the station, which would be more in line with its new surroundings. And on July 8, 2014, the station "st. Podbelsky" continued its work under a new name - "Rokossovsky Boulevard". The boulevard of the same name, however, is located quite far from the lobbies - about 500 meters. This fact caused some criticism, as there were other options for names that were rejected by a special commission.

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Infrastructure around the station

A fairly extensive infrastructure has been established in the metro area "st. Podbelsky". There are hotels and hostels here, although they are few. They are mostly located closer to the ring stations. But if you need to settle in this particular area, then there are such opportunities. For example, you can comfortably settle in the Hospitable House Hotel or the Usadba Hotel, which are located near this metro station. Hostel "Uyutny Dom" is the closest.

Izmailovsky Park is located in relative proximity, where locals like to walk. A little further away are the All-Russian Exhibition Center (VVC) and the Ostankino TV Tower.

The Lokomotiv football stadium was built not far from the specified point.

There is a picturesque boulevard of Marshal Rokossovsky, half a kilometer from the metro station, where a monument to him has been erected, and modern artists have created graffiti with a portrait of the marshal on the end wall of house 27/20.

Near on the street. The fighting is quite young, butpromising "Theater 31", where you can see the game of talented actors in original productions.

Connoisseurs of the cultural life of the capital are well acquainted with the theater "Harlequin" under the direction of Sergei Melkonyan. For more than 40 years, this theater has been pleasing its audience with a wonderful performance and a wonderful selection of repertoire.

As in any residential area, there are many small grocery stores, several shopping centers, as well as businesses providing services to the population: beauty salons, cafes, bars, restaurants and entertainment centers.

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Current State

Besides changing the name, no large-scale restoration or design work has been carried out to change the appearance of the station. It remains a fairly simple, functional station, the main task of which was and is to connect the peripheral areas of the capital with other parts of the city. However, it is worth noting that she copes with her role remarkably. The metro management monitors its general condition and appearance. Since it was built not so long ago, the outer cladding has not yet had time to age or fail so much that it would require work to eliminate the shortcomings.

Prospects for development

When designing the station "Ul. Podbelsky" it was assumed that in the foreseeable future it would become part of the Big Circle Line, connecting the terminal stations of the metro lines. But later it was decided to abandon this plan. Despite this, the ever-growing citystill requires the creation of new interchange hubs, but the metro station "Rokossovsky Boulevard" is not included in these plans. Nevertheless, the station plays a big role in the work and development of the Eastern Administrative District of the capital.

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