Star of the East - Sinai Peninsula

Star of the East - Sinai Peninsula
Star of the East - Sinai Peninsula

Undoubtedly, one of the most amazing wonders of the world can be considered the Sinai Peninsula, which is located between Africa and Asia. Geographically, these lands belong to Egypt, so all the resorts and entertainment that are located there have much in common with this famous sunny country. There is a warm sea, and a desert, and natural stunning landscapes, as well as all kinds of entertainment and restaurants that modern tourists need so much.

Sinai peninsula

The Sinai Peninsula is washed by the waters of the Red Sea, and on the African side is the Gulf of Suez, and on the Asian side - the waters of the Gulf of Aqaba. Once upon a time, the famous silk road passed through these lands, through which caravans delivered expensive fabrics and other riches from the Far East to Egypt. It is believed that it was in this place that Moses talked with the Creator of our world. And today, the Sinai Peninsula is a sample of the richest nature, where crystalline rocks formed low mountains. They contain elements colored in red, blue, green, pink and purple.the colors that form the Colorful Canyon.

sharm el sheikh sinai peninsula

The main attraction of this area is Mount Sinai, whose height is 2285 meters. You can climb it along two paths, one of which is not too long, but incredibly steep, and the other is gentle, but it will take a long time to walk along it. These paths reunite near the chapel of St. Catherine, and then you can get to the top of Sinai by a staircase, which consists of 3400 steps. Not every traveler has the courage to overcome this test, so for the weak there are camels on which you can ride to the top.

Sinai resorts

St. Catherine's Monastery is also of great interest to tourists. It is considered the oldest Christian temple in the world and is located in the valley between the mountains of Moses, 200 kilometers from the city of Sharm el-Sheikh. The Sinai Peninsula is also famous for its burning bush - a bush that grows near the monastery. It is believed that in the flame of this plant, the Lord first appeared to the eyes of Moses, and since then the roots of the bush have been a support for the foundation of the entire building.

The Sinai Peninsula is also a place where you can improve your he alth and get rid of various ailments. On its territory there are many hot springs, the occurrence of which is also associated with the biblical legend of Moses. The most popular are the waters of the Uyun-Musa spring in the west of the peninsula. An excellent alternative to chemical rejuvenation can be "Pharaoh's baths",which are located 130 kilometers from the spring. And in the very south, not far from the city of Tor, there are "Moses' baths", where you can correct your nerves, cure arthritis, rheumatism and other unpleasant diseases.

Finally, it is worth noting that the resorts of the Sinai Peninsula are a real paradise, in which people from different countries have been relaxing for many years. The most popular city is Sharm el-Sheikh, which is literally indented with various bays and lagoons. Prices here are slightly higher than in other cities in Egypt, but its natural heritage, historical sites and infrastructure are worth it.

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