Paphos - beaches for everyone

Paphos - beaches for everyone
Paphos - beaches for everyone

A wonderful island with a rich history, frozen in many architectural monuments, on every street, in every pebble. This is Cyprus, and each of its guests

paphos beaches

he meets in a special way.

Around Cyprus

Despite the fact that the island is relatively small, it is divided into several parts, primarily Greek and Turkish: the Turks occupy the northern part of the island and about half of the capital Nicosia; the rest of the island is inhabited by Greeks, and it is on their territory that all tourist cities are located. The largest resorts are Limassol, Larnaca, Ayia Napa, Protaras and Paphos. The beaches are slightly different from each other, so when choosing a city in which you want to relax, pay attention to their description. It is also worth choosing a resort based on what type of vacation you are interested in. If you want to see as many sights as possible, you should go to Limassol - it is located almost in the center of the southern coast of the island and is equidistant from all memorable places. For young people planning to “hang out” the entire vacation in clubs and bars, the best option would be a trip to Ayia Napa - the very heart of nightlifeislands.

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Lovers of peace should stay in Protaras: the solitude and tranquility of this town are amazing. But if you need luxury and chic, it is best to go to Paphos. The beaches of this resort will not disappoint you, as well as the hotels - this is the most prestigious city in Cyprus.

A bit of pathos

The city of Paphos is full of old buildings and architectural monuments that you can take your free time to explore. In addition to sights, the city is famous for its many taverns and bars: here you can get acquainted with the local cuisine, listen to music, chat with the locals. There are many discos and clubs in Paphos, so you should not worry about getting bored in such a respectable place. However, it is better to leave visiting such establishments in the evening, and enjoy the amazing blue and clear water that Paphos is so famous for during the day. The beaches here are mostly rocky, and the coast is indented with coves and lagoons; although at first glance this place is not very successful in terms of a beach holiday, many tourists come here.

Barefoot along the coast

sandy beaches of paphos

All beaches in Cyprus are municipal, regardless of whether there is a hotel near them or not, and the beaches of Paphos are no exception. To solve the problem with a rocky bottom and inconvenient entry, a lot of pontoons were installed, and the descent into the sea was made as comfortable as possible. However, the sandy beaches of Paphos, which are also available, are famous throughout the island. The most famous is Coral Bay, or Coral Bay:the coastline of about 500-600 m is soft golden sand, the water is amazingly clean and warm. Even if you come here from afar, you can rest assured that you can relax on this beach: it is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, and many bars will quench your thirst and hunger. Among other things, Coral Bay is indescribably beautiful, and, going a little further from the crowds of tourists, you can be alone with nature. However, this is not the only sandy beach that Paphos is famous for. Beaches with sandy and convenient entry into the sea are Geroskipou Beach and Lara. Many, by the way, are marked with a blue flag, which once again indicates the uniqueness of Cyprus. Well, if you decide to visit Cyprus, Paphos, whose beaches are suitable for both sunbathing and various water sports, will hospitably open the doors of its best hotels to you. Undoubtedly, choosing Paphos, you will not regret - the cost of rest here is quite justified and corresponds to the level of service offered to you.

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