Best place for outdoor activities in Russia: Losevo, Leningrad region

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Best place for outdoor activities in Russia: Losevo, Leningrad region
Best place for outdoor activities in Russia: Losevo, Leningrad region

Are you a supporter of outdoor activities? Interested in rafting and other water sports? Then you should go to the Leningrad region in the village of Losevo. This is exactly the place where both lovers of extreme sports and those who prefer a quiet pastime in the bosom of nature will feel great. Here you will not only have fun surfing the water, but also find a large number of friends and like-minded people.

History of Losevo settlement

The history of Losevo dates back to 1948. Until that time, this village was subordinate to Finland and had a different name - Kiviniemi, which means "stone cape" in Russian. However, after this settlement passed to the Leningrad region in 1945, it was decided to rename it Losevo.

Currently, the village of Losevo, Leningrad Regionconsists of 10-12 streets, and the population is about 2000 people.

Losevo in winter


You should not look for sights in the village of Losevo, Leningrad Region, the whole village itself is a real attraction that fascinates with its miraculous beauty. These places simply attract with their virgin purity and enchant with landscapes. Despite the fact that the village is small and sparsely populated, near it you can find a large number of children's camps, he alth resorts and recreation centers. But Losevsky threshold is still considered one of the most favorite places for tourists. It was formed as a result of technical work between the Vuoksa River and Sukhodolskoye Lake. Previously, it was planned to organize a wide passage to Lake Ladoga at this place, but this was not possible. The passage turned out to be small, as a result of which ships could not cross it. After some time, the formed Losevsky rapids began to be used for extreme water sports: rafting, kayaking, etc.

If you plan to spend at least 2-3 days in Losevo, Leningrad region, then you need to stay at the Losevo recreation center. And if you wish, you can pitch a tent on the picturesque bank of the Vuoksa River.

Settlement of Losevo

Entertainment in Losevo

Here you can not only relax away from the noisy city, but also have fun. For example, in the village of Losevo, entertainment such as:

  • Ride onkayak.
  • Rafting.
  • Water slalom.
  • Rubber alloy.

Among other things, during the influx of tourists (from April to October), various festivals and bard concerts are held in Losevo. One of the most important festivals is "Vuoksa", which gathers a large number of admirers. At this festival, desperate water sports enthusiasts compete in swims along the river.

Vuoksa river

Tourist guide

This wonderful and picturesque place is located on the border of Finland and Russia. There are two ways to get to the village of Losevo in the Leningrad Region: by car or by train. Those who chose the first option should get to St. Petersburg in any convenient way (by bus, train, plane). Then, moving towards the north, keep to the Priozersky highway, which one way or another will lead you straight to the village. The road from St. Petersburg to Losevo is no more than 80 km. For those who like to go the beaten path, the second option is suitable - the train. Similar suburban trains depart daily from St. Petersburg.

The village of Losevo is ideal for relaxing for all those who are not looking for easy ways, who prefer a tent camp and food cooked on a fire, who can spend a few days away from civilization and familiar comfort. It is a mistake to believe that such a vacation is for those who cannot afford a trip to expensive resorts. After all, Losevo is a place where fresh air, crystal clear water and entertainment are perfectly combined,which are simply breathtaking. Believe me, not every resort can boast of this.

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