Hotels in Novotroitsk: description, addresses

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Hotels in Novotroitsk: description, addresses
Hotels in Novotroitsk: description, addresses

Novotroitsk is one of the cities of the Orenburg region, which is located on the banks of the Ural River. Tourists here have something to see and where to go. Peter and Paul Cathedral, local history museum, a large number of monuments and entertainment venues. Guests of the city can stay in hotels. We will provide information about the best ones further.

hotels in Novotroitsk

Metallurg Hotel (Novotroitsk)

There are about eighty rooms for vacationers. If desired, you can order both single and double. Each room is equipped with upholstered furniture, bed, wardrobe, TV. There is a TV hanging on the wall, which will not let you get bored. The room has a bathroom and toilet. Among the advantages of this place, it should be noted the availability of personal hygiene items, convenient parking in front of the hotel, free Wi-Fi, friendly service. The front desk is open 24/7. Here you can not only sleep and relax, but also have a delicious meal in a restaurant, as well as undergo a number of cosmetic procedures. Including:epilation, facial cleansing, eyebrow correction and others.

Address: Sovetskaya, 20.


Among the hotels in Novotroitsk, it is very popular. After all, here you will be provided with a pleasant and high-quality rest. Cozy rooms include everything you need so that customers can forget about all their daily activities and problems. There is also a sauna, swimming pool, karaoke, guarded parking lot. Payment can be made in cash and by bank transfer.

The establishment is located on Makarenko street, 20 V.

Novotroitsk hotels

Home Inn

Very cozy and decent place. There are few rooms here, but each has air conditioning, a refrigerator and other household items. The hotel operates around the clock. Her address is very easy to remember - Komarova street, 9.


We continue our review of the best hotels in Novotroitsk. In "Magnolia" you are always welcomed by friendly staff and cozy rooms. Near the hotel there is a parking area, which is very convenient for people who travel by private vehicle. Rooms are cleaned daily. Hotel address - Korolenko street, 124.


It is located in the heart of the city. Customers who have stayed here leave only positive feedback. This is a quiet, cozy place. The rooms are spacious and clean. Luxury, of course, is not observed here, but the hotel "Yashma" is quite suitable for living and recreation. This institution is located on Lenin Avenue,24.


Here you can cheaply rent a private room or a bed in general. The hotel operates around the clock. Her address is Leninsky Komsomol Street, 18.

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