The best resorts in Bulgaria for holidays: photo, description, reviews

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The best resorts in Bulgaria for holidays: photo, description, reviews
The best resorts in Bulgaria for holidays: photo, description, reviews

Not all resorts in Bulgaria are alike. Each holiday destination in this country has a number of unique properties and is more suitable for a certain type of people. To avoid problems with the choice of terrain during the trip, this article contains all the necessary information about the resorts. The material will be useful to every tourist in preparation for the trip.

Peace for the whole family

Among the resorts in Bulgaria for families with children, Albena is the best choice. On the vast territory of the town, which is located on the northern coast of the Black Sea, there is a wide variety of entertainment. Life here is more relaxed, and young people who crave nightlife will most likely not like this place. Clubs and bars are present here, but there are too few people in them for fun. In order for the family vacation to take place in the best way, the owners of the resort had a highly developed infrastructure in the area. Restaurants and seven kilometers of beaches are just the tip of it all. Tourists can be accommodated in 80 hotels of different classes, on the territory of the town there are mineral springs, mud with healingeffect and he alth facilities. Far from all resorts in Bulgaria you can find modern SPA centers, and two of them were built in Albena. The beaches are clean, and they have a "Blue Flag", which indicates environmental safety. In between rest you can go on an excursion. Not far from the city there is a rock monastery Aladzha - a religious building in the country. You should also pay attention to the fortress of Kiliakra.

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One-stop choice for everyone

In Bulgaria, resorts have their own specifics, and it can be used to determine what type of holiday this place corresponds to. The exception is the territory called Sunny Beach. Every tourist who has visited the country at least once knows about this resort. Universality brought him fame, because both family people with children and young people looking for adventure can relax here. It is better for the first type of visitors to settle in the north, where the atmosphere is more relaxed. Young people from Europe usually settle in groups closer to the center. The beaches are incredibly clean, they are constantly looked after. The entrance to the sea is smooth, which will be nice for the kids. They will be able to swim near the shore with the safety of their parents. There is an incredible amount of entertainment on the sandy strip. For children, there are water parks and similar attractions, and adults are offered extreme ways to diversify their vacation. These include skydiving, hang gliding, diving and more.

Infrastructure inside the resort, despite its not so longexistence, developed to a transcendental level. Sports grounds for all games are present in hotels for every taste, restaurants and cafes at every turn. At night, young people can feel that Sunny Beach is among the best resorts in Bulgaria for a reason. Clubs with discos invite everyone to unforgettable dances, acquaintances and unrestrained fun. During the break, people can go on excursions to Old Nessebar or ride a little further to Sozopol.

Relax with treatment at affordable prices

Balchik is one of the best resorts in Bulgaria for several reasons.

  • Firstly, it is adjacent to Albena and is famous for the lowest prices in almost the entire country. Here you can really relax economically and get great pleasure from it. Most of the hotels have two or three stars, there are also family pensions. From them to the sea to walk no more than six hundred meters.
  • Secondly, here you can not only sunbathe and enjoy your free time, but also spend it usefully. Balneological procedures and mineral waters will help many people improve their he alth, especially with joint problems. Not all resorts in Bulgaria can offer such services at such low prices.
  • Thirdly, there are several wonderful sights on the territory of the resort town. Watching them, you can brighten up the time between trips to the sea. Among them is the famous botanical garden with a huge number of plants. Separately, it is worth highlighting the magnificent summer residence, which was built specificallyfor Queen Mary of Edinburgh of Romania. A large palace complex surrounds the park, and a walk through this area will arouse admiration. The beach is divided into three parts, and the best of them is the New. For a change, you can go to the lake, which is known for its balneological center. Here, mud baths and other procedures can be experienced by every client.
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Popularity among visiting guests

If we talk about which resorts in Bulgaria have the best hotels, the most entertainment, and life does not stop at night, then the answer is obvious: Golden Sands. This area will be a paradise for tourists, because there are no extra buildings. Travelers are greeted by a clear sea, comfortable beaches and a green strip of parks. You can choose a place of residence to your taste, the only question is the price. A separate advantage of this resort are the beaches that are marked with the Blue Flag. This is a sign of the highest quality, because on the entire Black Sea coast there is no better place with fine sand. It is worth being afraid of those people who come here with children. The entrance to the sea is not shallow enough for bathing babies and the waves are too active in this part of the sea.

