Should I go to Thailand in November? Reviews and photos of tourists

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Should I go to Thailand in November? Reviews and photos of tourists
Should I go to Thailand in November? Reviews and photos of tourists

Should I go to Thailand in November? This question is often asked by travelers who want to visit this exotic eastern country. Of course it is, and there are many reasons for this.

thailand in november

Thai relaxation

What is Thailand like in November? We know this country as a place of eternal summer, where exotic nature is intertwined with ancient traditions. Here the traveler is expected by a hospitable meeting, highly developed infrastructure, affordable prices and first-class service. And also the absence of a language barrier, since in this part of Asia almost every dog ​​barks in Russian. But the last month of autumn may be dominated by the wet season. But no! Thailand opens the high season in November, so you can forget about precipitation.

This month you can choose different resorts for your holiday. For example, noisy and always festive Pattaya, exotic islands of Samet and Koh Chang, Krabi, unique in its beauty Phi Phi. The beaches of Phuket and Koh Samui beckon with their splendor, modern Bangkok is promisingly inviting.

thailand in november weather

Two words about the weather

So, you can safely choose for vacationThailand in November The weather here is perfect: the air warms up to +30-35 degrees, water, like fresh milk - +25. Dry and comfortable, but not very hot. Experienced travelers advise at this time to go to the islands of the Adaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. In these parts the weather is the most favorable, and the heat is easily tolerated. It is worth being prepared for the fact that the number of tourists increases significantly during this period, and prices begin to skyrocket.

Travel cost

How much does it cost to travel to Thailand in November? Prices are quite uplifting. The lion's share of the cost will be for air travel. A tour for two lasting ten days will cost about 1400-1500 dollars or more if you choose a five-star hotel. This amount includes tickets for the iron bird, transfer to the hotel, breakfast and medical insurance. Separately, you need to pay for a visa at the airport.

holidays in thailand in november

In addition to this amount, it is worth having some more money with you for lunches and dinners, entertainment, excursions and shopping. Prices in the country are very low, although they rise slightly at the height of the holiday season and differ depending on the city. Phuket is considered the most expensive place in Thailand, Pattaya is the most affordable. Want to save money but still visit Thailand in November? Book tours in advance or catch last-minute trips.

Hotel business

Holidays in Thailand in November will be a success. However, for this it is necessary to decide not only on the resort, but also on the hotel. The establishments are distinguished by the harmonious beauty of the interiors andexteriors. Many tourists choose bungalow houses - they have the lowest price, but are very exotic. In any hotel, regardless of the number of stars, the staff is very helpful. Almost every institution is located near the beach area or has a private access to the sea. In addition to bungalows, tourists can stay in rooms of different levels of comfort or in the private sector.

If you plan to spend your holidays in Thailand in November, then you should decide on the place of residence in advance. You should not hope that you will find a hotel after arrival: in the middle of autumn there are a lot of tourists here, so if there are free rooms, they will cost a lot. It is also very difficult to catch a last-minute ticket - they simply do not exist!

thailand in november tours

Top Bangkok

When you travel to Thailand in November, don't miss the opportunity to get to know Bangkok. The capital Thai castle is very colorful, as it intertwines modern and historical sights against the backdrop of enchanting nature. The route must include a visit to the Royal Palace and the adjacent Temple of the Emerald Buddha, as well as Wat Pho Temple. A little further away, tourists will find the original temple on the water - Wat Arum and the Temple of Dawn. It's hard to miss the Golden Buddha Temple, Marble Temple.

Climb to the tallest skyscraper in the country of Baiyoke Sky with an observation deck that offers a fantastic panorama of the city. Also, take a stroll through the colorful old quarters, where it seems that time has frozen. Worthy of attention of every traveler are the Oceanarium, Lumpini Park, Safari World "andDusit Zoo.

thailand in november prices

How to entertain yourself?

And what kind of entertainment program has Thailand prepared in November? The weather is conducive to sightseeing, underwater walks, fishing, water activities, sea cruise. You should definitely go for a session (or better not one) of Thai massage. An interesting trip will be to a crocodile or snake farm, to a butterfly garden in Phuket. Important Buddhist temples with gigantic statues of the deity are located at Wat Chalong, Wat Srisunhorn, Wat Phra Nang Sang, on Buddha Hill in Pattaya. It will be interesting for both children and adults to visit the Pattaya Aquarium, the "Elephant Village".

And, of course, you should go shopping, however, before that you need to familiarize yourself with the list of items prohibited for export. Buy here is profitable:

  • jewelry;
  • clothes and shoes:
  • electronics;
  • latex products;
  • cosmetics;
  • leather accessories (bags, wallets, belts);
  • silk.
thailand trips in november

And in the kingdom (Thailand is just that) you should try local fruits, for example, durian, rambutan, mangosteen and other exotics. Dishes are a different story. Here you can eat plenty of sushi and rice in different versions for a penny. Seasoned tourists are advised to try Tom Yang Khun shrimp soup, steamed fish. Be prepared that gastronomic delights will be very spicy and spicy. Do not buy food on the street - there is a risk of poisoning with a low-quality product. Although aftervisiting a restaurant can also get indigestion.

What are people saying?

Are you ready to go to Thailand? Tours in November should be booked in advance so as not to stay at home later. But what are the reviews left by tourists who managed to visit this fabulous country? Most travelers are satisfied, as Thailand is a diverse country where you can relax on the beach, actively explore nature and local attractions. An economical option is Pattaya, where the nightlife is seething. However, it is not suitable for pampered people: it is always crowded and not entirely clean. The picture is quite different in Phuket - an expensive resort where newlyweds, older people and families with children like to relax. It is quiet and comfortable here, nature is beautiful, like on the day of the creation of the world.

thailand in november

Going to the fairy kingdom, you do not need to pack big suitcases. Firstly, it's always summer here, so just grab a couple of T-shirts, shorts, a swimsuit, sunglasses and flip flops. And secondly, everything here can be bought at ridiculous prices. So enjoy your vacation and throw a coin in the fountain: you will want to come back here again and again!

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