Phu Hai Resort 4(Phan Thiet, Vietnam): hotel infrastructure, room description, service, reviews

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Phu Hai Resort 4(Phan Thiet, Vietnam): hotel infrastructure, room description, service, reviews
Phu Hai Resort 4(Phan Thiet, Vietnam): hotel infrastructure, room description, service, reviews

Phan Thiet is a rather young resort, but it has already managed to gain fame as the capital of surfers in Vietnam. However, not only athletes come here, but mostly lovers of a relaxing beach holiday. There is enough space for everyone in the resort. Phan Thiet stretches for more than forty kilometers along the coast of the South China Sea. So, the city captured the surrounding villages, among which the most famous is Mui Ne.

International surfing competitions are held here every year. Any tour operator will say that daredevils who ride on the crest of a wave on boards, and lovers of soaking up the sand and swimming in a calm sea, in principle, do not meet in the same resort. But Phan Thiet is unique in that it provides all categories of tourists with a quality (in their understanding) vacation. In this article we will consider the Phu Hai Resort 4hotel. Where is it located, what are its numbers, infrastructure andservice - see below. Our description was based on the reviews of tourists who recently vacationed at the hotel.

Hotel Phu Hai Resort 4

When to go to Phan Thiet

This resort is located in South Vietnam and therefore has a tropical climate. But you should not indiscriminately assert that the high tourist season in Phan Thiet falls on the winter months, and the showers pass in the summer. Rather, all this is so. But clear skies don't always equate to "a good time for a beach holiday." For example, in February the weather in Phan Thiet is clear and dry. For the whole month, not a single rain passes, and there are a maximum of seven days with variable cloudiness. Why not a good season for beachgoers? But there is a nuance.

If you plan to swim exclusively in the pool, then the winter in Phan Thiet is completely suitable for you. For that is when strong winds blow here. On the one hand, they disperse the terrible heat and reduce the humidity of the air. But on the other hand, the winds raise serious waves. These are the very correct shafts that made the capital of surfing out of the resort. The weather in Phan Thiet in February is the most windy of the year. But in the rainy season, the sea completely calms down.

Of course, going to the tropics in the summer is like playing Russian roulette: it can be a completely clear week with one night rain, or it can pour without ceasing for a whole decade. Experienced travelers are advised to come to Phan Thiet in the off-season: the end of March, April, October and November are the best periods for a beach holiday.

Weather in Phan Thiet in February

Hotel location

ThoughThe "port of registry" of the Phu Hai Resort 4hotel is Phan Thiet (Vietnam), it is located closer to the village of Mui Ne. To the last settlement - only three kilometers, and to the city - as much as 8 km (ten minutes by taxi). Thus, we can state that a stay at the hotel will appeal to those who are looking for solitude and silence in the bosom of tropical bucolics.

Nearby are the same quiet hotels for families with children, couples and pensioners: Aroma Beach Resort, Amaryllis, Lotus, White Sand, Romana and Victoria. Mui Ne can be easily reached by taxi, rickshaw, and even if you wish, on foot, along the seashore. In this village there are a lot of cafes with affordable prices, shops, evening entertainment. It is about 200 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City International Airport to the hotel.


Phu Hai Resort 4 (Phan Thiet, Vietnam) was built in 2001, the last renovation took place in 2017. By the way, repairs in the hotel are carried out regularly, and a new one is planned for the rainy season (summer 2019). The territory of the hotel is huge - 30 thousand square meters. Closer to the road there is a reception, a restaurant and other similar establishments. At the end, away from the sea, there are four 2-4-storey buildings. They are mostly lower priced rooms, but there are also suites.

Closer to the sea, among coconut palms and tropical trees, 38 one-two-story villas are scattered. The buildings are built in the European Art Nouveau style. But the bungalows on the exterior resemble traditional Vietnamese huts. But only externally! Inside, they impress with modern comfort.If the hotel is not 100% full, it is possible to upgrade the room in the building to a villa. The area is very beautiful, it is carefully cleaned. At certain times, the bushes are treated for insects, so there are no mosquitoes in the hotel.

Phu Hai Resort 4: description of rooms in buildings

The cheapest room category at the Phu Hai Resort is called deluxe rooms. These rooms are located in two old buildings and have a balcony (or terrace if it is on the first floor) overlooking the garden. The deluxe suites have everything you need for a quality holiday: air conditioning, TV, mini-bar, hairdryer, electric kettle with daily replenished bags of drinks. Every other day, the maids bring a fruit basket, and they clean it every day.

Premium rooms are large and have a safe. The studio is a luxurious and spacious suite with a living area in the bedroom. Grand deluxe rooms are located in the new building. Depending on the scenery from the balconies, they are divided into garden view and ocean view rooms.

