Avaza resort, Turkmenistan: photos, hotels, tours, tourist reviews

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Avaza resort, Turkmenistan: photos, hotels, tours, tourist reviews
Avaza resort, Turkmenistan: photos, hotels, tours, tourist reviews

This is a fairly closed Muslim state, which has huge reserves of natural gas. This, perhaps, ends everything that most people know about the country called Turkmenistan. Meanwhile, the eastern state is rich in oddities and unusual sights. Not so long ago, they opened their own resort here. Moreover, the Avaza resort in Turkmenistan is of interest to Russians.

Sights, tourism areas and resort

Turkmenistan is one of the least studied regions among tourists from all over the world. Tourists, as a rule, do not know anything about tours to Avaza, Turkmenistan, if you ask them to show this place on the map, they will only shrug their shoulders. The situation is somewhat better with Russian tourists, but here, too, this resort has been little studied. But in vain. Turkmenistan is considered a kind of road to the hidden world of Eastern civilizations.

photo from the resort

The country has preserved the ruins of ancient states. itthe most valuable historical monuments, among which are listed Nisa, Griffin, Sarah and many other amazing places. Many sights of the country are under the official protection of UNESCO. And the photos from Avaza (Turkmenistan) are really impressive.

The picturesque nature of this hidden state is very attractive. Here you can see old pistachio trees, dinosaur footprints, incredible beauty craters. The most beautiful landscapes of local nature are drawn in springtime.

The areas of the resort in Turkmenistan, Avaza in particular, are actively developing, here they carry out treatment and prevention of many diseases. The richest and largest resort area with sandy beaches was built on the coast of the Caspian Sea. Numerous hotels and holiday homes have opened in Avaza, Turkmenistan.

What else can be found here? The attractiveness of the area does not end with the landscapes and ruins. The real pride of Turkmenistan is its carpets, which have been recognized all over the world. A carpet museum has been opened in Ashgabat - the first of its kind in the entire globe. The local culture is also curious.

avaza hotels turkmenistan


When heading to Avaza (Turkmenistan), it makes sense to pay close attention to the city of Ashgabat. There are many attractions here, this is the heart of this state: the monument of independence of Turkmenistan, the Turkmenbashi Theater, the carpet museum and others. Ashgabat has broken the world record as the city with the largest number of buildings in the world made of marble. He was included in the Book of RecordsGuinness.

In a couple of tens of kilometers from the capital of this state, the most ancient attraction is located. We are talking about the oldest urban settlement, spread out in the middle of the desert - Nisa. It was created in the third century BC. e. Once it was the capital of state education, and in the Middle Ages - an important center on the Silk Road.

The Mongol invasion in 1220, subsequent adverse events predicted the loss of this settlement of its former influence. At the beginning of the 18th century, the city was already almost completely empty. Now only beautiful ruins in the desert remain from Nisa. Today it is protected by UNESCO.

Independence monument in Ashgabat

independence monument

The main sculpture in this eastern state looks very mysterious. We are talking about the monument of independence, which is located in the main park in Ashgabat. This is the highest and most majestic monument in the state over 100 meters.

The main column is impressive, it is decorated with a gilded crescent. The top is crowned with 5 stars, they symbolize the most influential tribes. In the lower part of the monument there are yurts with domes through which water flows. The passage to this sculpture is protected by formidable statues of guardians. They hold at the ready military attributes of ancient times - a sword and a spear. There is a wide sidewalk in front of the monument itself.

Inside the Independence Monument today is the National Jewelery Museum. Its corridors and exhibits will delight every visitor with luxury andwe alth.

Darvaz Crater

local crater

Looking through the photos of the Avaza resort (Turkmenistan), you should pay attention to this attraction, which is not difficult to visit while there. "Gate to hell" - this is how the word "Darvaz" is translated from the local language. And being there, you can easily guess why the crater got its nickname.

Darvaz crater was found by geologists at the end of the 20th century during excavations. Scientists have discovered a huge hole that exuded large volumes of gas.

Approaching the edge of the crater is simply extremely dangerous, and very scary. Therefore, it must be examined carefully and at a respectful distance. Fire pillars that are ejected sometimes fly up to 15 meters into the air. But the sight is truly impressive, according to eyewitness accounts.

local territory

Reviews and hotels

Avaza in Turkmenistan is the main resort of this state, it is located on the Caspian Sea. There are several dozen hotels. Among them: "Khazyna", "Kuvvat", Watanchy, Nebitchi, Serdar. The beaches stretch here for 26 km. By 2020, it is planned to open a dolphinarium, a race track and many attractions in Avaza (Turkmenistan).

It is noteworthy that, according to tourists, there are not so many visitors here at the moment. But for the most part, these places are visited by local residents. For many employees in this state, travel abroad is prohibited, and they have the opportunity to rest only in Avaza.

Visitorsthe resort also notes that prices are quite high here, and therefore the flow of visitors is not too large. So, in a regular hotel, a night will cost $ 70. The rooms are quite ordinary, the Russians compare them with the number of rooms in Antalya. And prices in the middle price segment will be approximately similar.

hotel photos

In addition, in the reviews, tourists note that Turkmenistan itself continues to be one of the most closed countries in the world: the share of visa refusals here is about 98 percent. As a rule, more than 1,000 tourists do not enter the country in a year.

Get into the country

The reviews include information that there are situations when a visa is issued to the whole family, except for one of its members. For example, the basis may be his employment in the field of jurisprudence. And even if a person has already been to Turkmenistan, they may not be allowed to come here for the second time.


Vacationers noted that the air at the resort smells of sulfur. And this is not surprising: there are environmental problems in the region, in the west of the country, nearby, there are industrial plants. Those who visited the resort noted that local shops have a very small assortment of products. The surroundings are being actively planted with trees, but so far the final greening of the territory is still very far away. Meanwhile, the government says that huge funds have been invested in the development of the resort.

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