Kan - a river in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

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Kan - a river in the Krasnoyarsk Territory
Kan - a river in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

The Kan River is located in the center of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, is a major tributary of the river. Yenisei. It begins on the territory of the Eastern Sayan, on the northern side of the Kansky Belogorye at the place where the r. Silent Kan and Wild Kan.


Wide floodplain and meandering channel make the river. Caen is attractive for lovers of downhill kayaking. On its sandy shores it is pleasant to rest with a tent, if you find a gentle, safe place where there will be no cliff.

can river

Tourists and residents of nearby areas love to swim in the water and admire the surrounding scenery. It is interesting to sail past the islands that go around the current, get to know the mountain peaks and hills.

There are places through which it is easy to drive up to the channel by car or walk. Due to the large amount of silt, the water has a brownish tint. At the bottom are pebbles, clay and sand, algae.

The Kan River in the Krasnoyarsk Territory passes the deepening of the Kansko-Rybinsk basin and spurs in the south of the Yenisei Ridge. Its confluence with the Yenisei takes place at a distance of 108 kilometers from Krasnoyarsk. The total length is 629 km. The water intake occupies an area of ​​36.9 km. sq. On average, water moves with an intensity of 288 cubic meters per second and falls from the source (Dikoy Kan area) to the mouth for 1.35 km.

Mountain part

The most abundant phase in the water regime is the high water in summer and spring. There were years when floods reached catastrophic proportions due to heavy rains.

Kan is a river with large tributaries: on the left is Bolshoy Urey, Pezo, Anzha, Kirel, Rybnaya, on the right are Agul, Kungus, Nemkina, Kurysh, Bogu-nay.

The upper part of the current is an ordinary mountain-type water artery. The water here flows quickly along the rapids channel, bypassing the steep and rocky shores. Athletes, as well as people who are interested in non-trivial obstacles, are recommended to visit between the tributaries of the Tuksha and the Yanga. There are elements that reach categories 3 and 4 in complexity.

After two kilometers from here, the narrowing of the valley occurs, entering the narrowness of the canyon, along which the river follows for 25 kilometers. There are a lot of shivers, thresholds and clamps, which makes the trip exciting.

Kan river

Variability of the channel

Lovers of a calm water journey rejoice, bypassing this segment, because the farther the maximum that can disturb the peace of the wanderer is a small stone, a blockage or a rift. However, the peace does not last long.

Kan is a river that, approaching the mouth of the Peso, again acquires a swift current. At this point, its width is 67 meters. Upon reaching the village of Orye, it is 107 m, and near the village of Irbeysky - 180 m. To get to the most spacious place in the channel, it is worth moving towards the city of Kansk (390 m). Mainly at the top and in the area of ​​Agul, a full-flowing tributary of the river, there is a northerly direction of the current.

Bypassing the mouth of the river. Kireli,you can get to the Kansk forest-steppe. Swim calmly here. People in boats admire the surrounding islands. Upon reaching the city of Kansk, a turn is made to the west.

Having sailed 75 kilometers from it, they get to the Yenisei ridge. Further, mountain landscapes stretched for 140 km. The valley has many rapids and is narrow. The nature of the current again acquires mountain features. A gorge of great depth, at times 30 meters wide.

Kan is a river, which in this area is characterized by such obstacles as a rapid (most tourists hear about the Bolshoi, Komarovsky and Kos), a stone roll or a shiver. Descending to the area passing by this section, you can again enjoy the calmness of the flow, characteristic of the flat terrain.

Kan river in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

The beauty of nature

Gives wonderful scenery to travelers the river Kan. Her photos are beautiful and show wonderful landscapes. Worthy of attention are gorges of small width, such as Kanskoye, on which there is a mark of the highest height of 2.26 km (Pyramid Mountain), Tukshinskoye (2.26 km), Pezinskoye (2.17 km), Agulskie squirrels (2.6 km), Idarskoe (1, 7 km). The water of the mountain river flows here at great speed, it just rumbles, falling off the waterfalls, bypassing the rapids.

Meadow expanses, dense tundra, flowing into glaciers rising above the ground, fascinate. On the left bank of the M. Agula River near Orzagay and Agula before the river. The Taybinsky custom-made complex is located in Gareloy. Leaving the Kansk-Rybinsk plain (hollow), travelers see surfaces separated by water,consisting of small hills covered with swamps, forests and steppe. They rise above the general level of the landscape by 250-300 meters.

Kan is a river, into which valleys with small width tracks cut shallowly, the same is typical for tributaries. Basically, the relief consists of beams and ravines. It is characterized by eolian forms. On the territory of the foothills of the Yenisei Ridge and the Eastern Sayan, there is an increase, the presence of low mountains and hills is noted.

fishing on the river

Neighborhood history

In ancient times, cats and Kamasinians lived on the coast of the river, communicating in Celtic. The Slavic population settled here with the construction of the Krasnoyarsk prison in 1628. In the first half of the 18th century, people were drawn here more. Today, on the local shores, people live in small settlements: Sayansky district, Irbeysky (village Ivanovka, Aleksandrovka).

There are also many residents in the village of Aurier, Yudino, Can-Aucleret. The geographical location of this area is in the hands of its inhabitants, so the Kansk region is especially densely populated. The city of Kansk ranks 4th in terms of the number of citizens in the region. The greatest emphasis is placed on food and light industry.

Big catch

Fishing on the Kan River is a common way to spend a day off for residents and visitors of the city. Row and motor boat rides are available. Many have managed to identify fishing spots for themselves.

Good bite observed throughout the year. Spawning occurs in the spring, so only one line is allowed. Allowable number pre-sethooks.

river kan photo

Having been here, the fisherman has a great chance to go home with excellent roach, dace, carp, pike, lenok, grayling, perch, ruff, bream, tench, burbot or ide. The choice is quite wide. 20 years ago, sterlet and Siberian sturgeon were caught here. After the power plants were built on the rivers, it is extremely difficult to meet these species, they are listed in the local Red Book.

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