Another small disadvantage is the possibility of encountering garbage, although cleanings are carried out regularly. All this is due to the incredible number of visiting people during the peak season. There will be no problems with infrastructure. Services here are provided for every taste, there are a large number of restaurants and cafes, you can even learn horse riding at a special school or visit a casino. Night lifehere is one of the main reasons for the arrival of young people from all over the world. Discos with incendiary music attract not only tourists, but also local residents. Bulgarians often come here from Varna for a bright holiday. If you are in doubt about which resort in Bulgaria to choose for fun activities at night, then go to Golden Sands.

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Historic Vacation Spots

Tourists before traveling should definitely find out which resorts in Bulgaria are more suitable for cultural recreation. This is especially true for people who, in addition to relaxing at sea, want to appreciate the sights of the country.

The first such place is Nessebar, which is one of the oldest cities in Europe. The ancient part of the settlement is listed as an incredibly beautiful place to visit. The vast territory attracts with the fact that you can walk here for a long time. Old Nessebar is an open-air museum with a huge number of attractions from different eras.

You can have a pleasant time in the city not only on excursions, but also near the sea. The beaches are quite clean, the entrance to the sea is gentle, although there are no less people here than in the nearest resort of Sunny Beach. Renting a place to live is also not a problem. Many different apartments are offered by locals for tourists.

The second resort town with a long history is Sozopol. It is recommended to go here for creative individuals to be inspired for future work. An art festival is held here every year."Appolonia". There are a lot of interesting sights in the city, and you can spend time with variety.

The three-kilometer beach recreation area is divided into three areas and there is enough space for all vacationers. Not far from the city there is a nature reserve Ropotami, mountain villages and ancient churches. Description of these types of resorts in Bulgaria should attract people who are interested in history, as well as a pleasant pastime at the sea.

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Winter holidays

Ski resorts in Bulgaria are also famous throughout the world, although the country is better known as a sunny place to relax in the hot season. The first of the well-known places for winter entertainment in the state is Borovets. This place is located at an altitude of 1350 meters above sea level.

The resort is located in the north of a mountain called Rila. There are three areas for skiing with different levels of difficulty. The infrastructure here is highly developed, because it is the largest of all the ski resorts in Bulgaria. There are a lot of bars, restaurants, cafes and shops here. As an unusual entertainment, you can try to take part in the ski carnival. To explore the area, a sleigh ride is recommended.

Not far from the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, there is another ski resort Pamporovo. Here tourists mix with the inhabitants of the country, who often spend weekends in this area. The recreation area is located at an altitude of 1650 meters in the Rhodope Mountains. This provides seventeen kilometers of trails forskiers with different levels of difficulty, another thirty-four allocated for biathlon and cross-country skiing. Pamporovo has the largest school teaching these sports.

The resort also has its own distinctive feature in the form of hot springs. Their presence attracts even more tourists in winter to this particular area. For more healing, you can visit the neighboring balneological centers and spas. Such a vacation will be remembered for a long time and will give the desired relaxation.

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Another winter resort

The ski resort of Bansko in Bulgaria can compete with the two above-mentioned holiday destinations, despite its young age. It was founded not so long ago, but tourists who come here immediately fall in love with this area because of the availability of all the necessary entertainment.

From November to mid-spring, the region has a dense two-meter layer of snow, which provides comfortable skiing. Everyone can have a great time here in active recreation, but the resort is not only famous for this. Even people who are far from winter sports come here to escape from working days. The reason for this lies in the developed infrastructure of all directions.

For example, here everyone can easily enjoy spa treatments, improve their he alth with mineral water and take balneological baths. Baths, massages, swimming pools and other relaxing services are available. This picture is complemented by fresh mountain air with the opportunity to swim in thermal springs.

