Excursions in Pyatigorsk: a land that everyone should see

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Excursions in Pyatigorsk: a land that everyone should see
Excursions in Pyatigorsk: a land that everyone should see

The Caucasus is a region sung in songs and living among the lines of poems by famous Russian poets. This is one of the most beautiful regions in Russia, which is a must for every real traveler. In the Caucasian Mineral Waters there are many famous and well-known cities throughout Russia. Excursions around Pyatigorsk and other cities will reveal a whole layer of an interesting part of history, which is not customary to talk about in detail in schools.

Eagle and Chinese arbor in Pyatigorsk

Only mountains can be more beautiful than mountains

When it comes to the Caucasus, the first thing that comes to mind is the mountains. Indeed, these majestic and incredibly huge peaks, rocks covered with picturesque forests, the sparkling ice caps of Elbrus and many small but remarkable mountains. All this is the real heritage of the Caucasus.

Unfortunately, the program of excursions inPyatigorsk does not include travel along beautiful mountain routes. Tens of thousands of people have passed those roads, and there is nothing complicated there. Nevertheless, it is them who are deprived of attention from year to year.

However, there is one relatively small mountain, which is led by excursion groups. Of course, this is the famous Pyatigorsk Mashuk. This small mountain offers a stunning panoramic view of the city. Picturesque hiking trails go up to its top, and you can go down not only by cable car, but also by a small hang glider with an instructor. There is also a local TV tower on the mountain, and there is a real monastery not far from that place.

Pyatigorsk on the background of Mount Mashuk

Imperial architecture

Numerous excursions in Pyatigorsk have always paid special attention to the famous imperial architecture. Many historical buildings in the city were built not only with taste, but also in completely different styles. Often, even in the most ordinary art gallery, you can find elements of oriental architecture. Many buildings in the city center were built back in the days of the Russian Empire, and the spirit of that beautiful era emanates from the buildings themselves. Walking through the night center of the city, sometimes you can imagine how the famous Russian poet M. Yu. Lermontov was walking through these places.

Holy places of Pyatigorsk


The list of popular excursions in Pyatigorsk also includes religious destinations. The so-called holy places tour includes a day trip to various monasteries and places thatare of particular importance for Orthodox culture. In addition to visiting temples and monasteries, the guides will tell interesting stories from the Soviet period related to the persecution of priests, as well as tell you when and under what circumstances this or that monastery was built.

Holy places in Pyatigorsk

Most interesting sights

Sightseeing tours in Pyatigorsk are very popular. Almost all of them are complex. In other words, there is a certain theme of a day trip, which includes visiting not one specific place, but a whole group of places that are somehow related to the topic.

Traditionally the most interesting sights are:

  • Failure. This completely unusual place is a natural cave in which there is a small lake of incredible beauty. Water of beautiful turquoise color has a healing effect. In fact, this is not confirmed, and it is forbidden to draw water from the lake. However, this place is popular with tourists.
  • The place of the duel of M. Yu. Lermontov. Excursion "Lermontov" in Pyatigorsk is considered the most popular. Every year, thousands of people come to see the place where the great Russian poet M. Yu. Lermontov was mortally wounded. In addition to the most memorable obelisk, in this place you can hear a detailed story about how exactly the duel took place.
  • Academic gallery. Absolutely unusual place for Russia. The gallery building was designed by an architect from the UK and hassimilarity with many traditional English buildings. The center of the gallery is a pump room with natural mineral water. Unlike store-bought products, natural mineral water really has a strong effect on the human body. If you want to take mineral water of natural origin daily, you need to consult a doctor. This water is medicinal and has not only side effects, but also contraindications, which means that you need to be more careful with natural sources.
  • Chinese gazebo. Instead of the usual rotundas on the top of Hot Mountain, there is a wonderful pavilion made in the Chinese architectural style. As a rule, various expensive photo shoots are constantly held in this place.
  • Flower garden. The park is located in the very center of the city and is considered the most famous entertainment area. It is always visited by travelers of all ages. There are no such beautiful parks in other Russian cities!

Sightseeing tour

Sightseeing tour of Pyatigorsk is the first thing offered by private entrepreneurs who provide relevant services. In fact, the city is small. Almost all the main places in the city are within walking distance, and the greatest pleasure is to explore the city attractions on your own. Plus, it's completely free.

The tour itself not only costs money, but is also carried out by bus with stops at specific points. Thus, many beautiful and attractive little things, in which the "soul" of the city is hidden, remainunnoticed.

Signposts on Mount Mashuk

Where can I sign up for tours?

Practically all excursions in Pyatigorsk are offered publicly in all major parks, squares, hotels, he alth resorts and sanatoriums. Representatives of travel companies, in the truest sense of the word, are everywhere. In addition to city tours, trips to the most beautiful places in the Caucasus are also offered. For example - a day trip to Mount Elbrus. This is not only an excursion, but also extreme tourism. Those who wish can ride on the snowy slopes of the mountains, there will be more than enough time for this. And so that children do not get bored while adults go skiing and snowboarding, there are sleds and special slopes exclusively for children.

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