Where to listen to jazz in Moscow: popular places

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Where to listen to jazz in Moscow: popular places
Where to listen to jazz in Moscow: popular places

The Russian capital is rich in concert venues and talented musicians. There are many places in Moscow where you can listen to jazz. You can choose whether to listen only to this direction of music or in combination with other genres. Jazz can be both traditional and modern.


You can listen to jazz in Moscow, for example, at the conservatory. This is a place where it is pleasant to enjoy music in a calm environment and in the purest performance. The Tchaikovsky Conservatory is located on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, 13/6.

The building has excellent acoustics, there are two halls - Large and Small. In addition to classical works, jazz is often played at the conservatory. For example, the program "Kurekhin and Aigi". The cost of an entrance ticket to the conservatory varies from 600 to 3500 rubles.

where to listen to jazz in moscow

Moscow International House of Music

Another place in Moscow to listen to jazz – is the Moscow International House of Music. It is located on Kosmodamianskaya embankment, 52, building 8.The House of Music was opened in 2003 and immediately became very popular with the townspeople and guests of Moscow. The complex has three halls where jazz performers perform. They represent both solo numbers and entire programs.

Classical music is performed by Y. Bashmet, P. Domingo, D. Matsuev and many others. You can buy a ticket for a concert of the Big Jazz Orchestra. The approximate cost of an entrance ticket to the House of Music is from 600 to 1300 rubles.


There are several famous jazz clubs in Moscow. For example, the "Union of Composers", whose address is: Bryusov per. 8/10, building 2. On weekends, the club hosts Andrey Makarevich's Jazz Transformations program or retro music. The Real Jam project revives old jazz traditions, and Che Guevara Jazz will remember the virtuosity of the musicians and arrangements for a long time. The ticket price varies from about 600 to 4500 rubles.

where can i listen to jazz in moscow

Butman's Club on Taganka is another place in Moscow where you can listen to jazz. In addition to it, the blues is also presented in the program. Popular Moscow performers perform here: Mike Stern, Dave Weckl and many others. The club features many different musical styles:

  • jazz-rock;
  • blues;
  • acoustic mainstream;
  • soul;
  • ethnojazz;
  • funk etc

Among Russian performers, the Butman club is also considered a prestigious place for performances. Therefore, “native” performers often appear in the institution,who present their new albums and entire programs.

de listen to jazz in Moscow in a cafe

In the club Defaqto, which is located on Bolshaya Lubyanka street, 30/2, everyone can find music to their liking, including jazz. The establishment combines both a bar with brick walls and a restaurant with starched tablecloths. Accordingly, jazz is performed not only in the classical version. This club mainly performs young metropolitan bands and single musicians playing solo. But from time to time, jazz "sharks" also visit the institution.

Where else can I listen to jazz in Moscow? In the club "Forte" you can enjoy great sound. All the necessary conditions for performers have been created here. As a result, jazz here sounds heartfelt and captivates the audience. The "Arsenal" ensemble often performs in the "Fort" with the leader A. Kozlov. You can also enjoy the performance of Gia Dzagnidze and one of the most popular Moscow bands - Modern Blues Band. And the Esh band will delight you with the performance of Brazilian jazz in Portuguese.

Music connoisseurs are united by Esse club. Not only domestic, but also foreign musicians perform in the institution. There are different types of music, including jazz. Photo exhibitions and silent film screenings are often held right in the club during the performance of the performers. The emphasis in this institution is on jazz concerts.

where in Moscow to listen to jazz and blues


Where in Moscow to listen to jazz today? Every day you can visit the Bourbon street bar. They play there every nightmesmerizing jazz tunes. The bar is decorated in the style of the American city of New Orleans, as it was in the early twentieth century. This metropolis is the birthplace of the famous Louis Armstrong. New Orleans is called "the cradle of world jazz". The atmosphere of those times is completely recreated in the design of the bar. Musicians play their works every evening, until the morning.

Bar "Rhythm Blues" is located near the metro station "Library of Lenin". In the institution every day you can hear live concerts of jazz, country and blues. The bar has a summer terrace and a large hall. The walls of the room are decorated with graffiti, and the cost of tickets is very small.

where to listen to jazz in Moscow today

Moscow House of Blues "B.B.King"

The ideal place in Moscow to listen to jazz and blues is B.B.King. The building of cultural recreation is located at the address: Sadovaya-Samotechnaya street, 4с2. Any visitor can be lucky to receive a bonus. It consists in providing the guest with a table at which Sting or Ghris Rea sat. The approximate ticket price is from 1000 to 4500 rubles.

Art Cafe

There are several places in Moscow where you can listen to jazz in cafes. Art-institution "Durov" is located at the address: Pavlovskaya street, 6. The cafe occupies a large building. In addition to performances and fashion shows, "Durov" became famous for the famous project that appeared within the walls of this institution. Jazz musicians perform weekly on the stage of the art cafe. In "Durov" you can hear both old and modern works.

Recommended to visit the FAQ-Cafe. ATthis art cafe performs not only jazz. There are such directions as blues, jam sessions. And on Mondays, the best Moscow jazz performers with different formats take the stage. Art cafe is located on Bolshaya Polyanka street, 65/74, building 1.


Another place to listen to jazz in Moscow – is restaurants. One of them, "Academic", is located in the center of the capital, on Donskaya street, 1. The restaurant operates non-stop. Every evening the best European and Russian musicians play in the institution, including those with a jazz direction.

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In the Radio City restaurant you can not only enjoy delicious cuisine, but also feel like you are in the birthplace of jazz. In addition to the performances of musicians, the institution has separate master classes that everyone can attend. These lessons teach dancing.

Rhythm Blues Cafe is one of the most famous Moscow restaurants. It is located at: Starovagankovsky per., 19, building 2. The founders of the restaurant were world-famous performers and musicians. These are Valery Meladze, Andrey Makarevich and Stas Namin.

Jazz music is played every day at Rhythm Blues Cafe. And the concerts are held "live". In addition to jazz, rock and roll, blues, funk and many other styles are performed. The restaurant has been a center of attraction for music connoisseurs since 1998. In the Rhythm Blues Cafe you can enjoy old New Orleans jazz, original programs and improvisations. The facade of the restaurant depicts the world's rock stars. The institution is located near the Kremlin.The restaurant has an excellent choice of cuisine: Mexican, European, American, etc.

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