Should I go to Munich in November? What to see in Munich in November? Reviews of tourists

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Should I go to Munich in November? What to see in Munich in November? Reviews of tourists
Should I go to Munich in November? What to see in Munich in November? Reviews of tourists

An ancient city with an amazing atmosphere welcomes all guests. The administrative center of Bavaria, located in the south of Germany, is famous for its high technology, developed economy and tourist infrastructure. Old-time Munich, the beer capital of the world, is known for its large-scale Oktoberfest, which, as the name suggests, takes place in October.

Many tourists are sure to come here these days to take part in a fun holiday that does not stop even at night. There is an opinion that the most interesting city event has passed, and there is nothing more to do here, but this is not so. For those who are wondering whether it is worth going to Munich in November, we will tell you about everything in order.

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Sunny and dry month

After a noisy holiday, the city lives in anticipation of a magical Christmas. For tourists who come to Munich in November, it's time for long walks in the fresh air. Do not be afraid that the last month of autumn will bring unpleasant surprises in the form of torrentialrain and bone-chilling winds. As statistics show, there are many sunny days in November, and the highest temperature during the day is +12…+14 °С. However, at night it can drop below zero, so you should take care of warm clothes and comfortable shoes in advance. Forecasters say this month is one of the driest of the year and promise good weather in Munich in November that will not disappoint any tourist.

However, you should have an alternative leisure activity in the capital of Bavaria in case of prolonged rainfall.

Scenic panoramas

The weather in Munich in November is conducive to hiking and getting to know the main sights of the city. And there is something to see here. Architectural monuments will delight even discerning travelers. To appreciate the indescribable beauty of the Bavarian pearl, it is worth climbing the viewing platforms, which are many here. For example, the towers of St. Michael's Cathedral and St. Peter's Church offer stunning panoramas.

Botanical Garden

Tourists who dream of solitude with nature go to numerous parks where they can relax and forget about all the problems. The greenhouses of the Botanical Garden, founded in the early 19th century, grow a variety of plants brought from all over the world. But the main pride is the luxurious rose garden, which delights guests.

Vacationers arriving in Munich at the beginning of November must visit the attraction belonging to the park of the beautiful Nymphenburg Palace.

Bavarian Versailles

Locals call the former summer residence of the Bavarian rulers Versailles, and tourists who have met her recognize the validity of this statement. Cozy alleys, neat paths, mesmerizing canals and bridges across them attract adults and children.

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Parents will be interested to look at the luxurious interior decoration of several halls of Nymphenburg open to the public, and children will appreciate the numerous museums, the exhibits of which are rather unusual. Girls pretending to be princesses from a fairy tale will be delighted at the sight of old carriages, and the skeletons of extinct animals, expositions that allow you to see volcanic eruptions and earthquakes will captivate inquisitive boys.

Hofgarten Park

In the heart of the city lies the Hofgarten, where everything is done in good taste. Guests enthusiastically speak about the amazing corner, which helps to realize the divine beauty of our world. Graceful pavilions, an ancient arbor in the ancient Greek style, luxurious arches, fountains built into the walls make an indelible impression. Here you can stroll, enjoying the soothing sound of the water and admiring the neatly trimmed lawns.

Where to go with children?

Tourists who decide to vacation in Munich in November with children need not worry that their offspring will be bored. The Hellabrunn Zoo is the largest in Europe, and kids love to touch and even feed the animals.

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Aquarium with a giant collectionthe inhabitants are delighted with all the children who have fallen into the underwater kingdom. Sea Life is appropriately decorated: sunken ships, jewels scattered at the bottom and other decorations immerse you in a fairy-tale world. But the biggest impression is a walk through the tunnel, covered with thick transparent glass. Sharks and fish swim freely behind it, and some predators even closely watch visitors.

New and old Pinakothek

When the temperature in November in Munich does not allow for long walks in the air, you can go to the old or new Pinakothek. Art galleries, where unique works of art are collected, leave no one indifferent. Connoisseurs of beauty from all over the world dream of seeing a wonderful collection of paintings. The interior of the buildings will not amaze anyone with luxury: the absence of furniture and the dark color of the walls do not distract attention from priceless treasures.

Beer "Löwenbräukeller"

Not a single self-respecting tourist leaves the city without visiting the most popular beer "Löwenbräukeller", which produces the delicious intoxicating drink Löwenbräu. A calm and cozy atmosphere awaits guests, and in clear weather you can stay in a spacious garden, covered on all sides by tree crowns. Friendly waitresses will bring menus in different languages, including Russian. Here, food and drink prices are affordable, and even picky gourmets will be satisfied.

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Where to visit in Munich in November and what else to see?

It is in the last month of autumngrandiose Christmas sales begin, when everyone can buy fashionable and high-quality items of popular brands at a great discount. Therefore, for those who want to update their wardrobe, it is advisable to stock up on time and, of course, funds.

Munich has colorful Christmas markets in November. Delighted tourists who find themselves in a city decorated for the holidays, feast on nuts and the famous Bavarian sausages, fried over a fire, and warm themselves with mulled wine. A huge bazaar is located on the Marienplatz square, where the main Christmas tree of the city is installed.

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And on November 7, an unusual parade of Krampus takes place - assistants to the devil Nikolaus. As tourists admit, this is quite an interesting and unique sight. But in children, the procession causes fear, and the children are frightened at the sight of disguised horned characters. An obligatory element of all outfits is a small bell around the neck, which announces that the Krampus are approaching.

November 11, the townspeople celebrate St. Martin's Day, dedicated to the harvest. This is a very cute children's holiday, uplifting everyone's mood. Kids in beautiful costumes walk along the main streets, and everyone has a paper lantern in the form of some animal that they made with their own hands. A real river of people floating through the streets delights every guest.

November 19 is a day of mourning for locals who mourn all those who died in bloody wars. The city hosts numerous rallies and laying wreaths at memorials.

Munich in November: reviews of tourists

Tourists admit that prices for vacations are falling this month, and those who cannot afford to get acquainted with the capital of Bavaria in the summer can save a lot. A huge selection of attractions makes the trip unforgettable, and everyone notes the perfect price-to-weather ratio. It is sunny November that becomes the time when you can afford a lot.

Hospitable people, delicious food, comfortable rooms - these are the components of a good holiday in Munich.

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The mysterious city, bewitching at first sight, is so multifaceted that it is impossible to recognize it in a week of rest, so most often tourists come here again to confess their love to the Bavarian pearl.

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