Almaty, Kazakhstan: the unique pearl of Asia

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Almaty, Kazakhstan: the unique pearl of Asia
Almaty, Kazakhstan: the unique pearl of Asia

In the very center of Eurasia, in the south of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the city of Almaty is located. The "southern capital" of Kazakhstan is famous for its hospitality and originality. The city is open to all travelers - Almaty is a pleasure to visit both on a business trip and during leisure. Good and come visit here.

Almaty, Kazakhstan


The first settlements on the site of the future city appeared in the X-IX centuries BC. e. In the VIII-X centuries A.D. e. on this place there was a settlement called Almatu (translated from Kazakh - apple tree), - it was an important point of the Great Silk Road. In the XIII century, the village lost its significance, and was later destroyed by the army of Genghis Khan. Only a small village remained at this place. Further development of Almaty begins after the Russians founded a military fortification here in 1854 - then it was the village of Verny. It gradually grew, new enterprises were organized, manufacturing industry, the population increased. In 1918, with the advent of Soviet power, Verny received the status of an administrative center, and in 1927 became the capital of the Kazakh ASSR. Alma-Ata remainedthe capital of the independent Republic of Kazakhstan until 1997. Later, the capital was moved to Astana, but Almaty is still recognized as the southern capital of the state.

General information

The city of Almaty (Kazakhstan) is the economic and cultural center of the republic. Its population, according to 2013 data, is about 1.5 million people - this is the largest city in the country. The city is a modern metropolis, it is convenient to live and work in it. In 2011, the metro opened in Almaty - 6 million passengers were transported in the first year of operation. There is an international airport that receives and welcomes travelers from almost all countries of the world. The climate is mild, the average air temperature is 10 degrees. Postal code - 050000, telephone code of Almaty (Kazakhstan) - +7(7272).

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Many tourists and travelers are attracted by the culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Almaty is a city that must be visited by everyone who wants to enjoy the developed infrastructure, special climate, Kazakh hospitality and local attractions. The city of Almaty is the starting point for a trip to Medeo, a sports complex located 15 km from the city. There is stunning mountain air, beautiful and majestic landscapes, a skating rink, the ice of which is the purest mountain water without any impurities.

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Another natural attraction is Mount Kok-Tobe, whose height is 1130 meters above sea level. The famousAlmaty TV tower 372 meters high. It has two viewing platforms, which offer an excellent view of the city.

Almaty (Kazakhstan) is the center of various architectural monuments, entertainment enterprises, cultural events and tourist sites. You should definitely see the Palace of the Republic, the monument to the Beatles, the Memorial of Glory, the Ascension Cathedral, the Central Mosque and the Monument of Independence. Almaty is famous for its numerous green parks and gardens, more than 120 fountains have been built in the city, each of which is a carefully thought-out and designed creation of architects.

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Almaty (Kazakhstan) is a modern metropolis

Despite the lost status of the capital, the city remains an important center of the historical, economic, cultural and scientific life of the country. Many embassies remained in Almaty, the National Bank of Kazakhstan is also located here. In 2007, Almaty was included in the list of the most expensive cities in the world, placing it in 30th place. The southern capital is a cluster of educational institutions, young people come here to receive education not only from all over Kazakhstan, but also from neighboring states. More than 270 cultural and educational organizations, which include theaters, art galleries and exhibitions, museums, libraries, offer spiritual food to the most demanding intellectuals.

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Twin Cities

The city of Almaty, Kazakhstan generally maintains trade and economic ties with many other citiesstates. Urumqi in China, Vilnius in Lithuania, Tashkent in Uzbekistan, from Russian cities - St. Petersburg and Kazan, as well as Kyiv in Ukraine and Tel Aviv in Israel.

Kazakhfilm Film Studio named after Shaken Aimanov is also located in Almaty. It filmed real masterpieces of Soviet cinema - for example, the film "The Needle", in which Viktor Tsoi played the main role. Many films were made with the assistance of Mosfilm - "The Taste of Bread", "Alien White and Pockmarked".

The editorial offices of many Kazakhstani TV channels are located in Almaty, most of the newspapers and magazines of the republic, the offices of radio stations are also based in the southern capital. In Kazakhstan, the state language is Kazakh, and the language of interethnic communication is Russian. Therefore, there are both Kazakh and Russian media in the country.

Almaty, Kazakhstan

The former capital of Kazakhstan - Almaty - has a rich history and is of interest to all Asian explorers. The modern city is not inferior in its development to the capitals of other states. Transport and tourist organizations offer excursions around Almaty and the main local attractions. The southern capital of Kazakhstan is always open to all travelers, it is known for its hospitality and quality service.

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