Diversifyrest can be excursions around the town, where there are various attractions. The picturesque houses and temples of the eighteenth century impress with their views. You should definitely visit the house-museum where the famous local artist Velyan Ognev once lived. For kids, infrastructure other than swimming pools and children's rooms is not provided. Children from six years old can be sent to a ski school for a vacation, and from twelve years old it is allowed to put on a snowboard. There will be no problems with places to live either. Apartments, guest houses and hotels for every taste are equipped with all amenities.

Treatment of various diseases

On the photo of Bulgarian resorts you can see not only the view of the beach and a large number of people, but also mountain landscapes with beautiful wildlife. Such pictures are most often observed in those places that are intended for wellness procedures. In addition to fun holidays in summer and active winter pastime, Bulgaria is famous for places where people can recover from various diseases.

One of these resorts is Sandusky, which is located in the picturesque Pirin Mountains. Mountain air, mild climate and mineral waters greatly improve the functioning of the respiratory apparatus, especially the lungs. Procedures are assigned according to a special system. Here, traditional methods of getting rid of diseases are honored, but the use of new technologies is not forgotten either. Around the sanatorium there is a national park of the same name, and therefore the rest will take place in a natural environment. Thanks to the climate, you can visit Sandusky at any time of the year.

The second good choice forrecovery will be a visit to the village of Hisarya. The settlement is located 160 kilometers from the capital and has an excellent ecological situation. In the foothills of Syshchinsk, archaeological excavations were carried out, which proved the use of mineral springs from this place as early as the fourth century AD. People come here with digestive problems, obesity, gout. To recover from injuries of the musculoskeletal system, it is also useful for people to spend time at the resort. The mineral waters here are of exceptional taste.

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Other wellness centers

Resorts in Bulgaria for recreation and he alth improvement are located in different parts of the country. They all have their own area of ​​activity.

For example, a sanatorium called Velingrad has earned its fame with unique mineral waters from hot springs. It is recommended to come here to people who suffer from problems with breathing and digestion, metabolic disorders with outgoing diseases. The hydrocarbonate-sulfate composition of the water helps in the case of diseases in the gynecological part and nervous disorders. Specialists at the resort provide professional assistance with the restoration of the musculoskeletal system after severe injuries. Spread the center in the Rhodope Mountains, where fresh air contributes to recovery. Balneological he alth resorts and a rehabilitation building are also located on its territory.

The number of he alth resorts also includes Pomorie, which is loved by visitors for its special climate. Summer herenot too hot, and in winter there is a mild coolness. The village is located twenty kilometers from Burgas and is known for its sulfide mud. They are mined from the bottom of Lake Nessebar and the healing effect of them is striking in variety.

People with nervous stress, gynecological diseases, cerebral palsy, skin problems and other things come here. You can have a great time at the resort, see some of the sights. Plus, prices here, according to reviews of Bulgarian resorts, are an order of magnitude lower than in more popular places.

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Ways to save money while traveling

If you are going to visit resorts in Bulgaria with children, as a couple or on your own, then you should read a few tips that will help you save money.

  • First of all, you should prepare for the trip, buy suntan products, swimsuit, medicines, etc. in your hometown. After arrival, you will have to pay many times more money for essentials.
  • It is better to go shopping in Varna, Burgas or even Sofia. Greater competition generates lower prices, plus a richer selection of souvenirs.
  • Even at the planning stage, it is worth taking care of the hotel. This method can save up to 40% on accommodation alone.
  • If a traveler is going to eat in Bulgarian cafes and restaurants, then you should approach the order in a practical way. The portions here are large, and therefore one, maximum two dishes will be enough for an adult. Even better, when checking in, ask the porter about discounts athotel restaurants. The practice of cutting prices for their customers is very common here.

It often happens that the local currency is not enough for your needs and you need to make an exchange. Hotels may offer to do it right on the spot, but you should not do this. The owners set the rate too low and it is better to spend time going to the nearest Crown exchange center.

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