The best snow resorts in Russia are waiting for you

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The best snow resorts in Russia are waiting for you
The best snow resorts in Russia are waiting for you

Alpine skiing and snowboarding are gaining more and more popularity among Russians. Snow resorts in Russia are becoming more attractive not only for compatriots, but also for foreign tourists.

What is the attraction of winter holidays?

Even the existing rather high price level for ski equipment and overalls, as well as the dangers that await vacationers on steep slopes, are not an obstacle for tourists.

All these difficulties are more than paid off by the snow-white charm of mountain landscapes, the cleanest he alth-giving air and unforgettable emotions that give the best snow resorts.

snow resorts

An obligatory feature of such places is the presence of good tracks. Some daredevils like to explore the so-called wild slopes, but this is far from safe. Of course, only the best snow resorts in our country are distinguished by good ski slopes.

About the benefits of ski resorts

Their pleasant bonuses include the opportunity to use the services of an experienced instructor who will professionally teach the technique of skiing orsnowboarding.

Such snow resorts usually have slopes of various difficulty levels, which allows beginners to master the basics of mountain skiing in a relaxed atmosphere, and more experienced skiers to enjoy the descents from mountain slopes.

snow resorts in Russia

Thanks to skiing from the mountains, you can get not only an excellent physical activity. A person is charged with vivacity for a long time, while enjoying the amazing views of snow-covered mountain forest landscapes, inhaling the purest mountain air.

The impressions of drinking a cup of hot coffee in a cozy cafe on top of a huge mountain are remembered for a long time.

Comfort ski holiday

All snow resorts of this level have a highly developed and most modern infrastructure, for example, you won’t surprise anyone with modern wagons that lift vacationers to the tops of the mountains, which used to be inherent only in foreign centers.

Hotels, cottages and other types of rental housing near mountain slopes for any wallet size allow a vacationer to choose a convenient ski tour for several days or weeks to enjoy a light frost and bright sun.

snow resorts in the Krasnodar Territory

Here you can not only enjoy skiing, but also comfortably relax in the cozy restaurants, nightclubs, saunas, baths, rent a snowmobile or a bagel.

Everyone who has ever gone down a mountain slope at great speed will never forget their feelings, theywill definitely want to get a fresh portion of adrenaline again.

Availability of ski resorts in Russia

On the territory of the Russian Federation there are many areas where nature itself has created excellent opportunities for the development of skiing: convenient slopes, mild climate, good cover thickness and snow quality.

37 Russian regions already boast good ski slopes. In total, there are about 150 such resorts in the country, it is planned to bring this figure to two hundred.

and even in the vicinity of Vladimir.

snow resorts of the Leningrad region

The Urals even got the nickname "Ural Switzerland", since the most beautiful ancient mountain peaks and lakes surrounded by forests are in no way inferior to the famous Swiss landscapes.

The All-Russian Union, which oversees the ski industry, awarded some of the best resorts with special awards in 2011.

Snow resorts of the Leningrad region

54 km from the northern capital, on the Priozersk highway, there is a ski resort with one of the best infrastructures called Igora.

You can get from St. Petersburg to it by bus, train or private vehicle.

From the metro station "Devyatkino"a regular bus number 859 reaches the resort.The resort is equipped with 8 tracks, one of which is educational.

Vacationers will be able to eat well in such convenient establishments as "Panoramic Restaurant", "Le Chalet", "Sushi Bar", "Lobby Bar", "Grand Cafe", "Bistro", where in winter At the same time, there is a "lunch-buffet" scheme that combines high quality food with the ability of the client to determine the size of the portion and its cost.

Lunch will not take more than twenty minutes, during which time the body will be saturated with the necessary energy to continue conquering the mountain slopes.

At the service of vacationers there is an excellent SPA-complex with a bathhouse and a sauna, an ice palace for five hundred people, comfortable hotel rooms of various price categories.

Snow resorts of the Krasnodar Territory

A real discovery after the 2014 Olympics for everyone was the Sochi resort - Rosa Khutor, located near the village of Esto-Sadok in the Krasnaya Polyana region, where sixteen tracks are equipped, one of which is adapted for freeriding.

The total length of slopes is 77 km, while 13 of them are internationally certified and can host world-class competitions.

best snow resorts

You can get to it along the highway from Adler to Krasnaya Polyana. From the central part of the city you can take the 135th bus or fixed-route taxi, minibuses and the 105th bus also run from the Sochi and Adler railway stations.

In this ski resort10,500 vacationers are served comfortably and with high quality every day.

Unique snow resorts, which include Rosa Khutor as one of the best, allow you to enjoy any kind of mountain sports in a very comfortable and almost safe way all year round.

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