Most Russian tour operators focus on the lower price segment, selling trips to Vietnam. The price of such a tour starts from 51 thousand rubles in a four-star hotel with breakfast in Mui Ne or Phan Thiet for 8 nights with a flight. Many tourists mention that they tried to upgrade to a villa in a hotel on the spot. But not everyone succeeded, because bungalows are very popular and are reserved in advance.

Phu Hai Resort 4: description of rooms

Villa Overview

One and two-story bungalows stand separatelyfrom each other, creating the illusion of privacy. They are completely surrounded by greenery. Those houses that are located away from the sea have balconies and terraces overlooking the garden. They consist of a bedroom and a separate living room, and the bathroom is partially open-air. The larger bungalow has a room with two bedrooms, a living room and 2 bathrooms. They are adjoined by a huge terrace with sun loungers.

The hotel Phu Hai Resort 4(Phan Thiet, Vietnam) has a bungalow, standing right at the edge of the beach. These rooms are more expensive. They are also designed to accommodate two or three (with one bedroom) or four guests (with two). The situation in these villas is more luxurious than in the rooms. There are large and flat screen TVs, and a split system works instead of air conditioning. Guests are offered bathrobes and slippers, cosmetic accessories.

Phu Hai Resort 4 - villas


Russian tour operators sell vouchers to this hotel, they warn that only breakfast is included in the price. The lion's share of travelers was content with this. Although you can book half or full board at the restaurant of the Phu Hai Resort 4hotel (Phan Thiet, Vietnam) or pay extra for lunch and dinner on the spot.

Tourists have the most pleasant memories of breakfast. At the morning meal at the hotel, you can even eat an unusually delicious Vietnamese pho soup with various additives to your liking. Also, many other hearty dishes are served for breakfast, which we usually eat for lunch: meat and fish with a side dish, stewed vegetables, and so on. Coffee even fromapparatus, but very tasty, say the guests.

Some tourists ordered dinner at the hotel restaurant, because there tables are served right on the beach, in a very romantic setting, by torchlight. In order to dine outside the hotel, you do not need to go to Phan Thiet or Mui Ne at all. Just outside the gate is a small Vietnamese restaurant: everything is clean, the portions are large, and the prices are lower than in Mui Ne. There is also a grocery store nearby.

Phu Hai Resort 4 - restaurant

Beach and pool

Phu Nai Resort Hotel is on the first line. It has its own sandy beach. Tourists assure that it is cleaned very carefully, so that you can fearlessly walk barefoot. Bathing also does not require special shoes, since entry into the sea is free from corals. There is a sandbank on this beach, so there is only one expanse for kids. According to tourists who rested in the summer months, the water in the sea is muddy and it is impossible to swim in the sea with a mask. And in the high season (for surfers) it's scary to approach the water element.

In April it is good to swim in the morning and in the evening, and in the afternoon the wind rises. The beach in this place is almost deserted, because, apart from a few hotels, there is nothing here. There are enough beds for everyone. There are enough of them both on the beach and by the pool. The swimming pool has a curved lagoon shape and is filled with the purest water. Next to it is the bar "Nautilus". In the reviews, tourists note that the pool can also be used in the evening, when it is beautifully illuminated. There is also an artificial waterfall. Like a disadvantagetourists note that the hotel does not provide beach towels.

Hotel Phu Hai Resort 4- swimming pool

Infrastructure of Phu Hai Resort 4

There is a tennis court on the vast territory of the hotel. Guests can borrow rackets and balls free of charge. For money, only lighting of the court is carried out in the evening hours. On the outside of the main administrative building there is secure parking for cars, scooters and bicycles. You can leave your vehicle there for free. Also on the territory of the hotel are available:

  • laundry,
  • library,
  • spa,
  • shop gallery,
  • currency exchange,
  • ATM,
  • gym,
  • car rental.

In all rooms - in the buildings, in the most remote villas, as well as by the pool and even on the beach, there is free and very fast Wi-Fi for Vietnam.

Phu Hai Resort 4- hotel infrastructure

Hotel services

All tourists agree that the service at Phu Hai Resort 4is at its best. Newly arrived guests are greeted with a welcome cocktail and dessert. Free services include transfers to Phan Thiet and Mui Ne. The bus runs four times a day. Your child can have fun on the playground or in the playroom. The fitness center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Valuables can be left in the safe at the reception, which works around the clock. There is also a luggage storage. The list of paid services is even more extensive.You will be taken to the airport, at any time taken to the center of Phan Thiet. 24-hour room service is available. Tourists recommend visiting the spa, which offers several types of massages and bath treatments.

General reviews

Most of the guests enjoyed their stay at Phu Hai Resort 4. Reviews are full of such expressions as "a chic hotel", "a fabulous vacation." The audience in the hotel is international. There are only a few Russian tourists, but Chinese groups come here. No cases of theft are reported in the reviews. Cleaned at the hotel for a solid five. The entire staff is smiling and friendly. But no one speaks Russian. Although a basic knowledge of English will be enough to communicate with the staff.

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